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"This world sits on the edge of an abyss. The moment you forget it's there, the moment you get comfortable - that's when you fall into it's darkest depths."

On the world of Villnoire, a war between two races reaches breaking point. The story follows Lukas, an unfulfilled man living on the under populated island of Palmira. Lukas finds his life thrust into chaos when a series of lucky coincidences leads him to meet Vivian, a girl who isn’t quite what she seems. Driven by a senseless conflict and those who pursue him, Lukas is drawn into a battle he can no longer escape. He slowly learns he is not alone, and a shared common goal cannot only unite a team of unlikely friends - but unite a whole nation.

- Capturing the heart of a SNES RPG, explore through the blazing deserts, cold mountains, tranquil forests and dark caves of Villnoire in this 12 hour character driven adventure.
- Original assets such as character artwork and a completely original soundtrack spanning over 25 beautiful tracks.
- Collect various materials from slain enemies, and combine them to concoct rare Potions in the Alchemy Shop.
- Equip skills on each characters flexible and unique Ability Board. Equip different combinations of skills to unlock compound passives to further enhance each character.
- Store power in battle and unleash devastating abilities using the Overflow system.
- Collect each treasure chest throughout the locations in Villnoire to receive extra bonuses and rare equipment upon completion.
- Explore a classic world map by land and sea. Stumble upon plenty of hidden areas and secrets to collect.

Primary Graphics - First Seed Material
Original Soundtrack - Clayton Stroup
Original Facesets - Trevor McAleese
Original EX Font - Trevor McAleese

If the font is not showing correctly, please install MS Echoes which is included in the game folder

Latest Blog

Patched Download

Hey everyone!

Yes, yet another blog and yet another notification from this game (sorry about that). This is just a really quick blog to let anyone currently playing Villnoire they may experience a few bugs or glitches:

  • A graphical glitch with the cliffs in the Sekmet Desert.

  • The save point at the Isolated Cabin doesn't work properly.

  • A graphical glitch with the ladders in the Inchor Aqueduct.

  • The game crashes when fighting enemies in the Inchor Aqueduct (has only effected one person so far).

  • The game crashes when entering Vorian's Manor (has only effected one person so far).

All the above errors are fixed now and updated in the main download. If you've already downloaded the game before today (a huge thank you) I would suggest keep going as you are. These errors don't seem to effect everyone, but if you do get one of those errors, all you need to do is download the game again from the game page and transfer the save over. A little bit of a hassle I know, but I'm going to be constantly updating the download here every time a bug is mentioned (no matter how small).

Please do let me know if you encounter any other bugs that I haven't listed above. It's really important to me that players are uninterrupted and have a pleasant experience playing!

Thanks everyone for all your support, the response has been overwhelming, and I cannot believe how many people are giving this game a go!


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Please DON'T delete it! Haha!
ok what the hell?!!? Cancelled?!?!
RMN sex symbol
So this is making a come back? Good shit!
Sweet, I subscribed to this way back when I joined RMN. I'm glad you're back to work on it. I look forward to a demo!
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
Cool, I hope you get this done broooooo
You made me write this. Feel guilty if you want. Oh yeah I will play game if you create one.
I agree with everyone who says the game looks great.
holy crap release this already. pleaasse
Holy damn this looks good.
This game looks great! I can't wait to play it. Do you make your own graphics, because those chipsets look great?!
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
Release please, this looks fantastic.
Wow man, you definitely know what your doing! I hope all goes well with this project!
I'm commenting here to let you know that if you don't finish this I'll chop your limbs off
Don't hold your breath, Feld. LWG has gone AWOL; haven't been able to get in touch with him for almost two weeks now.
This looks really good. Why do all the good-looking games go cancelled???
Please fix your video tab.

: |
I would if someone told me the code to posting videos!
I need to see you finish a game. =[