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"This world sits on the edge of an abyss. The moment you forget it's there, the moment you get comfortable - that's when you fall into it's darkest depths."

On the world of Villnoire, a war between two races reaches breaking point. The story follows Lukas, an unfulfilled man living on the under populated island of Palmira. Lukas finds his life thrust into chaos when a series of lucky coincidences leads him to meet Vivian, a girl who isn’t quite what she seems. Driven by a senseless conflict and those who pursue him, Lukas is drawn into a battle he can no longer escape. He slowly learns he is not alone, and a shared common goal cannot only unite a team of unlikely friends - but unite a whole nation.

- Capturing the heart of a SNES RPG, explore through the blazing deserts, cold mountains, tranquil forests and dark caves of Villnoire in this 12 hour character driven adventure.
- Original assets such as character artwork and a completely original soundtrack spanning over 25 beautiful tracks.
- Collect various materials from slain enemies, and combine them to concoct rare Potions in the Alchemy Shop.
- Equip skills on each characters flexible and unique Ability Board. Equip different combinations of skills to unlock compound passives to further enhance each character.
- Store power in battle and unleash devastating abilities using the Overflow system.
- Collect each treasure chest throughout the locations in Villnoire to receive extra bonuses and rare equipment upon completion.
- Explore a classic world map by land and sea. Stumble upon plenty of hidden areas and secrets to collect.

Primary Graphics - First Seed Material
Original Soundtrack - Clayton Stroup
Original Facesets - Trevor McAleese
Original EX Font - Trevor McAleese

If the font is not showing correctly, please install MS Echoes which is included in the game folder

Latest Blog

Patched Download

Hey everyone!

Yes, yet another blog and yet another notification from this game (sorry about that). This is just a really quick blog to let anyone currently playing Villnoire they may experience a few bugs or glitches:

  • A graphical glitch with the cliffs in the Sekmet Desert.

  • The save point at the Isolated Cabin doesn't work properly.

  • A graphical glitch with the ladders in the Inchor Aqueduct.

  • The game crashes when fighting enemies in the Inchor Aqueduct (has only effected one person so far).

  • The game crashes when entering Vorian's Manor (has only effected one person so far).

All the above errors are fixed now and updated in the main download. If you've already downloaded the game before today (a huge thank you) I would suggest keep going as you are. These errors don't seem to effect everyone, but if you do get one of those errors, all you need to do is download the game again from the game page and transfer the save over. A little bit of a hassle I know, but I'm going to be constantly updating the download here every time a bug is mentioned (no matter how small).

Please do let me know if you encounter any other bugs that I haven't listed above. It's really important to me that players are uninterrupted and have a pleasant experience playing!

Thanks everyone for all your support, the response has been overwhelming, and I cannot believe how many people are giving this game a go!


Sound like fun
hurry up and finish it
and anymay
how many byte that this game is needed?
My mind is full of fuck.
Sadly there is a bug where you fight a boss in a cave, and you get in repeatable event showing you going into the cave again and re-fighting the boss. Oh well.
Oh, well that's shit! All that you missed was a cutscene in a town afterward. Needless to say, I won't be fixing it. Cheers for playing.
My mind is full of fuck.
Thanks, I enjoyed it thoroughly.
The fuck is this shit? This game's been on RMN since 2008? That's well before I joined. How come I've never seen this before? This looks awesome!
Totally subbed!

e: Oh, everything got overhauled. Did the old version look like ass or something?
Either way, I'm staying subbed.
Oh, everything got overhauled. Did the old version look like ass or something?
Either way, I'm staying subbed.

I wouldn't say it looked terrible (I'm modest aren't I?) the problem was I started this project the moment I downloaded RPG Maker the very first time and if you look at the project in the editor it really shows. I stop working on it in 2009 but just left it here to rot.

I'll leave the download up for a little while longer if you are curious but I don't really recommend it.
Hmmm... It still looked really interesting. I would have liked to given it a try. I'm subbing you for good measure.
Looking forward to it!!
I really enjoy rm2k/3 games, more than xp/xv or any newr ones..
And it looks really good, keep it up!!
You live :o

I'm still alive! Should I be worried that everyone has assumed I was dead? Haha. I was always here lurking somewhere, I'm practically part of the furniture. It's nice to see a lot of familiar faces.
To the 30 odd people that have downloaded the game, firstly - thank you! I could kiss you if the boundaries of distance allowed it.

Secondly, there is a game breaking bug! I have fixed it and updated the download, so you're welcome to download it again and move your save file across. Alternatively you can go down the route of less hassle and put this image in the Panorama folder and all will be right with the world again.

Sorry about that, let me know if anyone has any problems and I will resolve it right away (unless I am asleep).
Haha, this is exactly the same problem I had when I released my demo. After it was finished testing I went in to clean up unused files and deleted a panorama you couldn't even see in game, leading to a game breaking bug near to the start. D'oh!
Demo is a pretty cool one hour or so ride, but Quizzer just scammed me by not giving me my Druid Badge.

Would get scammed again.
Demo is a pretty cool one hour or so ride, but Quizzer just scammed me by not giving me my Druid Badge.

Would get scammed again.

Blooming hell, you're a bit of a speed demon, aren't you? I thought it would be two hours minimum. Thanks for playing though, I really appreciate it!

Yeah, the intended effect of the Druid Badge kind of broke the game so I had to remove it. I meant to go back and edit Quizzer to give a different item for now, but looks like I forgot! Thanks for letting me know.
Demo was pretty damn good, mate!

I encountered a few graphical bugs, mainly chipset overlay bugs. This problem seems to be directly related to the main hero's cape, and the width of the sprite. I'd recommend either shrinking the width of the sprite or going back over the areas where his cape comes through and making those chips "above hero" with an event that is "same layer as hero" to block them.

Battle system could use a little "mmph" if you know what I mean. Not to say it was bland, and I certainly had fun for the most part battling, but I ended up just auto-fighting through most battles.

Story has me super intrigued. It's not often I play a game on here all the way through, but you had me sucked in.

Waiting for your next demo/final release.
I give it an unofficial 7/10

Great job, my man.
Demo was pretty damn good, mate! + other words

Hi Giznads, thank you so much for spending the time to play this! I really appreciate your feedback, and I'm definitely going to take your feedback on board. A 7/10 just means I have space to grow and improve so I'm pretty pleased with that!

I'm not 100% sure on what you meant by "mmph". Do you mean that the battles are too easy, or just that they are not interesting? I developed Overflow to combat both people just mashing the attack command, and to promote taking control of the fight (as Overflow doesn't build when the AI takes over). I think that Overflow is introduced at a time where players can't really experiment with it BUT the option is there if they really want to. My hope is that players see it's usefulness as they game goes on and they have more AP to spend. I think my logic is there, by my execution is weak haha.

Ultimately I want to make a game people are going to enjoy and resonate with, so I'm always up for taking things back to the drawing board. I think I'm most pleased that you're interested in the story, I'm really passionate about telling it (it's been playing like a movie in my head for like 10 years haha) so reading your comments put a huge smile on my face. Thanks again, you're the best!

I seem to remember the overflow system not having actual performable skills under "overflow" when it pops into your command list. I thought it was unfinished. Maybe a bug?