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"This world sits on the edge of an abyss. The moment you forget it's there, the moment you get comfortable - that's when you fall into its darkest depths."

On the world of Villnoire, a war between two races reaches breaking point. The story follows Lukas, an unfulfilled man living on the under populated island of Palmira. Lukas finds his life thrust into chaos when a series of lucky coincidences leads him to meet Vivian, a girl who isn’t quite what she seems. Driven by a senseless conflict and those who pursue him, Lukas is drawn into a battle he can no longer escape. He slowly learns he is not alone, and a shared common goal cannot only unite a team of unlikely friends - but unite a whole nation.

- Capturing the heart of a SNES RPG, explore through the blazing deserts, cold mountains, tranquil forests and dark caves of Villnoire in this 12 hour character driven adventure.
- Original assets such as character artwork and a completely original soundtrack spanning over 25 beautiful tracks.
- Collect various materials from slain enemies, and combine them to concoct rare Potions in the Alchemy Shop.
- Equip skills on each characters flexible and unique Ability Board. Equip different combinations of skills to unlock compound passives to further enhance each character.
- Store power in battle and unleash devastating abilities using the Overflow system.
- Collect each treasure chest throughout the locations in Villnoire to receive extra bonuses and rare equipment upon completion.
- Explore a classic world map by land and sea. Stumble upon plenty of hidden areas and secrets to collect.

Primary Graphics - First Seed Material
Original Soundtrack - Clayton Stroup
Original Facesets - Trevor McAleese
Original EX Font - Trevor McAleese

If the font is not showing correctly, please install MS Echoes which is included in the game folder

Latest Blog

Villnoire is Complete!

Yes, you read that right! Villnoire is complete! It’s not a joke, I wouldn't be that cruel.

Part of me doesn’t know what to write. I mean, just look at that date. 02/20/2008, unbelievable isn't it? The 16 year old Little Wing Guy that created this game page never thought this day would come, but what a journey this has been. An 11 year journey filled with two cancellations, two remake attempts, and buckets of disappointment for all the people subscribed to this game. Sorry about that, hopefully this release will make up for it. Granted, I haven’t been working on it for a full straight 11 years; around 3 years ago I picked this up from the bottom of the gutter, wiped away all the stains of vapourware and started again from scratch. This idea, this dream has stayed with me for all those 11 years though, and I can finally stamp those magic words “Completed” in all its green font glory. Excuse my language, but it feels fucking amazing.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this game. Honestly, I have. This game isn’t perfect, but it is me through and through. I’m immensely proud of this game; I don’t think I personally could have made it any better. It deals with themes and ideas that are really close to home. My passion for this game, world and characters has stayed with me for these 11 years, and I hope it translates over to everyone who plays it. I want nothing more to gift this game to RMN and let the community enjoy it and of course get featured and earn Misaos. Villnoire has been such a huge part of my life, but I think for a long time I’m still going to be opening up RPG Maker, blanking staring at the database before it dawns on me that I don’t actually need to anymore.

A big part of why this game is completed is because of RMN. I have a huge thank you to say to so many members of this community, I wouldn't know where to start. People here have had faith in me, even when I didn’t have any in myself. People may think it’s silly, but Villnoire is one of my proudest achievements in life. This game is a symbol of not giving up (unless we’re talking about my social life because that went a loooong time ago lol).

Anyway, if you’re reading this and you’ve recently played Theia, but thought to yourself “I would much rather play a shorter, less epic mediocre version of this” then look no further, Villnoire is the perfect game for you! I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Anything you want to say, the good, the bad, the ugly - I’d love it hear it all in any format (unless it’s a 1 star review, can I kindly ask you not to upload that? Thanks).

Thank you so much for sticking with me, I couldn't have asked for more. Now it’s finally time to start a new project for the next 11 years playing more games on RMN and not constantly worry about my own game.


Help :)

The color button puzzle in Vorian's manor. I'm lost.

I have Lukas near a grey door, but Brice, I don't see where is the grey button and how to join Lukas.

Thank's for any help.
I just started playing this game - cause Kaempfer recommended it to me. (Unfortunately I did not like his game that much cause it has a different design approach regarding certain stuff where I'm very picky.)

Now ... for Villnoire I immediately started to like it. Currently I'm in Casanero.


Some minor flaws I noticed (might be a matter of taste tough - as with most stuff I guess):

The Alchemy system seems a bit boring and not really necessary. Yeah it looks nice. (Also nice dialogue. Everything looking really polished.) And it probably gives choice for the high level consumable items (if they aren't purchaseable directly later) if maybe the rare bottles are obtainable as limited (only from 1-time encounters) drops only + from the environment (sparkling effect to hint at hidden items) while the second compoment can be used as needed (to either make HP or SP potion or the 3rd type). Instead of using fixed types as rare drop - for the high end potion.

I think keeping it simpler would have worked as well - no Alchemy system and only normal potions + the rare ones as a limited drop (from bosses or chests).

Save points are okay - usually I prefer unllimited saving everywhere but since there are no random encounters (and normal mobs easy to avoid it seems) the save point approach is okay. Didn't like that after the save point befor a boss ... there sometimes was long dialogue. If you wanted to retry you had to click through the dialogue again.

Also at one point there was a save point ... then long dialogue ... and then it seems you continued fully healed (where I healed using potions - while the money does seem to be not too abundant).

In the ruins at Palmira island when you went to the office and got improsoned then.
I though there would be a boss. :D Not a big deal since I reloaded and did it again (without using potions ... had a 2nd save) and I still am good with the potions/money. (Actually I liked the starting part before you could shop the first time. Usually other games are too easy and I barely use any potions. Just healing spell + resting in the inn it usually is in other games.)


Plot-wise I'm really liking it so far. Constantly keeping me interested ... and wanting to know more. The setting with the other type of humans (druids with magic) - description describes it as 2 "races" - is interesting. Reminds me of some similar types of games and I usually like these types of story. The charaters also seem interesting.

Combat is fine - and easy/fast paced once you got a few more chars. (At the beginning and with limited heal items a bit tight there though.) Easy to figure out about the dark/holy elements and the skills and weaknesses (different colored names for the enemies). Also no "heal spam" possible because the spell poitns are rather tight and at the beginning you actually might use other skills instead of the healing ones - for the combat.

That is good. Easy (not soo many skills to learn it seems - as long as there aren't more hidden pages to that ability board later unlocked - which I guess isn't the case) but you still need to think/plan. Also there are that nice badges with special stuff.

And I like that chest collection bonus for collecting all chests. (Also nice to know that you got all the major stuff - with the chest counter and completion status at the save point where you get the info.)

Edit: I have fully played it now. Liked it. Not much more to add to the stuff I posted already above. Only some minor things:
I liked the plot and the ending. Though it seemed a bit weird that they just used the oldest (and probably physically weakest) guy to watch over Vorian after the party defeated him.

Was nice to have the plot a bit more "normal" - not too over the top with powerful fantasy stuff. Other plot writers might have given in to the temptation ... and added some other evil demon boss controlling the human guy. But here it really was just only Vorian. Liked this.

For the optional stuff I would have liked something "bigger". I don't know. I remember some games that have rare 100 percent protection against every negative status - but that would not have worked here I guess since status ailments did not play such a big role.

So ... just another badge for the last quiz. And some money and bottles for the item you could exchange. Funny though when I remember - if I remember correctly - that it started with just some apple. At least this made shopping pretty easy at the end. The item from the Maiden's temple as cool though. Seemed like some "ultimate armor" for one druid character.

One other thing: The tonics/syrup that heal all the characers for the amount of a medium sized tonic/syrup: They seemd pretty rare. I think I got only a few of such tonics and syrups from somewhere. And no unlimited method to obain them. Yet the alchemy system offers that shared tonic instead of the shared incense that is announced in the preview. This probably was not intended. Though I think it did not have that much impact - in the end there was enough money and other tonics. Only maybe in combat where it saves turns at a boss if you want to refill the points of the whole party.
little wing guy:
what are the sidequests of the game?