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Update 7-13-12 --- v 1.01
Okay, wow. I'm really sorry. This game was NOT in a properly playable state. I'm so sorry to anyone who downloaded it. an incorrect tileset was saved into the system, and it was starting the player in the wrong place I also fixed a bug where Barus would not deliver his speech properly, and break the game. Everything should be better now.

This is the completed build for NaGaDeMo. It's atrocious and crude. Certain levels are slapped together with little nuance, enemies are unbalanced, some are way too easy, some are way too hard. But it's here. Try it out, tell me what you think, and let me know if you get stuck anywhere, or encounter any game-breakers.

Now to spend the rest of the year polishing it, but god damn, I'm tired. I don't want to look at this thing again for several weeks.



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