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Emi has come through the Manor relatively unscathed, though it took her a while to get over what she experienced there. Three months have passed since then and on their way back from a successful exorcism she and her father decide to stop at a lodge while heading home through the Nirelog forest.

When Emi wakes she finds herself alone in a haunted forest, her father missing. All she has with her is a backpack, a bottle of water and a flashlight.

~Little Wing Guy

What is this?

This is the next of the Map Madness series. It is a collaborative effort where people join up and make a map using the graphics specified. The maps are then made into a game that can be enjoyed by all who play.
The focus of this collaboration is Atmosphere.

How do I join?

Sing up in the comments below, make your map and send it to me (Liberty) before the 20th of October. I will then 'sew' it all together into a coherent game, ready for release on Hallow's Eve.


There will be, in the interest of getting this done in time, a few extra rules this time around.

- You must use REFMAP graphics to create your map. (You can edit them if necessary but use them as the base of your maps. You can find a link to them at the bottom of this page.)
- Each map must be no larger than 30x30. This makes it easier for me to fit them together.
- You can only have one exit on any side of the map, but no more than four and no less than one.
- No extensions. If it's not ready, then sadly, too bad.
- I don't mind if you add a small puzzle or something, but remember that each map is going to be part of a whole game so don't go overboard. (I'm looking at a few of you guys from last time)
- Atmosphere is the name of the game.
- If you need switches or variables, let me know ASAP.
- Do not use anything in the Database - this means no default battles, no monsters, no items, no skills or animations of any kind.
- Keep in mind this is a forest.
- Please no movie files. Parallaxes and overlays are fine, but keep in mind the grid if you do decide to parallax. >.<;


When submitting please do the following:
- Make sure all sounds, character sets, pictures, parallaxes and chipsets used are in the folder. These include RTP sounds that you might have used.
- Zip up the whole game folder and send me a link to it. Lockers are ideal for this.
- All maps must be in by the 20th of October, Midnight GMT.

I have a question...

What's with the names of these events?
They're from something my cousin wrote just before he killed himself. So, yeah, these are sort of homage to him in that respect. I do hope no-one minds.
The here and now of yesterday
Where end Time's saddest songs
Apon the brow tomorrow clear
We, thoughtless, dream along
And through the truth of never-been
Sit, watch as time flies by
For left, unspoken words I hear
And empty lyrics lie

Where can I get the graphics?

Right here, my friend, right here~

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Ah, just made it in the nick of time!
So the project is finally done - and within the month, too! Yay!
I just got through a run with Decky and Indrah as play testers (hats off to you, dearies~<3 ) and fixed up a lot of the issues that were still prevalent. That said, there might be some things I missed, so let me know if you run into anything that seems out of place.

Now, I'll probably add up the walkthrough and credits list after I've had some sleep. It's been a long night. Enjoy the game and much thanks to all who were a part of Forest Map Madness this year. Keep your eyes out for the Director's Cut (which will contain the proper Father sprites as well as some extra content).

A friendly reminder that there's still some time to join the fan fun contest. Just check the Fan Fun page. Voting will happen on the 7th, so keep your eyes peeled for that, too.


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Do you mean the map has to be AT LEAST 20 x 20? Or it is the maximum? I'm finding it really small. Also, sign me up please.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I'd like to join this, but it would very highly depend on how my own Hallows Eve submission goes.
Not entering, but...that poem.

My god.

I'm sorry it has to be connected to an event like that. It's really beautiful.
RMN sex symbol
Sure, I'll join. Do we just make and send a map or will you tell us what we'll be doing like last time?
author=Little Wing Guy
Do you mean the map has to be AT LEAST 20 x 20? Or it is the maximum? I'm finding it really small. Also, sign me up please.
20x20 is the size of the maps so that it has a neat grid effect when stuck together. It makes life easier on me and you both.

If enough people ask, maybe I'll jack it up to 25x25, but I don't want them getting too big. Smaller = more likely to finish.

@Tau: This time it's just make a map and send. Less fooling around and time spent juggling different entries/rooms. Of course, this gives you all more control over what your map looks like.

Okay, so I've upped the size of the map to 30x30. Don't go over that and you'll be fine.
awww, 2k3? really?

ok i'll sign up
I'll make a map, but I need a little more room than 30x30 to pull off a gimmick.

Is that okay? The actual forest area will be small. I just need room to duplicate.
You can have more than one map, but I'm afraid the size limit is set at 30x30.

If you make a note that the maps are to be connected, I can do that, though.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm thinking of a map that has a path. It leads an hilly island. At the top, there is a spyglass/telescope that overlooks a wide swath of territory. It's the "Isle of View", as it were. There will be absolutely, positively no attempt at the obvious wordplay here.

Well, that's my working concept for this, anyway.
The base map will be small. If I run out of room, I'll submit a second map. Go ahead and sign me up.

Also, is anything going on with the music? Sort of important. I didn't see anything about that.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Well, I guess I have a basic map. Nothing terribly fancy. I suppose I could upload what I've got anyway, but I've a feeling I might want to tweak it some more. Give it more flavor and what-not.
@Marrend: Sounds neat~ ^.^ Also, you may do more than one map if you wish. As long as they're handed in before the due date, I'm fine with more than one map from people.

@Sauce: Music-wise I'll probably pick an all-around tune, but I don't mind if you include a different music file. If it fits it'll make some sort of appearance.

You guys are churning out maps like mad. Me likey~
Sure, I'll give this a go.
I haven't used RM2k3 in a while, but this looks like something I'll enjoy!
Could you post the track you're going to use asap? I want to play around with the soundwork. It'd help to hear the whole package.
I don't exactly have one yet. >.<;
Just choose a track for your map. It'll be fine. When I find one, I'll make a copy with the same name or leave yours in there depending.
Liberty, can you add me to the list? I will create a map for you.
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