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The story takes part in two different worlds.
One of them is the world we all live in. So does Josh together with his brother Alex and their father.
Josh loves video games and books and isn't much interested in his own reality.
His father disapproves this and blames his son. This became worse as their mother died.

But then on one day Josh finds a game in a small shop.
It has no real cover and only one word is written on the CD-case.
Erayu - the games title. Josh takes the game home and starts playing.

The other world is called Erayu. It's the games world, where once an immortal
princess reigned. But one day she disappeared and so seems the light.
Some places in that world are fallen into darkness and more followed soon.
One, who gets into that darkness never returns; not alive nor dead. As if he never existed.

When the game starts, one plays a boy, who awakes among some travelers.
His memories are gone and so he tries to find his way through a world he can't remember.

The game focuses on its story. You will accompany Josh through his everyday life, meet his family and play his latest game:

Here the game will be similar to a Point 'n Click Adventure.

- puzzles and item combinations
- many dialogues
- unique characters
- no battles
- self-made face sets
- custom menus
- collectibles
- a picture gallery
- two endings

Latest Blog

Christmas special!

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is on the... shoe!
Let me tell you in a rhyme.
My poetry is so bad you will whine.

But let me tell you one thing.
You can get into Erayu's credits withing a... bling?

Just click the image and you'll find
a page to do stuff... of some kind.

*sneaks away*
  • Completed
  • Lucy_Fox
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure Puzzle
  • 10/01/2013 08:46 PM
  • 10/09/2023 03:58 PM
  • 03/31/2016
  • 326069
  • 125
  • 3418


I transfer the translation at the moment.
Think I can upload it in the next few days (or maybe a week). :3
Edit: Pom strikes again
I love it, but THAT BOX BIRD PUZZLE, is starting to get on my nerves, I'm terrible at puzzles.
Thank you. :3
There is a walkthrough in the downloads section ;)

I recommend to wait a few days. Then the new version will be released.
The testing takes some time, but I'm sure I can release it this week :3
Haha, a couple of typos already found orz

In any case, nice to see it up! I had some weird error when I tried to save, tho. Might be because it was greyed out (are there save points ...?), but didn't find the save file, apparantly.
Sorry, that was a really dumb error caused by me x_x
But I fixed it. You can just redownload it and it should work.

Though it's possible, that it saved. Look in the folder, where the Erayu.exe is located. There should be files called Save(1,2,3 or 4) :)
If not, then it didn's save .-.
I like the story but i don't have fast internet speed to download it :(
So I think I encountered a strange glitch that doesn’t allow me to progress any further:

So after I finished collecting the ointment and the bandages in Silver City and the scene goes back to Josh who’s hungry and wants to eat the pizza that he collected earlier, it seems like he’s decided to take his entire chair with him! (Maybe he’s just stuck there and he’s been Erayu too long like I have, lol.) Either way, it looks like he’s handicap now, and every time that I move around with Josh his sprite cycles through various different animations while moving around. It’s a bit weird, but I didn’t think much of it originally, as I thought that the graphics would just correct itself eventually after a little while. But when I try to click on the pizza with him sitting on his rear-end, the scene doesn’t register itself properly and nothing else happens afterwards. I thought that there was something that you needed to do first beforehand, but the walkthrough just says to click on the pizza. Well… *click, click, click, click* nothing happens.

*sigh* …I guess I’ll have to start a new file and see if I can bypass this thing manually. Luckily I was only an hour and a half into the game, so this isn’t a super big deal, but still, it sucks…
Okay thats a really weird thing O.o
Never encountered such in any test playthroughs....
Could you send me your save file if you still have it?
I'll try to fix it as soon as possible :)

Okay, I know why you can't click the pizza... there is a variable which didn't increment correctly.... but there is absolutely no error in the code -_-
The only thing I could think of, is that the maker ran too fast(?)...
I put some waits in the code... hopefully this prevents such thing to happen again -.-
And maybe you are able to click the pizza now without restarting the game... I hope...
I’m not sure exactly how I got that error, but I think I just pushed the down key a bit too early once the scene initially loaded up and I guess it didn’t have enough time to register everything before I dun goofed. Either way, I started another file and just replayed everything from scratch and this time I was able to bypass it with no problems.

And I’m done writing the review for this game and I'll be submitting it as soon as I can, as I ended up finishing it just a couple of hours ago. I did find a few more game breaking glitches that I forgot to mention in the review, so I’ll mention them here so you can try and maybe fix them if you get a chance:

Game Breaking Glitch #1:
If you try to save your game on the map with the broken bridge in the Unknown Forest, the game won’t recognize the saved image file and just crash afterwards. Once I deleted the corrupted save file, I was able to load my game from my previous save states and everything was fine after that.

Game Breaking Glitch #2:
In Silver City when you’re trying to get the Gunpowder from Oreyn, if you skip originally talking to her before you go off to get the items that Gharon needs to make the bomb just before she’s supposed to give you the Gunpowder, the line of dialogue “tell me about yourself” starts to immediately play again with text that you can’t fast skip. After the line of dialogue has finished, the scene will just end and you won’t be able to get the Gunpowder from her... henceforth you’re screwed and cannot progress any further.

Game Breaking Glitch #3:
If you try to jump the repaired bridge on the south side in the Unknown Forest and tap the up key at the wrong time, you’ll get stuck there and cannot continue any further.

Game Breaking Glitch #4:
If you try and use the Blackberries item on the field or anywhere else besides using them on the snowman, they’ll just flat out disappear from your item inventory and you can’t use them any more.
Wow, seems you are really good at finding stuff like this.
Thanks :3 I'll fix everything

At the forest with the bridge... do you remember how the error looked like?
There seems to be no problem with the picture, so this has to be something else ._.
Your game looks really beautiful. Downloading now!:)
Thank you :3
Hope, you'll like it
This game is a work of art... Love it! I played all the way to the snowy part where I believe it is the end of the demo I'm assuming...
Thannk you very much for your kind words :3
Ok... now I'm actually finished the demo... that was a clever idea how you ended it... now I cannot wait until the full version is out. :D
I know, this was mean. °^°
But it also made sense from the developing perspective :D
But hey, I think I will finish the game this year. So don't worry °^°
Just wanted to say that the quote in blue at the top misspells the word "premonition". It should also be "together" and "videogames and books" over in the story section. Hope it helps.