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VSI Esper Report 3: Lyeric Horzon

  • Raze
  • 05/31/2016 01:44 PM
Welcome back once again to part 3 of my 7 part report where I, Ravier Connor, will give an in depth analysis into the party's Esper Abilities. Hmm... seems like we're covering one of the more unique members of the party. Lyeric Horzon. Heheheh, he's an interesting character, very interesting character indeed...

Lyeric’s Esper Analysis

One of Lyeric's unique selling point comes his training as a Martial Artist known as Systema Spetsnaz. A Russian form of Martial arts that specializes in Hand to hand close combat. With introduction to our Tech Experimental Program, Lyeric is able to manipulate Mana to further enhance his body, fist and feet for greater offensive power.

Lyeric has one of the best overall stat build compared to his peers, earning him a rating of A.

As if that weren’t enough, Lyeric is able to unleash his ‘special’ move that he calls Systema Hidden Skills. The skills he can use is determinant on the knuckle he equipped. While we are unsure how changing equipment can affect what kind of skills he is able to use, we’re certain that it has to do with the structure of the knuckle itself.

He has 3 different type of hidden skills, mainly Support Set, Weakness Set and finally offensive set. While such categorization is not official as it is unique to him, I would prefer to classify them as ‘Boost Set’, ‘Support Set’ and ‘Offensive Set’. You’ll see why when I further elaborate his abilities below.

Lyeric is probably one of the most versatile player in his party as he is able to perform all 3 roles: offense, support and a bit of tank, making him a jack of all trades but unfortunately master of none.

Out of the 3 party members thus far, Lyeric, together with Isabel, is one of the most dangerous opponent you’ll want to face against in combat due to his ability to counter almost all strategies you can come up with.

Apparently the Creator likes to use him against his friends…

Lyeric’s Role in Combat

Ravier's Note: Of course... something they experienced that I have no clue about. Who is Lyeric Alter anyway?
Creator's Note: Lyeric Alter will have a 'recolor' once I get the design down. Right now he is used for testing only.

Offensive Coverage:
There is not much to say about Lyeric’s offensive coverage. Lyeric’s higher than average critical chance and higher than average agility makes him a decent offensive player in the party. He also has abilities such as Vortex strafe and Wave strike that boosts his attack and agility for 1 and 2 turns respectively. Giving the party a freedom of choice if they want to use Lyeric as a quick attacker/quick healer or use him purely for boosted offense.

Incarte Strike and Incarte Tuning (Support Set) also boosts his offensive power even further. Making him much more viable for combat. He also has a powerful AOE attack: zRecese Gale in his offensive set, only second to Isabel’s high damage.

Flaws of Offensive Coverage:
I feel the need to write one for each of his 3 roles simply because there are quite a number of evident flaws in his coverage. While he is a versatile attacker, he has low offensive power and require moves such as Incarte Tuning/Vortex Strafe/Incarte Strike to increase his attack. For him to be consistently effective in offense, he has to use Vortex Strafe often in order to keep up his attack buff. He also lacks elements in his attacks and most bosses the party has fought usually has physical resistance to his attacks.

Support/Tank Coverage:
Lyeric has decent support coverage with moves that can deal ‘Defense Ignore’ on the opponent. Allowing his peers to deal more damage than they can on the usual basis. Not only that, Lyeric’s 2nd hidden skillset (Weakenss) comes with ‘Reploxion’ that can reliably paralyze enemies with ease. With the added bonus of bleed out at a relatively high success rate.

Lyeric also comes with Taunt Guard which is a form of guard that is able to lure enemies into attacking him at a 50% increased rate. In exchange for tanking more hits, Taunt Guard also allows him to mitigate 20% of all incoming attacks.

Incarte Tuning also gives him 3% Heal over Turn (HOT), +50% to physical Attack and physical defense, allowing him to last longer in battle and able to counter mild DOT Status effects like Curse.
All of his abilities also has a small chance to deal Vulnerability which lowers defense by 20% but increases their agility by 20%.

Flaws of Support/Tank Coverage:
His support coverage is generally luck based with the exception of Reploxion.

His support move Taunt Guard only increases his chance of being targeted by 50% which is not a huge amount by any means. Impulse Kick and Incarte Strike only has 60% and 50% chance respectively to deal defense ignore. While generally reliable, it may fail in the most critical moment. Reploxion is only the most reliable support ability with 90% chance to paralyze and 50% chance to bleed out, but similar to above, it also has the chance to fail in the most critical moment.

Incarte Tuning also does not protect Lyeric from range attacks and 3% HOT is usually not enough to totally offset DOT Status effects like Burn, Frost and Bleed Out.

Certainly, a rather deadly opponent if used against the party. Lyeric has cemented his position as a 'utility player', he has the ability, if not perfect, to cover all kinds of roles and is definitely a party member you should consider bringing for conflict.

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