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Progress Report

Dev Update #5

Hi! I added a few screenshots to the Images section to celebrate this final dev update!

That's right, the game's done. Yay, now I can sleep and do things! \o/ So, what did I do since the last update...? Well, let's see...

A lot (and I mean A LOT) of animations are made by amazing artists (AlcopopStar as well as Lighterthief, check them out they do really, really good stuff!), but I had to do a few animations for the main character and all of the animations for the monster thingies. Not impressive in itself, but I've never really done animations before, so this was pretty cool!

Then, the obvious: coding, coding, coding. Urgh, so many stuff went wrong, mostly with the A.I. Many times I thought I'd never be able to do monsters that would properly follow the player, but I did it, yay. They can hear your footsteps and other things now, too. It's far from being perfect, but I'm really glad it came out the way it did. Now they can actually kill you if you're not careful.
Coding also includes cutscenes. There aren't many in the game, but still, it takes a loooooong time to make everything work.

Of course I needed to put story elements in the game, add a few maps, make sure the monster thingies don't move too quick during their patrol... This pretty much required me to launch the game again, and again, and again, until I knew the patrol times to the frame. Not kidding here, I actually had to calculate every patrol so that they don't get out of sync and you can't pass through the monster thingies anymore unless you load your game.

There's also music, sounds and credits (note for next time: don't be an idiot, note who you should put in the credits BEFORE the last day ^_^).
Okay so it must be said; I don't do music or sound effects, and it's for the best. Choosing music and sound effects is actually pretty long and sometimes frustrating. That's right, realizing the music you bought just doesn't fit is not a great feeling, even though the music's great.

Anyway, I'm complaining way too much here. I had a lot of fun this month, even though I'm exhausted. It was a great experience once again, and I do believe this kind of event is the best way to learn how to make good games, and how important the scope of a game is.

So, that's it for now I guess. I'd like to make a trailer as quick as possible, but I'm really not sure I'll be able to do something good, we'll see.

You can download the game in the Downloads section right now! It's a pretty short game and you can play it with the keyboard or a gamepad. I hope someone will enjoy this one!

Progress Report

Dev Update #4

Hey, it's all starting to take shape! \o/
I got some animations done (and again, a lot of things I can't show for spoilery reasons) and started working on the actual game.
Had to "play" (because it's not really fun) a lot with the enemy AI, but that's boring I'm not gonna talk about that.

Let's talk about stealth! First, let's take a look at this, knowing that jumping and falling animations are not done yet:

That's a terrible way to end a video, sorry!
Anyway, I don't know if you noticed, but the rectangle is GONE! Woohooh! This update is mostly about that; animations. Now the main character looks like a person, and while there are still some things to take care about, it all works pretty well!

There aren't that many animations of the monster thingy I show in this video, but rest assured ; you'll know it when you're about to die! Now, I don't know if it's really obvious, but each time the monster thingy (official name by the way) goes out of the ground, it looks around. It can only see in front of it in a 90° angle, and if you're behind a block it'll pretend it doesn't see you (yep, that's exactly what the code does actually :D).

You may have noticed I bought music and sound effects this time around, hurray. The one I'm using during the gameplay part of this video actually has a lot of different loops, this'll be fun to work with!

I don't have much else to show, but since I'm now able to make maps and stuff, I started just that, so it's really starting to feel like a game. I don't know how much more I'll show in the future, this might be one of the latest dev updates I do before the release next month. We'll see how it goes.

See you next time!

Progress Report

Dev Update #3

My latest video is on the front page! Yay. \o/
This one won't get there, but here's the first scene of the game with progress on movements. The character is an amazing sprite done by me ; a rectangle. I should have sprites ready pretty soon so I'll do an update then. Until then, enjoy watching a rectangle jumping, climbing, falling and being black!
Colours are a bit off in this video, but I think it shows pretty well what the backgrounds look like.

There are a few things off here and there, like the camera going crazy when the character rectangle grabs a ledge. Hopefully this'll be fixed soon enough. For those asking, the rectangle is female.

As for boring stuff that was made ;
- Camera control, to make sure half of the screen isn't just ground.
- Checkpoint, because starting from the beginning when you die isn't really fun.
- Getting music and sound effects I didn't put in this video because that would make too much sense.
- Working on the ending scene which I'll show next time (that's a lie, I'm sorry).

And that's it for now. I'll have prettier things than black pixels to show next time, I promise*.

* If I need to show something other than properly animated sprites, I'll just change the rectangle into a red one. Or maybe blue!

Progress Report

Dev Update #2

Development is going well! There are a lot of things I can't show yet (unfinished or too spoiler heavy), but one thing I can show is how the A.I is progressing:

It's not completely finished, there are a few things that go wrong sometimes, but I've got enough to show it, I think.
As you can see, the enemy can climb walls from any angle and even get inside them to catch you. So basically, once it sees you, you're gonna have a hard time getting rid of it. Don't just think it's not pursuing you anymore just because you can't see it!

That's pretty much it with things I can show right now. I should have a few animations ready in the next few days though, so please stay tuned, as someone who sadly passed away recently liked to say.

Progress Report

Dev Update #1

I decided to share a bit more about what I'm actually doing with my game this year. Last year I only talked about Save Point once it was completed. It might not be that interesting to read/see, but anyway, I'm doing it as often as I can (and if I have new stuff to show).

So, since this is the first update and it has already been a few days since I started working on this, there's a few things...
First, there's the main menu that got done as quick as possible. I underestimated menus last year and it ended up taking a lot of time, so I wanted to get rid of this part as soon as possible this time around.
Then, basic gameplay. Walking, jumping, failing a jump, all that good stuff, and without any animation. Yay. There's also music I didn't pay for yet, pretty that's the one I want though.

Since then I've added a few things and toyed a bit with the tileset.
< Old colours
< New colours!

And here's a bus with some nasty stuff in it (and a red border to the image, because why not)!

Speaking of nasty stuff, I've started working on the AI. Now this guy can actually be dangerous:

I'll probably make a new update really soon showing how it looks in game, but I like it, especially when it goes inside a wall just to get you faster. Ah, I've gotten rid of the mouth, forgot to change that in the gifs.

Probably missed a few things, but that's pretty much it!
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