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Over two hundred years ago, the five heroes defeated the god of darkness; Ragnarok, in a climactic struggle for the fate of the world. Banished back to the realm of darkness known as the Abyss, the threat of the evil god had finally been put to rest once and for all...or so they thought.

Umbral Soul follows the story of Ragnarok’s loyal servant, Pandora, who joins her master in a quest to conquer the world and reclaim his lost power. In order to shroud the world in eternal darkness, they will have to find and recruit new allies, build an army of powerful monsters, and raise a force strong enough to crush anyone who dares to oppose them. Heroes, generals and rival overlords all stand against them. Do you have the power to make the world yours?

A powerful dark sorceress with the ability to call forth monsters from the Abyss and enslave them to her will. Her burning hatred for the world and its people leads her to follow Ragnarok with unwavering loyalty.

The god of darkness, who seeks dominion over the human realm. Once an extremely powerful being in the form of a monstrous demon, he has now been reduced to a mere soul. He wishes to plunge the entirety of the human realm into darkness, in part out of spite for his counterpart; the goddess of light, Lumielle.

Beautiful, deadly, and self absorbed to a tee, Lanith is a succubus with a never ending hunger for the lifeforce of men. Having served under Pandora since she was only a child, she has a knack for getting under her skin, and does so whenever the opportunity arises.

A deeply twisted and sadistic young man, Damien loves nothing more than manipulating others and watching them squirm. While he has kept his true nature a secret, Ragnarok’s uprising marks the perfect opportunity for him to cut loose and have some fun...by killing as many enemies as possible.

The lord of all demons, who is fiercely loyal to Ragnarok and possesses an extreme, seething hatred for humanity. After failing to aid his master in conquering the world the first time, he has no intention of repeating the same mistakes again.

•A character driven storyline filled with unlockable side-stories

•Moving battle backgrounds for more organic battles

•Over 100 custom attack animations

•Custom sound effects

•More than 10 recruitable monsters and demons

•Engaging, story-driven sidequests

•Enhance your monsters with Darkness Points, evolving them into new and terrible forms

•Teleport to and from your lair at will

•Cutscenes and character interactions change depending on who is in your party

Katakura Hibiki Dark Hero Character Pack
Katakura Hibiki Fantasy Hero Character Pack
Katakura Hibiki Lords of Darkness Pack
Division Heaven

And many more! Full credits list will be included in the game upon completion.
A big shout out to all the resource creators both free and paid out there. Your hard work inspires us all to get out there and create something special!

The time is now. Forget about saving the world, reach out and conquer it.

Latest Blog

Situational Update

Hey peeps! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I've got more of a serious matter to discuss this time. Long story short, I was diagnosed with kidney disease and have been hospitalized for a long time. I've been receiving dialysis treatments, which is basically where they suck out all your blood, clean it, and put it back in you. The process has left me completely drained, and I need to continue the treatments until I can get a kidney replacement. It tanks, and has obviously affected my ability to work on the game.

This isn't to say I've stopped working on it mind you, but my progress has been significantly slowed, hence why I wasn't able to meet my goal at the end of the year. I apologize for that, but I want everyone to know that I'm still doing my best. I'd appreciate any thoughts and prayers you could spare me as I'm going through an extremely difficult time in my life right now. As always, thanks for being awesome.


troll what i not com from internet wheel will finish never mabe in 2 year
If it's any consolation, all those references went straight over my head anyway. I'm not "hip and with it" like the cool kids. I'm an old codger! Get off my lawn!
yea 21 and dont know internet expresiion imstrange shit o and sorry aout al time ended but is strange you dont know why you kep going put bonus and seren cast sem really hard xd
This game remains as one of my favorites! I cannot get over the references and even finding them again makes me chuckle. A great game all together apart from the bugs and glitches, I had fun playing this game never get tired of it lol

I cannot wait until the next one is released! I do have my hopes that this will be amazing as well :)

yea it great but im wanting until last yearf for ubtate i gve hope and soon sucub darkness that your goal dark g wheelman xd where you found yoursprite boss for azrielle orn ragnarock
dd33, please do not spam the page. Posting more than once in a row is against site rules. Also, continuous comments bump the game up to the buzzing feed on the front page. All the activity might make some players think the ultimate edition is done when it isn't, and it pushes other games off the front page. That is why I try to post here sparingly, so other games have a chance to be seen by visitors of this site. Umbral Soul has had more than enough time in the limelight, so it's time to give other games a chance.

Frequently complaining about having to wait isn't going to get the game done any faster, and is frankly annoying. I think you need to forget about this game for a while and stop focusing on it so much, for your own good.
im not focusing i donr my loife saw other game but sick wait im just curious that all
All the activity might make some players think the ultimate edition is done when it isn't

Curses, fooled again!
you not motivate yourself yea you have job but evribody have free time if you real motivate you work until you finish do 6 map event fro dsay that what i do with my project solo

you report you mailwhen i asked question about progress me is incoerent since you not finish i bet take you anther year xdgood night ps other game it away same story mabe because i play too many rpg game to lern like it what my problem i dont know myself
Guardian of the Description Thread
Posting more than once in a row is against site rules.

*casts Armageddon on dd33's posts*
(rant)For the last time, dd33: It's up to WheelmanZero alone how he spends his time, and if/when he completes the Ultimate Edition and the sequel, and how long it takes to achieve that. Deal with it. You haven't accomplished anything on this site, which makes you the last person I want to hear this "work faster bullshit" from. I don't think you'll get another chance to reflect upon your attitude, since you made even the "unsnappable" WheelmanZero "snap" (at least it's the first time I saw him this annoyed).

And please, use at least Google translate for your posts. As matters stand now, your posts are incomprehensible garbage. Do you, by any chance, suffer from a severe writing disability? Or are you just a spammer/troll? Then, of course, it doesn't make a difference anyway.

Yes, I have anger issues, and you constantly trigger them. It's interesting that the mods here, for a change, don't act upon their elitist attitudes when it comes to potentially handicapped persons. That doesn't justify to tolerate (only) the greatest crap, though.

By the way: Dawning Doomsday 33 - dd33, Beyond Redemption... I'm still surprised no one understood I had just wanted to say that dd33 gets on my nerves.(/rant)
i get out and come back when it done im gonna learn how get patience then bey your right im never learn english but i can translade to french and yea im bad on writng that not my fault and you dont treat me like trash i have problems personally and (sigh) im not bad person but lot bad opinion of myself bref good bey until it finish

wheel i notice a bug mabe when i use glom crystal that not heal al my sumo andcoud you put a even a make ast the desert to cave banditafter finish boss
i get out and come back when it done im gonna learn how get patience then bey your right im never learn english but i can translade to french and yea im bad on writng that not my fault and you dont treat me like trash i have problems personally and (sigh) im not bad person but lot bad opinion of myself bref good bey until it finish

That's the spirit! I know you're not a bad person, you just need a little patience is all. I'm glad you're mature enough to realize that. See you at the release!
@Kyle - we need to know about things before we can deal with them. If no-one reports an issue we can't just magically know it exists. That's why you guys have access to the Report button - to let us know if there's an issue that needs taking care of. If you notice something that seems like it should be dealt with, click the button and let us know instead of acting passive-aggressive when we don't see a potential problem.

As it is, dd33 has been talked to now that someone deigned to let us know there was an issue. There shouldn't be any more multiposts from him, but if there are, well, Report buttons, please!
Hey WheelmanZero, how are your next three projects going? I'm talking about the next edition of Umbral Soul and it's sequel, as well as that second project, I think you said you were collaboratively working with someone on?

I know you take a while to do things, but it's definitely worth it so keep going with that attitude in mind!

I know now I'm now sounding like that one person who is impatient, but I don't mean it in that way, I just was wondering if it's going well for you so far? No need to reveal any more, just interested in your progress, and if you want to keep that confidently that's ok too.

Looking forward to your future work! I like what you shared about the sequel being the "light" sort of side of the story, but knowing you I can tell you can make it have surprises and really make us care about both sides of the story. Your good with stories, and your good with presenting stories in video games.

Be encouraged, not discouraged.

Right now I'm scrambling to get the collab game done, while dealing with my job and the whole Christmas rush. Man oh man, things always seem to take more time than I think they will. I'm still plenty motivated, so no need to worry about that, I just wish there were more of me so I could do all the things I want at once.

Progress is going well, but every time I check a mark off something I want to add or improve in Umbral Soul, I end up wanting to do something else too. For instance, I heard that a walkthrough would be useful, so one of those is coming. The mapping could do with some spit and polish too, so there's that. And yeah, you're stuck playing as a group of good guys in the next game, but they aren't exactly conventional group of heroes, and they don't always play nice with one another. Part of what I enjoy about being a villain is the fact that it makes you feel powerful, so I'm trying to incorporate that feeling into the heroes movesets as well. Only thing is, you'll be going up against enemies that feel even more powerful than you are, to the point that it feels like you're fighting titans and demi-gods. The sequel will feature scenarios just like the original, and our heroes will come in contact with the entire cast of the previous game at some point in their journey.

All in all, I'm a little stressed, but I'm still feeling pretty good. Thanks for the encouragement, ghostbro!
My review is way overdue but I hope you like it haha.
All in all, I'm a little stressed, but I'm still feeling pretty good. Thanks for the encouragement, ghostbro!

Okay. Now I'm starting to feel bad for pushing you to do "the thing" when all I've done so far is just watch you continuously impress a lot of people. Seriously...

But no. I really hope you don't force yourself anymore. I've expected enough that promises aren't going to be made with you thanks to this. So... I hope you would focus on Umbral Soul. Since that seems like what people want anyways. And the 48 page comment list is a thing to behold, let me tell you. Hahaha..
Nah man, you didn't push me, I pushed myself. I think I bit off more than I could chew at once, and didn't account for how real life's various twists and turns would factor into my schedule. I was unemployed when I made Umbral Soul, so I had tons of free time where I could squirrel away an entire afternoon just trying to fix a single glitch, but now that I'm back in the workforce, life's kicking my butt pretty hard. It's just so frustrating when you have people counting on you but you can't meet their expectations as soon as you'd like. It's like a cloud of guilt that hovers around you wherever you go.

And hey, don't go selling yourself short! I know you spent a lot of time working on that amazing art, so I want to make something that's worthy of showcasing it. I can still get things done, it just always takes longer than I expect. Wheelman's no quitter, you can believe that! What I start, I finish.