All about dead bodies sprites.

This is my horror sprites (Not really "my", I just draw blood and edit few things on it :) ). Hope you like it :D
And if you use it, please give me some credits: Enterbrain, Sanggameboy.

Some Examples:


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When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
Very nice!

Good job.
I like it; it can be used to make an interesting story
Looks nice! might use this for creepy easter eggs
Thanks those could be useful in the future :)
Can we use these images commercially?
Can we use these images commercially?

Yeah, sure. Just do whatever you want :)
To clarify, only if you have the program that the RTP is from may you use the files commercially. So, since these are VX Ace bases you couldn't use them in a VX or XP project unless you also legitimately owned Ace too.

Just putting that out there so you don't get into trouble (or in case you didn't know~)
Dude, that one with the RTP characters all thrown into a mass grave?

That's some fucked up shit man. Like it disturbed me. And I am completely numb to violence in media. It must be the subconscious attachment I have to the RTP protagonists from seeing them so much and using them plenty.

Truly nice work.
i think that pile appeared in his game, seven pages. Play it if you dare
Seeing all those piles of dead heroes in blood, I think that would creep me out in any type of game, but one with errier music too? That would really work in a horror game with these type of sprites.
Can you edit them/change them onto your own sprites?
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