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Over two hundred years ago, the five heroes defeated the god of darkness; Ragnarok, in a climactic struggle for the fate of the world. Banished back to the realm of darkness known as the Abyss, the threat of the evil god had finally been put to rest once and for all...or so they thought.

Umbral Soul follows the story of Ragnarok’s loyal servant, Pandora, who joins her master in a quest to conquer the world and reclaim his lost power. In order to shroud the world in eternal darkness, they will have to find and recruit new allies, build an army of powerful monsters, and raise a force strong enough to crush anyone who dares to oppose them. Heroes, generals and rival overlords all stand against them. Do you have the power to make the world yours?

A powerful dark sorceress with the ability to call forth monsters from the Abyss and enslave them to her will. Her burning hatred for the world and its people leads her to follow Ragnarok with unwavering loyalty.

The god of darkness, who seeks dominion over the human realm. Once an extremely powerful being in the form of a monstrous demon, he has now been reduced to a mere soul. He wishes to plunge the entirety of the human realm into darkness, in part out of spite for his counterpart; the goddess of light, Lumielle.

Beautiful, deadly, and self absorbed to a tee, Lanith is a succubus with a never ending hunger for the lifeforce of men. Having served under Pandora since she was only a child, she has a knack for getting under her skin, and does so whenever the opportunity arises.

A deeply twisted and sadistic young man, Damien loves nothing more than manipulating others and watching them squirm. While he has kept his true nature a secret, Ragnarok’s uprising marks the perfect opportunity for him to cut loose and have some fun...by killing as many enemies as possible.

The lord of all demons, who is fiercely loyal to Ragnarok and possesses an extreme, seething hatred for humanity. After failing to aid his master in conquering the world the first time, he has no intention of repeating the same mistakes again.

•A character driven storyline filled with unlockable side-stories

•Moving battle backgrounds for more organic battles

•Over 100 custom attack animations

•Custom sound effects

•More than 10 recruitable monsters and demons

•Engaging, story-driven sidequests

•Enhance your monsters with Darkness Points, evolving them into new and terrible forms

•Teleport to and from your lair at will

•Cutscenes and character interactions change depending on who is in your party

Katakura Hibiki Dark Hero Character Pack
Katakura Hibiki Fantasy Hero Character Pack
Katakura Hibiki Lords of Darkness Pack
Division Heaven

And many more! Full credits list will be included in the game upon completion.
A big shout out to all the resource creators both free and paid out there. Your hard work inspires us all to get out there and create something special!

The time is now. Forget about saving the world, reach out and conquer it.

Latest Blog

Shock and Speechlessness 2: The Shockening

Hoo boy, where to even start? I've been putting off writing this blog for a couple of days now because I'm not exactly sure what to say. Welp, let's start from the beginning. A few days ago, Umbral Soul won 3 and 1/3 Misaos: Best Protagonist/Characters, Best Intro, Best Gameplay Balance, and a three way tie with Lakria Legends and Sideways for Raddest Setting.

To be perfectly honest, I'm speechless. In fact, I've been speechless for 3 days, which is why this blog is coming so late. Once again, my good friends shock and speechlessness have shown up at my doorstep, carrying gift baskets filled with fruit and trail mix. I don't think I've ever felt like this before in my life, and I doubt I ever will again. It just isn't something you can put into words.

Let's get this out of the way; I am extremely flattered and thankful to this community for its kindness. When I joined this site and submitted this game, winning a Misao was such a far off dream that I never even considered it possible. Heck, I thought even getting a single review would be a stretch. I actually laughed when people suggested it could be even remotely possible for this game to win a Misao. Yet here I am, talking to all of you now, overwhelmed by a powerful mixture of disbelief and joy that that has socked me in the jaw harder than Mike Tyson in the final level of Punch Out.

I'd like to give a big fat thank you, not only to those of you who voted for the game, but who gave it a chance. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would become this popular. I'm going to do my best to live up to your expectations for future games, if for no other reason than to give back some of the joy this community has given me. And to you goofballs who voted for Umbral Soul in the "Best Fangame" category, you're all shmucks. Lovable shumucks, but shumcks. Thanks again, now it's time for me to get back to work and make you guys some even better games!


Thanks to the both of you. Seems like I'm coming closer to the final part of the game as I won the tournament and darkness seems to rise quickly from now on. Playtime is currently 20 hours (!) and I'm still hoping it won't end too soon. We should have more games like this. (Would you mind if I ask you how much time it took you to create this monster of an RPG?)

Question to all the players:
Let me know which characters you've choosen for your team. I like the combination Pandora, Lira, Damien and Azrielle the most.

Edit: I was sneaking around in the Ethios Catacombs a lil bit and I found another Pandora there. I want to recruit this girl for my army. xD

It took me 2 years to finish making the game, and along the way I learned quite a bit about rpg maker. Ah, memories. I'd be psyched if we could get some more villain games here on rmn. There are a few I'm already aware of, but you can never have too many.

You've found the secret summon; Doople Pandora! Actually no, that's just an ordinary, everyday, run of the mill hilarious glitch. Thanks for the heads up, looks like I've got some bug zappin' to do.
No problem at all. Glad I could help.

And another one for you: Even though it's forbidden, I'm able to summon monsters in the succubi's village in a very buggy way, right after touching any of the gloom crystal in this location.

Oh yeah, I took care of that one for the next version. Turns out when those crystals heal you they also heal the state that seals your summoning. Doh! You should still be allowed to summon in the dungeon for that mission though.
Playing this game at the moment. So far I have got passed the intro and have been grinding to get my Succubus a little bit stronger. I have journeyed back to the start of the game to get some rest and when I get back to playing it again I will level her up.
The only qualm I have with this game is that it seems Grinding is very much needed in this game. The game so far is quite difficult because up until now I have found no recovery Items such as potions. I suppose when you level up you fully recover though which is helpful.
Items are heavily downplayed in this game, but there are alternate forms of healing available. Leveling is fairly frequent and fully heals even dead characters. Once you reach the end of the woods you'll find a crystal that heals the entire party, so just be careful about how you balance healing with attacking when it comes to encounters until that point. Lanith starts out with a healing skill and Pandora learns one as well at a fairly early level, so once you've kicked more butt, you should feel your party's staying power gain momentum.
because of avast it keeps detecting a virus when there isnt one
because of avast it keeps detecting a virus when there isnt one
i had the same problem, you can try adding the thing that avast detects as an exception or turn off avast when playing, i personally suggest going for the first since it is a more permanent solution
I downloaded the game but it had virus so I wasn't able to play it.
Some anti-viruses mistake the exe for a virus, but it's perfectly safe. You can either add it to your exceptions list or copy/paste an exe from another exe into the folder to get it going if your computer deletes it.
I have to say, I continued playing the game, I still haven't got out of the forests but I'm not to fond with its style of play. I don't really like grinding and barely surviving through the game regardless of it. I think if you grind you should be so strong you don't have to worry about the possibility of dying. However regardless of grinding, the enemies are so powerful as the game progresses that you can die anyway even though this is an early part of the game.
The early stages of a game should be easy designed to allow a player to get used to it not be so difficult that they struggle to survive from the start. So far the story is quite good though. I like how you get to play the villain instead of the hero, its a different take. I also like how the protagonist is made bad by the cruelty of normal humans.
Ah, still giving you trouble eh? I'm guessing you still haven't unlocked Pandora's healing skill. If the encounters are too rough, try running away until you come across that healing crystal I mentioned. All of the encounters for the forest have a 100% escape chance, so there's no need to worry about failing to escape.
Any clue how much longer the update will take?
Oh don't you worry, I'm still alive and kicking. It's taking me longer than I thought to finish all the work on my plate (shocking I know!) but I'm still chugging along. As you've probably surmised I'm terrible at predicting accurate release dates, but I feel like I can safely say at least the Bacon Jam game and ultimate edition will be done before the end of the year. The sequel's going to be an absolute monster to finish thanks to how hilariously overambitious I am, but it'll probably be done around early next year if things go according to plan.

Just to prove I haven't just been sitting on my lazy butt, here's a screenshot from a new scenario in the ultimate edition.

Looking good! I like the purple sparkle effects on that map! :)
Thanks boo-bro, purple sparkles and dark lighting can make just about anything look 56% percent spookier.
huzzah for malware!

according to AVG this "game.exe" is infected with: Win32: sality

might want to look into that, dev. since, for now, AVG simply eats the exe.

and i just had it scanned on virustotal.com and... 12/68 hits. :/ not good.
I had made sure to run the game through my computer's anti-virus program before releasing it, and it came through all green. I do know that some anti-viruses aren't fond of vx ace exe's but I had deleted and created a new one just to be safe before deploying.

I'll create another fresh exe for the next version as a precaution, but for now, if your computer is still nuking the exe try pasting another one in there.
Yo man, this game ain't got malware. The programs you're using are most likely lying to you so you'll pay for their services. That, or they just suck at their job.