I'm new here. I'm trying to make RPG Maker games this decade. So far things have gotten a little better.


[RMMV] Noob Advice

I know how to use RPG Maker, and what game I want to make. So far I am working on this game all by myself. I could use some advice on how to make an rpg solo. Things I could use help on is map layouts, story, and size of the game. I already have a world map, most of the enemies & characters, and several maps.


Is it possible to team up over the Internet?

[RM2K3] [RMXP] [RMMV] What is the best way to make an RPG game by yourself?

What is the best way to make an RPG game by yourself? RPG Maker is easy to use and requires no programming, so of course this of course is possible.

[RMMV] Why can't I make transparent enemies? (plugin requests)

I tried making a transparent battler image in GIMP, but it doesn't appear in the saved image for some stupid reason. The enemy graphics do not appear transparent in game. There are no threads or plugins on the entire Internet about transparent enemies for other rpg makers such as MV, besides 2k3. I also can't find any plugins about moving enemies for flying enemies (also in 2k3), or plugins about moving the player battlers next to the enemy to attack (also in 2k3).

Edit : I solved the GIMP problem, I have a transparent enemy now. I still don't know where the plugins are for the MV battle system, such as flying enemies and player character animations.

Why not? Did you know people who use 2k3 still exist to all of you who don't register this in your minds (god i hate humans)? There were literally thousands of threads just about random things like make the battle backdrops transparent, yet not a single one for transparent enemy graphics.

[RMMV] Best way to make gambling

I have gotten this idea, and there are many videos about it. I learned how to make a dice roll event, I tested it and it works. But I can't figure out to do other ones, especially slot machines. A slot machine appears in one one of the RTP tilesets, so it looks like gambling was meant to be in RPGMV games.

The way I'm trying it now would take a million years to complete. I'm trying to make the following slots : ✦1 ✽2 ♠3 ♣4 ✿5. The are three slots, with five possibilities each. I was going to make a conditional branch for every possibility, but that would take hundreds of conditional branches, and the end vs else would be too confusing for me to sort the scripts.

[RMMV] Character Generator : Eye & Skin Colors

I would like to make a request for custom eye and skin colors for the MV character generator. Examples would include :

- No brown eyes, or only barely brown eyes, there are two reds and yellows

- There is no light brown skin tone, just medium brown and dark pink

I don't know how to install custom color pallets either. I have seen artists on DA that brought this topic up, with some pictures.

Why can't I "unsubscribe"

Why can't I "unsubscribe"? When I hit "delete" nothing happens.

Everlasting Journey : Won't Install

I clicked on the install file. It says it installed the file in the middle of nowhere. I can't choose where to install it. When I search for it, nothing was in it. This is stupid, why would you make it impossible to install on a modern computer?

[RMMV] Request : Moving Events Tutorial

I have tried looking up tutorials on moving events in RPG Maker. I was able to figure out a lot of them myself. But a lot of them are more advanced and require variables and other stuff.

I currently know how to push objects, and have the player slip and slide, and to have the player fall down holes, and to break objects, and to toggle bridges with just basic switches. For some reason, i'm unable to do with events that I did with the player. If I try to push an object over a slippery floor, it'll be blocked. Yes, I did switch the event from 'move player' to 'move event'. I was also unable to push events down holes for this same reason.

Another problem I has is with throwing objects. I know how to make an object jump up and down. Unfortunately, the jump command in movement route can only move by x or y. This means that the object will always move in the same direction when jumping (for the player this would be okay). I want the player to throw the even the same direction the player is facing. When pushing events, I can do this by having it move the opposite direction as the player, set in it's movement route. But for some reason this option doesn't exist for jumping.

I know that a lot of puzzles do require variables. When I watch the videos, they skim through too fast and I can't comprehend the scripting they're using.

[RMMV] Dual Wield : Issues

I just discovered what the slot feature does, it adds option for dual wield. For some reason most of my characters still attack one with the first weapon, but one of them attacks three times. The one that attacks three types had a spear (1 atk) and a knife (2 atks), all other chars have weapons (1 atk). Another problem is that the sv-actor only plays the animation for the first weapon type, not the second weapon type.

[RMMZ] [RMMV] Resize vehicles tiles request

I noticed that many of the tiles on the SF Outside tilesets are the wrong size. The vehicles are too small and the food stands are too big.

There is a perfect vehicle tileset for the tank, helicopter, trucks, cars; but not for the buses.

I think I can shrink stuff just fine. Can anybody make a MV bus with high enough detail?

I was mostly hoping for a remake for the bus (but the size of the trucks in this image), much like the cars and trucks.
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