I used to be a donut of the Silver variety

Then I became an Addit



Indefinite Pause in Development

Don't feel bad about this at all! This is beyond your control and this is probably one of the most valid reasons to abandon a project ever.

That or somebody bribed her with a big sack of cash.

And everyone here is right; you shouldn’t put yourself down because of circumstances that were beyond your control (...unless you were the one that started the fire, lol). Besides, we’re just all relived that you’re all right and seem to be slowly picking up the pieces in your life. I couldn’t imagine going through something like you had just been through. And besides, maybe this was god’s way of telling you that your previous version wasn’t ready yet for the world to see and that when that day finally arrives for this game to come back from the grave, it will come back die hard with a vengeance!

Nearing The End

Holy shit - have you been really working on this for fourteen years!? Damn, son... And here I thought Xenomic with his Touhou Fantasy game was the longest worked on 2k3 project around here - but I guess not!

I must give you tremendous credit for managing to stick with this project all the way throughout the years, as it takes a special type of patience to see something like this completely through. I’m sure there were a lot of moments that you doubted not just if this game was ever going to see the light of day, but also the game itself, as judging by the lack of comments on its game page and general interest in it. Here’s hoping that with its release that it does find some success and manages to find a name for itself in the RPG Making community. Because I’ve seen some your RTP maps before in the screenshot topic and on Discord, and, I must say, I like what I see! If the rest of the game can hold up, this might be potentially a hidden gem...

Either way, congrats on almost reaching the finish line! Hopefully all that hard work will pay off in the end and you'll be showered with Misaos...(or, in this case, lots of money, heh, heh).

We all don't like ripped graphics!

Wait, I don’t mind people using ripped graphics (well…under certain circumstances, of course...) Sometimes a person’s options are limited due to their connections and / or financial restraints...and their own abilities, of course. And sometimes, especially if you’re planning on not selling your game on Steam or wherever else, or if it’s a fangame, it’s not worth shelving out the cash to have custom resources made for it if you’re not going to at least break even in the end, or it happens to get taken down (Ie: Fangame).

Anyways, what you’ve done with the buildings to make them look less RTP-centric look quite nice and are definitely an improvement over the past works. The only two things that stand out to me a bit are those craters in the first screenshot, as they really stand out way too much and are way too bright compared to all the other buildings and houses around the area that blend in with the environment a lot better, and the giant building in the third screenshot that’s waaaaayyyy too big that it looks like it’s bigger than the freakin’ island than it’s on. I don’t know if it’s the Mode 7 that making it look weird (does this game even use Mode 7?), but yeah.

Otherwise, everything looks pretty good. Keep it up.

Legion Saga DX is going Commercial!

Ha, that’s awesome; you even managed to get the old dog out of retirement in order to help you out. That’s pretty cool! That’s usually something you don't hear of everyday.

I wish you guys luck on this going commercial.

Regrets and Desires

Holy lime favored Tostitos – YOU’RE BACK!? I never thought I’d see the day!

(No, really, I actually thought that you were never going to come back here considering your last blog post that you made. I guess that just proves that you cannot escape the grasp of RMN’s true strangled grip on you once it has you in its clutches.)

Well, anyway, I’m glad that you’re back... It just isn’t the same without you here. (Now if we can only get nhubi back, then we have ourselves a party!)

But, yeah, hopefully you’ll put all of that stuff behind you now and focus on what’s ahead and try not to put too pressure on yourself this time around. Nobody’s really mad at you for what happened all that time ago, so don’t worry about it too much. Don’t treat it as a failure but more of a learning experience instead. Besides, Trisitan can always make her come back any time she wants in the future, so you go work on whatever makes you happy at the moment. I’m just happy that you’re back and still working on games and art again.

And whaddaya mean, “ripe old age of 30?” I’m 32 and I still expect to be making games until I’m at least in a old folks home (or turned into solyant green, whatever).

And, f*ck. I finally surpassed you in makerscore only for you to come back and probably pass me in about a week or so.

(God damn it.)

100+ Downloads!

I haven't heard much feedback on the game... But I'm taking that as a good thing: No one has angrily posted about how an event is broken, there's a game breaking bug, they're stuck, or they got offended/triggered by something. Also, no one has told me that I'm stupid or that I should kill myself. Considering this is the internet, I think that's pretty good!

Either that or they’re just too lazy to post anything about it for now ( - like me, for instance, lol).

I’m sure that you’ll eventually get some feedback down the road for this at some point; it’s inevitable that you're going to get it. Besides, you cannot escape forever from the wrath that is the online critics. Eventually, at some point, some random goofball is going to tell you what he or she really feels about this game, and then your streak of silence will be over!

But, hey, congrats on the success so far. :)

Trick or Cheat!

Hey, we’re still getting nice weather here and it’s almost October. And the forecast for the start of the first week doesn’t look too bad, as we usually always seem to get a lot of rain around this time of the month.

Anyways...interesting about the cheat codes. You usually don’t see a lot of RPG Maker games around here have cheat codes built in, so this is quite a nice bonus. I’m actually going to have to try some of these out.

I’m actually surprised that you didn’t decide to announce all of this on actual Halloween instead of still in September, but either way’s good, I can't complain.

- Good luck with the potential prequel, though.

A question

Well, unfortunately for a lot of games on here, some of them do happen to slip underneath the radar sometimes with some of them not even getting a review or any feedback at all until certain events pop up or sometimes way later down the road. I think you just need to be patient and just keep on plugging away with your game and maybe ask for some feedback another way, like requesting a review, posting a screenshot in our screenshot thread, or maybe even bouncing some ideas off in the game design and development section on the forums? That could help garner some interest.

BIG BIG changes coming soon! In the meantime, here's a slime.

You tease. You should just tell us all this news already instead of trying to butter us up like that by showing this magnificent slime creature...

…which looks totally great, BTW. Good job, JosephSeraph. :)

Let's break the silence. This game is almost finished.

Hey, if you manage to release it this summer you’ll then twice as fast at releasing something fully completed than Tetsuya Nomura is when it comes to his own games as of late! That’s gotta mean something... Like, maybe you should be the one directing the next main series Final Fantasy game and not this guy. (...I kid, I kid, the man tries his best.)

Anyways...still looking forward to playing this beast. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost game time…

you deserve a vacation when this is released.

Game developers don’t get vacations; they get one weekend alone to lament.