Download is now updated with the fix that allows you to synthesize things; odd how it worked in test-play but not after the game is compressed. Either way it should work fine for everyone now.

As for the suggestion, there's already quite a bit of things going on in battles that confuse less genre savvy people; I wouldn't want to go into feature overkill. Right now the features are a bit cluttered in the menu, but as of the game I believe it's a good amount of things to do in and outside of battle. Not to mention you already get to use skills from monsters and materials from them that are used to create items, so there are already things implemented that are very similar.


Hey shun, thanks for letting me know; it does that because the folder it's looking for is /Audio instead of the default Audio. It's a slight scripting mistake on my part that I forgot to fix.

By later tonight I'll have the updated download with this fix + a few more little things, including giving the first boss a number of turns each time before they use their defensive ability, as all human enemies have them. Sorry for not being able to tackle it right away, but it will definitely be fixed.


You're definitely right about the cues; I always told myself that we needed more games in a similar setting; the ability to talk to monsters was also derived from the older games in the series.

As for the defensive options, it's not the wisest to use them during boss battles as in the beginning of the game a character's EP is not high enough to use them more than once at a time (unless it's Defend/Focus). Defend/Focus is a great starting choice since they also negate and cure any status effects that might be thrown at the party. I plan on making some of Sampson's stuff more predictable, if only to make the commands more viable. This is definitely something I'll be doing in future boss fights.

I totally agree about the main menu; there will most likely be a custom menu option in the future that deals with a lot of them, so players don't have to navigate in what might be uncharted waters which'll overwhelm some people.

I'm glad you enjoyed the characters! To be honest, although the prologue is long when comparing itself to RM games, I wanted to give something that throws the player into the action, kind of like how FF7 did things. Chapter 1 will showcase a lot more story and character content and will show what's par to the course in the game's other chapters.

There will definitely be more to come; I may stop my final demo at Chapter 1 so the game doesn't become episodic, yet still showcasing what the game has to offer. I'll also be working on the prologue a bit more to give more information among other things that need fixing. One thing I'm thinking of doing is to just give the players Defend on Brandon and Mei, while giving Focus to Karen, and making the other commands in this demo + extra defensive commands unlockable.

Boss Guide: Sampson

Oh wow, hey thanks for taking the time to submit media to the game!

I was hoping Sampson would be a good introduction to boss battles without making people pull their hair out. I also wanted it to make sense (like Sampson calling for his flock, that's not going to be a common theme in bosses no worries lol)

As for what his "Sampson Phage" SKL equipment does, it's always going to be a skill the enemy has, so to those wondering, you can make a guess based on what the Sampson Phage throws at you. Chapter one should be released by the end of next month.


If he wasn't so full of himself he probably would have done something like that, but at least he'll always be remembered by his peers as the crazy cult leader.

Oh wow, didn't realize it was "PIC OF THE MOMENT" until now; that's pretty sweet, thanks guys!


I updated it a bit more to include a command which gets rid of the random encounters while they are in play, for those who are done with them and want to take in the sights.

In regards to what I just said, many of the objects can now be interacted with and some will yield items, while others will give you insight on the characters.

So now that the download has been updated even further, feel free to dig in. None of this affects the scripts in any way, however, so it's totally fine to use old saves just like with my previous update.

Release Something Weekend

Yeah the link updated my demo, so it should yours if you edited the main download.


The download has been updated, the difficulty has also been toned down so now anyone can pretty much jump into it; strategy is still very much important.

The player also has more elemental attack choices.


CCM; I ask that you wait a little while for the update, as it fixes a few issues; the fullscreen being one of them. I had forgotten to take it out when I uploaded it, being legally blind I need it in order to see my ingame text more comfortably.

This goes to others as well, it will fix balancing issues and give physical elemental attacks as well as the elemental ones that SOL equipment provides. needs your help (again)!

When I have less expenses (read: next month) I'd gladly help contribute to the fund. It would be a shame if the site went down, as it's the best site for the games themselves, giving them a page that others can track; it's a very nifty feature to say the least.
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