Creator of Fey, What’s Left (Steam) and an avid writer, with several short stories and novels under my belt. Currently working on a new Survival Horror Game.
A tale of two unlikely friends struggling to piece together their broken pasts.


Help ; Music and Sound Libraries.

I am currently reaching the end of a long development, and my sound designer (also my musician) has proven unreliable and has fallen severely behind. We missed our release date and are now looking at late 2018 as our window of release. Does anyone have any suggestions for affordable sound libraries/music/musicians/solutions? I’m just starting out (company wise) and can’t afford the large price tag of audio libraries and established composers.

What makes a game worth making?

Hello RMN Community,

Just was curious to hear your thoughts on the core fundamentals that define wether a game is worth developing or not. What guidelines would you suggest? What creed do you live by? Is there a checklist that you run your projects through to ensure that your ideas, story and mechanics are up to spec, to ensure that the story is worth telling? The game is worth playing/making? To ensure that development isn't a waste of time?

Please comment. :)

How to Delete Media under Profile

I' accidentally posted a media blog with videos in it when I didn't realize that another user had already added the videos they made to my project. How do I delete media posts? There's a delete button, but it doesn't seem to work.

Request for contact info/game page clean up.

I am just about to launch my game and I have out dated reviews and media up on my game. It's well over a couple years old. Is there anyway to have it removed to give the finished product a fresh start, with it's own videos and reviews without creating an entirely project page?

Game Page Header

Does any body know the exact pixel size of the header on a game page?


Sorry if someone has already requested this somewhere else but I'm really stuck.
I'm trying to design a weapon that requires the button being pressed and held. It's basically like a flame thrower. But ever since they started manufacturing dual processors, I've had problems getting loops to work. Even if I use labels. When the button is pressed it seems to work for a short random amount of time. Then the key pressed seems to break. It's like it just forgets the key is being pressed even though I haven't physically taken my finger off of it. This is a real problem because I'm at the very last chapter of a 3 year project and still can't get this to work properly. Does any one know if they can help or maybe why it's doing this. NOTE: This seems to happen to all rpg maker games I've made on several different computers with multiple processors. Been trying to solve this problem for about 6 years now and no one seems to have an answer.

Custom Fonts for Rm2k3

Can anyone help me out here? I want to put my own custom font into my game. I haven't had any luck looking through the forms for help or even on google.


My game was running fine just up until a few hours ago, now when ever it i try to run it, it crashes and says insufficient memory! I've tried other Rm2k3 games I have and they all work fine. Also, I tried to copy the RT Exe. over so it had an older version or even a fresh one, still nothing.


Im looking for a few people to play the entirety of my game FEY. It can be found under the search bar, obviously. I would like the play testers to play through and give me a brief report on what like liked, didn't like, had trouble with and if they stumbled into any bugs. I believe that when designing a game for the players it should be designed (within reason) so the players can enjoy it. If interested give it a download and just p.m me when you've had your fun.


Really I keep trying to change the type of tag my games are and unless they are all action the site says I have to pick on before I can submit anything... really?
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