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A tale of two unlikely friends struggling to piece together their broken pasts.

Everyone has or will face loss of life and faith. These pivotal times are part of each and everyone of our spiritual journeys. Why then do some people emerge from the crisis with their life and faith intact, while others give up on hope, a future, and their reason for living? For Landon, a young boy now burdened by the mistakes of his past, such moments have weighed heavily on his conscience. It isn't until a mysterious shape shifter named, Picaro, draws him back into his broken past, that Landon can find the means and strength to move on with his life.

The spiritual successor to Darkness Shall Bleed, Fey allows players to take control of, Landon Ferngrass and embark on a journey that will push him to his emotional, intellectual and physical limits as he tries to set his past right and discover the truth behind Oak Island and the legendary artifact of souls, the Fire Pearl.

Problems running Fey?
Windows 8 has some compatibility issues, try running it in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

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Over 5000 Downloads!

Hello RMN,
Fey has surpassed 5000 downloads! This is exciting news for me, so much so that I feel I should share some with you. I have been working very hard on a special surprise that will be revealed for Fey's 2 year anniversary. As we get closer to September, keep checking back for more news and updates, and if you haven't already, please subscribe. That way you're guaranteed not miss anything as we move forward.
And as always, thank you all for your interest and support.

- Ashes


Hey nice to see you still working on something, but what happened to Darkness shall Bleed? This looks more like the light hearted version of it.
No this is a much darker version with a flushed out and enriched story line. I originally named Darkness Shall Bleed after Devil May Cry because I wanted a fun game focused around fighting and special moves. Though the Zelda style seemed more appropriate for my original story. Also there is mild language and blood in Fey. The reason I started over was my computer crashed and I lost everything, that being said I felt it right to change the name. Fey being perfect. As Fey's definition is, and I quote,
1. British Dialect. doomed; fated to die.
2. Chiefly Scot. appearing to be under a spell; marked by an apprehension of death, calamity, or evil.
3. supernatural; unreal; enchanted: elves, fairies, and other fey creatures.
4. being in unnaturally high spirits, as were formerly thought to precede death.
5. whimsical; strange; otherworldly: a strange child with a mysterious smile and a fey manner.

So with that, I promise to try and not to disappoint...
Thanks If you're interested I'll keep you posted.
Aww...So Darkness Shall Bleed is gone now?
Anyways,I bet the storyline here is gonna have
a darker tone.
I'm waiting i love zelda stylish games in 2k.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
I'm digging your screenshots pretty hard. Can't wait for this.
Just a brief UPDATE! FEY is still under construction and will be done soon. I'd like to apologize for the delay. I personally took all the feed back from my original incarnation of Fey called Darkness Shall Bleed, and from this demo and wiped the slate clean. I rewrote the script and redrew all of the graphics. Along with this I redesigned and engineered all the mechanics. So PLEASE STAY TUNED and CHECK BACK every once in a while! I am still working very hard to bring FEY to you all. I appreciate the input and look forward to hearing your thoughts or suggestions.

- Ashes of Emerald
I'd also like to mention that if anyone likes what they've played here then you should check out GRAVE SPIRIT, right next to FEAR, it is the BEST RPG Maker game I have ever played. It's a game that should not go under appreciated.
Awesome, thanks for subscribing!!! I plan on having the first two chapters out as a demo by December... Earlier if all goes well. But I appreciate the interest and support.
RMN sex symbol
Hey Ashes, got an update for us on your project?
Actually I m going to put some new screens up a little later today, as well as maybe a progress report. I do have to update a few things on here. Check back later Tau! P.S - I checked your canceled project out and I have to say the maps you do make are simply gorgeous.
Hey this looks like a pretty cool project. I'm interested to see how the ABS thing pans out!
This looks pretty cool. I happen to like Zelda.
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
It's mid february!!
It is mid February. Almost finished, I promise I just had some trouble with my computer which caused me to reformat the hard drive install a new O.S. It's coming. I promise.
I am waiting for this more than other projects.