Mostly just here for "Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~" custom stuff, but I might try making a game or seven later on.



Content creation (artistic)

Just popping in to re-iterate that I'm not dead, and that I'm sorry my Heartache 101 stuff is so far back on the backburner. I'm gonna do some eventually, it's just that I have so many other things to work on/procrastinate about working on.

Wish I could upload some tachie to make this more appropriate. ^.^; Obviously, feel free to put this wherever else it may fit better.

Random Art Topic

Very nice ^.^ Merry Christmas.

I couldn't make something look that good with colored pencil's if I tried. ^.^;

No matter how many times I do the reCAPTCHA, RMN thinks I'm a robot. =.=; Oh well.

Commencing with logical response based on all prior analytical data in regards to entities catagorized as {HUMANS}:


Random Art Topic

I aim to get better at things like shading, but for now these are the first things I've done in digital art:

A character design for an ATB RPG that I am/was working on called Apocalypse Fragment. Her name is Andr.

Additionally, a wallpaper I did based off of said character design.

Just in case you're curious, the scratchiness of it is partially intentional. I hadn't been able to make smooth lines, so I decided to make it part of the visual style.

Content creation (artistic)

Wait. One or All of those at once?
Perhaps one. Perhaps all. That is my answer.

Either you choose the custom content or one of the projects, just take it easy and remember that not all games/content needs to be blockbusters.
Actually, most of my active projects are running on this logic. I just seem to have some sort of Disorder that causes my Attention to be in... Deficit...
That's no excuse. =.=;
But having that probably 'helps' me to generally rapid fire swap what I'm working on at any one time. It's a miracle that I have a small cluster of game projects that I've been working on thoroughly, instead of a few dozen that I start up and stop. (Actually, there is one project that is finished in the form of being perfectly playable, it's just that I'd like to expand it's size a bit and add story... maybe replace some stand-in art... optimize a thing or two... ^.^;)

Hop back on develop threads sometime, I'm curious about Eve and her freinds. :3
Sometime, surely, but for now I only have this one last day of reliable internet access. I will likely be gone for months again and can't indulge in discussion of much for now. T^T

... There's a decently good chance I will return with some new parts for use in Heartache Tachie. My digital skills have improved recently, and drawing tachie parts might be a fun/productive-ish use of my excess of free time. :D

Content creation (artistic)


Harunata Ayumi, a kind hearted girl next door type who may or may not be secretly in love with a certain someone they can't express their feelings to/be allergic to cats/perform black magic rituals in the name of helping their best friend/be weak to chocolate in general

Ironically, I post this despite having about five different game projects that I'm working on, therefore causing Heartache Custom Content to remain on the backburner. ^.^;

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Screwed around with making a game seriously for once and have thus learned enough to be able to program* a decent game or two... or three. Maybe four. Thus is my problem; far too many ideas, not enough patience. The most promising one (a horror game that takes place in a randomized tunnel with very little light) I'm having a certain amount of difficulty figuring out how to pace the stories for the six playable characters. Well, actually it's closer to not having a great deal of motivation to really actually try too hard. (That, and some of them are so far almost excessively tragic in my eyes) I know a great deal of how many of the systems like abilities and stats are going to work, but other systems like combat are kinda being a drag. It more closely resembles a 'defense' system, and there's nothing to keep the player from 'defending' an enemy endlessly into a corner. I'm also kinda debating releasing the horribly alpha demo-like thingy I rigged up to see if I can garner some interest from the community. Should probably work on it some more before I do that though. Well, I'm about done ranting for now.

*I say 'program'. but it's more like 'jury rig with a combination of pre-made scripts and common events' =.=;

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Just throwing together a bunch of scripts (primarily MOG and YEA) and hoping they work well enough together that I don't have to do too much tricking them into working together. Also finally starting to take making digital art seriously so I can have at least almost 100% original graphics. Currently at the point where it's not even really a test build of the game proper, just a temporary project meant to figure out exactly what I can do with what and finding work-arounds for things that I'd like to work that don't quite.

Where exactly should it be in progress before I formally announce it, I wonder. Will likely end up actually going somewhere in comparison to other projects I'm "working" on due to a very distinctly different level of vision and interest I find myself having for it.

(... can't figure out how/if I can change a module variable(?) with a script call ^.^; <= ruby noob/scripting novice)

Content creation (artistic)

sneak sneak sneak -Stealthily Drops Off Pictures of Ririko-

-Loudly Runs Off To Get Back To Work On Apocalypse Fragment-

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Fantasy horror game with magic = benefit/risk system, yuri game in which you play as a Kotobuki Tsumugi and match people up, game in which you just explore/live/invent in a large fantasy world, a game in which the player plays as a summoned demon and continually improves their skills and weapons in an ABS, goth loli detective in a mansion set in an eldritch location with several other detective people made to solve mysteries for the amusement of it's head denizen Mr. Slate scary things happening all around and a deeper mystery than just the main presented mysteries.

That's the main ones I've got floating around with any amount of progress. That use RPGMaker VX ACE, anyways.