Triple Triad: Tournament of the Elements

The new version works perfectly now. The costume shop is open and the final chamber can be explored. Thank you for bringing us this great game!

Triple Triad: Tournament of the Elements


I tried the map data you posted. It fixes the blackout issues, but it doesn't solve the missing costume shop or the chamber issue. Is there a switch that turns on after the final boss is defeated in any of the scenes? I get the feeling that's the missing element to why the costume shop is not opening.

Triple Triad: Tournament of the Elements

I just downloaded 1.10 and played through the final boss again. Now I'm getting a black screen after the final boss gets beaten in the cutscene. While I can move, there is no way to see anything. Is there any way to fix this?

Triple Triad: Tournament of the Elements

I found Ultimecia. I didn't think something like that was even in the main hall. Nice touch.

Triple Triad: Tournament of the Elements

I finally managed to beat the last tournament. However, there is no costume shop for me as well. Additionally, I tried to go back into Dionysus' chamber for the treasure chests and found myself facing the final boss again. Is this a switch failure for both the costume shop and entering the doorway to the second chamber?

Triple Triad: Tournament of the Elements

I'm playing 1.07 and I noticed that Ultimecia doesn't appear after you defeat her in the tournament. Was it some kind of oversight or is she not programmed to appear at all in any of the areas?

Also, is there a way to save while playing the last tournament? It's rather frustrating to keep resetting when you get beaten and there you have to go through the whole tournament once more.

Flip Saga

So, wow...

It's been a really long time since I played with any RPG Maker Games, but seeing as I'm getting back to playing these, I'm surprised this came out. Flip Dimensions was one of the greatest ones here and I'm happy that a sequel is coming out.

It's really nice to see that most of the system and lore from Flip Dimensions have carried over. Lily's development is something I want to see because there wasn't really much to characterize her back in Flip Dimensions.

I was really happy to see Kazuki and Rin again. Even though we don't see him fight, it's clear Kazuki's still got it. Yeah, managing MP and TP back in Flip Dimensions was a chore, so I'm happy that it's more manageable here.

I'm looking forward to the development of this game. It's best not to rush it, though so I'm hoping we get to see more of this game soon!

BTW, playing Tea Garden on Lily again was a nice touch. I really like the theme!

World of Ruin


I'm playing this game right now and found a bug with the thief character. Apparently at Level 6 he's supposed to get "Steal HP", but it doesn't show up in his skill menu. Is that a bug?

You may want to check Thief's Smoke Bomb as well. Looks like it gives the enemies the evasion boost, not the player party.

Flip Dimensions

Found another one.

In Chapter 8 when you go into
Minori's Mind
the green checkered area can let you access the black areas that act as dividers. I'm guessing that's happening because there are no walls there to stop the player from getting in there.

Chapter 8-
After you
defeat Konton in his secret basement
if you go back to him, the same scene will repeat once again along with the battle.

Vampire Scythe-Equipping it drains HP of enemies when you attack, but if the character that has it equipped heals another character (items or skills) it will reverse and the equipped character will lose HP for every person healed.

Flip Dimensions


I got some bugs for you that I found when hunting for Rin's Coins:

1. Ayldan Church-After the scene with Anneke, if you go back in, you'll be stuck in a dialogue loop and have to reset the game. It goes away after she leaves for Sineba, but if she's there in the church, the game gets stuck with her pleading for help.

2. Rin's Coin Merchant-He demands for 100,000G for it but took only 20,000 or so from me. I can't remember, but I'm not sure if you wanted it at 20,000 or at 100,000.
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