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RMN Summer Pixel Quilt 2019

The quilt is finished! Thank you everyone for participating! It's been an absolute blast!

Man... I can't believe we haven't had a pixel quilt in over three years. These used to be all the rage back in the day. Time to bring them back!
With summer just around the corner, Jero and I figured it'd be nice to have a summer themed pixel quilt this time around.

For those of you who've never participated in a pixel quilt before; the rules are very simple:

  • You can choose any square that you want, as long as it is not taken by another person.
  • Try to make the borders of your square match the borders of the squares surrounding them.
  • Put whatever you want in your square! Just keep it appropriate.
  • Only claim a square if you can finish it relatively quickly. If it takes too long, the square will be opened up again. You can always reclaim it later if that happens.
  • When claiming a square, hold off on quilting until all surrounding squares that were claimed before yours are finished.
  • As the name suggests, this is a pixel art quilt, so make sure that what you draw is pixel art.
  • Make sure you save your submission as a .png file. If you save it as a .jpg, compression artefacts will form in the image, ruining your pixel art.

Note- It's for fun, so feel free to try it out even if you don't think you are a good at pixel art!

Alright, without further ado, let's get to pixelling!

Finished Quilt:


A1 - Roden (Done!)
A2 - lavendersiren (Done!)
A3 - Seiromem (Done!)
A4 - Kylaila (Done!)
A5 - UPRC (Done!)

B1 - coelocanth (Done!)
B2 - Bart_Sol (Done!)
B3 - Sooz (Done!)
B4 - Frogge (Done!)
B5 - ESBY (Done!)

C1 - awe_famsquad (Done!)
C2 - Zorga (Done!)
C3 - Soulrain (Done!)
C4 - Jeroen_Sol (Done!)
C5 - zDS (Done!)

D1 - StarSkipp (Done!)
D2 - unity (Done!)
D3 - retroexcellent (Done!)
D4 - OzzyTheOne (Done!)
D5 - Ocean (Done!)

E1 - pianotm (Done!)
E2 - TungerManU (Done!)
E3 - Dudesoft (Done!)
E4 - Illy (Done!)
E5 - Dyluck (Done!)

(PS. If you're curious to see all past quilts we've had on here, check out the RMN Pixel Quilt Master Collection)

[UNPAID] [RMVX ACE] [SCRIPTING] Special kind of bestiary script

I'm working on a game called Shadows of Tirelon and I want to implement a special type of bestiary, but I can't really find anything that I could use on the internet.

Basically, this is what I'm looking for: In the game, you can buy books which contain information on monsters you can encounter in certain areas. I need a script that is basically like most other bestiaries (displaying battler, base stats and a little description), but instead of showing all monsters you have encountered it shows a small list of monsters that can be encountered in a certain area (Perhaps with an array of enemy IDs when the bestiary scene is called upon), regardless of whether you've encountered them or not.

If anyone would be willing to write a script or if anyone knows a script with which I can imitate such a bestiary, any help would be much appreciated.
Also, I'm afraid I don't have a budget for the game, so sadly I can't offer any compensation.
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