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Have been trying to play this for a while now and I can't for the life of me extract the game without getting this error. Could you put the game available on a zip file, please?

An Essay on Insipidity II Review

Hello, Calunio.

Thank you for taking some of your time to play my game and leave your review on it. It was quite nice to read compared to other stuff people have said about it online.

I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience with it. I really thought I did at least an average job on it given I only had a single week to flesh it all out (story, characters, maps, etc), but it looks like I was wrong.
Not that would be an excuse for it anyway because there were people that had made way better stuff than me for the event using only this amount of time.

I hope I can redeem myself in those aspects you mentioned in my next project.


Trials of MZ

I finished updating my entry. Everything should be fixed now.
I would gladly upload it, but...

Trials of MZ

Streams are being added to the OP when done, so if you don't have the time/inclination to play every game, you can watch the streams in order to vote, too!

The first stream included (in order):
- pianotm's Tomorrow's Child
- CarlosDavilla's An Essay in Insidipity II
- seacliff217's Attack of the MZ RTP
- TsunamiJurai's Awakening The Past
- SoulRain's The Legend of Solstice

If you want to catch the streams I do them 12pm AEST (which is about an hour from this exact time!!!) on weekdays (not weekends). If you want to know about a stream first, join the RMN Discord! I tend to post there about event streams and a lot of chatting about events happens there in the dedicated room! Here's a Link!

I'll be streaming more games today on my channel.

Thank you for playing my entry, Liberty. I have to say I quite liked the voices you've made for every character in the game. I found the most interesting how people thought about and debated what was going on in the story as you played.
Too bad I've not been able to be present at the time of the stream, but I've shared the stream archive in my twitter profile if that's worth something.

CarlosDavilla - And Essay on Insipity 2

What's with the speed of this character? I had to double-check that "Always Run" was enabled (it was), yet it feels like you're going at a snail's pace. Even with it off, the "regular" walk speed isn't actually that much slower than running. Unless dash is disabled for god-knows-why.

I swear, it will take a literal day to get to town with this walk-speed. Assuming the game even gets that far!

Okay, it's a little faster now. Weird. I'm not sure I like it. The "regular" walk speed is still slow as hell.

Wha? The weather changed? What is this house? Am I back home already? And why is my speed back to a crawl!?

WHA? I went back outside, and it's winder wonderland again? This makes zero sense whatsoever.

Re-loaded my game in case I missed something. I did. The house and the weather-changing was a flashback. It could be better communicated that this was, in fact, a flashback, though.

After the scene with Lazer Wolf, my speed gets cut again. Why? Why do this? To pad the game-length?

The walk-speed makes this a difficult game for me to want to play. I don't mind the story, but this walk-speed is killing me. I think I might understand the underlying concept of why the character might walk this slow. He's subject to harsh weather, and trying to conserve energy. Still, that doesn't make it any fun.

Hello there, Marrend. Thank you for taking some of your time to play my entry.

First things first, the game's name is "An Essay on Insipidity II".

Yes, the character game speed is slow, because people in real life don't normally dash around when they're not in a hurry. Especially during the winter.
I didn't make this to pad the game length, though. Is was a gameplay decision that I made to represent better how the character would normally walk in the story and in those situations.

If you want to interpret that scene as a flashback, be my guest. I didn't want to spoonfeed anything to the player by saying what everything is supposed to mean, because I wanted people to interpret what they're seeing.

And yes, the game is not fun, because it is not supposed to be fun.
I made this with the purpose of telling a story about a man trying to save his family from starvation and the misery he endures to do so. That's all. It is an experience to be reflected on. Having fun in the process is not something I accounted for when I made this game.

If you had a bad experience with it, I'm very sorry.

Trials of MZ

I got a bug to report for AEoI2: When I inspected a bed, an empty dialog box came up and the game froze.

Thank you for your report, Avee.
I've already fixed this issue among many others. They should work fine in the new version now.

The reason for this is because the game won't load the textbox properly if you somehow change the name of a face image and not reselect the image with the new name again in the event editor. The event still thinks the image is using the old name, and because of that, won't load anything, making the game freeze.

Also, my gamepage hasn't been approved yet. What a bummer.

Trials of MZ

I'm on the process of fixing minor bugs and grammar mistakes and adding new things to my entry. Probably a day or two to get it done. When my gamepage gets posted (which I hope it'll be soon), I'll be uploading the new version there.
To anyone who is going to play my entry, be warned that there are certain ways to interact with certain NPCs and events. There are ones that can only be talked to while approaching from the back, others from the front, etc. Other than that, the game is finishable.
Pay attention to what the characters are saying, by the way. This way you won't get lost.
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