Blackmoon Prophecy Prelude

I'm here '_'/




Penumbra Crystallis

I can't believe more people aren't like... acting super excited like I am. The music gives me huge CT vibes. Cute ass monsters, too. Love it.

How Are You All Holding Up?

I live in Georgia. First time I'm hearing about "a pandemic."

PS1 Classic, anyone?

It's basically a re-release of Final Fantasy VII with added mini games sold for $75 (originally, anyway)


This looks beautiful!


I love the way these characters are spirited this time around. Real nice!

FF6: Age of The Returners

The problem with this is... Well...

I think the plot is great for a sequel to FFVI. Its realistic, sort of. I like the idea where there are still cultists in the world waiting for kefkas rwturn. Probably not a good idea to have it take 100 years after, but that could be worked on.

The graphics being used is terrible, though. The different resolutions don't work.

Espers also cannot exist in this remake, well maybe they can. Espers faded away at the end of FFVI, but what if their souls were transfered back into the esper realm.

There's a lot that could be done with this fangsme. And it could work.

Runic Cipher

Aw I wished I had seen this back in the day!

My bad. Double post.