[RM2K3] Input Configurator

Hey folks,

I created this online tool to patch your RPG_RT.exe for custom keyboard and gamepad assignments. This also makes it possible to use 6 buttons on the gamepad (A, B, X, Y, L, R) for different functions and not just 3.

Here you go:

It works with both inofficial and official versions, but not with the remastered Maniac patch.


NoAutoBattle-Patch for official version

I got asked about something like the NoAutoBattlePatch (which removes the fight/auto/escape menu entirely) for the official version of RM2k3.

It didn't exist yet, so I ported the patch over. You can download it here:

Apply to RPG_RT.exe using Lunar IPS. (Select "All files".)

This will also work on unofficial v1.09a by the way.

[Poll] Better late than never! The DynRPG plugin contest

Hi folks!

Does anyone remember spring 2012? That's when DynRPG was released. Also, I conducted a plugin development contest which then went nowhere because I misplanned things again. Originally it was supposed to run for a month, until I changed it to "until I'll have time again". I'm talking about this contest here.

Over the years, I forgot about it completely, until someone reminded me today.

Therefore, the submission phase is now, after almost 8 years, officially over! :) What's missing now is the vote.

What was it about again?

Goal of this contest is to create a DynRPG plugin which is as useful as possible. It doesn't need to be too complex - most important is that many RM2k3 users think it's useful for them. Of course the source code should be published too. The latter should be sufficiently documented so that it can help other beginners to understand how to use DynRPG. Plus, the Rules and Guidelines should be paid attention to.

The timeframe isn't completely certain yet. We start with one month. If there are problems (maybe you find critical bugs which I have to fix first), we can extend the timeframe, of course.

Special: Cross-forum contest!
Yes, you read right. This contest is held in three forums:
- RMN (EN):
- Multimediaxis (DE):
- Oniromancie (FR):

I will copy the submissions into the other forums.

- Everyone who knows C++ is invited to participate.
- Asking questions (of any kind) is welcome.
- The language of the source code, its comments and the documentation has to be English.
- "Copying" from other participants is also welcome, as long as the result won't be exactly the same.
- So: If you creates something, the best thing is to post it here without waiting for the end of the time! Of course you can also directly create a presentation thread (after telling me here).
- At the end of the contest there will be a public poll in all three forums at which the usefulness and usability will be rated. I will also reserve a last word regarding sticking to the guidlines and optimization of the code for myself. The poll is going to be open for one week. Additionally, there will be votes of six jurors (two per forum) (who should test the plugins more thoroughly), in case I find ones. Jurors, put your hands up!

You can win:
1. Prize: € 20 / $ 25 Amazon Gift Card
2. Prize: € 15 / $ 20 Amazon Gift Card
3. Prize: € 5 / $ 7 Amazon Gift Card

Additionally, all participants will be mentioned in the next version of the documentation as "testers and plugin pioneers". If you have a website, I will also link to it.

This poll will also be opened in the other forums by me, and the results will be added together at the end. (Multimediaxis / Oniromancie)


There were 4 plugins submitted:
a) Pathfinding Plugin by DNKpp (originally anti-freak), submitted via Multimediaxis (readme)
b) Particle Effects Plugin by Kazesui, submitted via RMN (demo video)
c) RagnaDyn by orochii (some custom statuses, ATB control and other things, mainly for battle), submitted via RMN (readme)
d) Date/Time Plugin by elvissteinjr, submitted via Multimediaxis (readme)

The poll will stay open for one week, until January 20th, 2020!

EDIT: The results are in!
OK so, the results are here now! Thanks for voting!

1st Place: Particle Effects Plugin by Kazesui with 14 votes
2nd Place: Pathfinding Plugin by DNKpp (anti-freak) with 11 votes
3rd Place: Date/Time Plugin by elvissteinjr with 3 votes
4th Place: RagnaDyn by orochii with 2 votes

I will contact the winners!


[RM2K3] How to benchmark event commands

I was talking with Tor_Heyerdal about how we could measure how much performance impact certain operations in events really have (and I don't mean by stalling the FPS due to automatic limiting, or by waiting for next frame, but actual processing time). Just doing something 1 million times in a loop doesn't work in an event because it will interrupt execution after 10,000 event lines and continue next frame (that's a limit in RM).

So, I did a quick DynRPG plugin that measures time between @starttime and @endtime commands in 100-nanoseconds-precision. It opens a console window, the output is printed there. (The @endtime command takes an optional string parameter that is printed to the console as well.)

Here is the plugin complete with an example project that measures loops running 1000 times:

Maybe it is helpful to somebody to better understand what is happening in RM event commands time-wise.

This is pretty bare-bones so far. It could be improved by allowing to accumulate multiple test results and creating an average, etc... - In the test project, always "talk" with the guys several times to get a better idea of how it behaves average-wise.

Oh by the way, the 10,000-lines-limit in RM can be changed with a quickpatch (adjust the numbers):


RM2k(3) Bugfix Patch/IPS: Consistent z-order of events which are on the same tile, finally!

Hello guys! I came across a problem user Tor_Heyerdal had, about events which are on the same tile and "randomly" switched their priority/z-order when panning the screen.

It looks like this problem always existed in RM! In particular, it works like this: When you move events (which are on the same layer, e.g. same-layer-as-hero) onto the same tile, weird things happen. The RM will use a comparison method based on Y position, whether it is the hero or not, and X position, in that order, to determine the order in which the events are drawn. However, if all of these are the same, the actual order depends partly on the event ID, but partly on the other events in the visible area and maybe the moon phase and the size of your shoes, because it is actually undefined behavior.

For example, I have these events (below you can see the event IDs):

Now, I move the outer two events onto the middle one. What happens is this mess:

Note how the order changes when the hero walks past them! >_<

(In this simple example, only the vertical position caused the events to switch their priority, but in more complicated scenarios like the one Tor_Heyerdal had, also the horizontal position caused weird changes like that.)

My solution to bring order into this mess is to add another step in the comparison of events to determine their order: The event ID. Higher IDs are drawn on top of lower IDs (as you would expect, e.g. from pictures). So, the comparison is now Y, hero-or-not, X, event ID.

The result looks like this, and stays this way regardless of where the hero or the map are positioned:

That's much nicer, I think!

I built a patch for RM2k3 v1.08 to achieve this (works also with DynRPG). To apply the patch, download this IPS file and patch your RPG_RT.exe with it (or put it into the DynPatches folder if you use DynRPG version 0.20+):

EDIT: Here also for RM2k v1.07:

EDIT2: On second thought, though, I'm not sure if the solution is ideal. Maybe it should use the event ID in the check instead of the X position check? Because now, with the current solution, the order will change when the event is walking around horizontally, in an unexpected way (e.g. when an event walks behind a box). However, some people may depends on the X position order in some way, when events are wider than 16 pixels... What do you think? This is what I mean:

EDIT3: Since Tor_Heyerdal actually needed it without the X check as it turns out, here is the version with only Y, hero-or-not and event ID in the comparison (no X), for RM2k3 v1.08 only:

(I will also add this in the next official update of RM2k3.)

Enjoy your new nice and tidy event order!

I need your help to test a bugfix for the new official RM2k(3) (keyboard input issues when key is pressed continuously)

Hello guys,

maybe you can assist me with this. (I posted this on RMW too at )

RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 always had the problem that when a key was continuously held down and you were polling the key states using "Key Input Processing", you would falsely get zero (no keys held down) every few checks, so it would look as if the user were pressing and releasing the key over and over again. (Those of you who encountered this problem before probably built a workaround by "debouncing" the key input and accepting key release only if it persisted longer than a few frames.)

I now looked into this problem and I think I was able to fix it. However, this changes a few technical details in how the key input is processed and synchronized with the rest of the game. Because of that, I would kindly ask you to assist me here and test the bugfix in a few scenarios.

I implemented the fix for RPG Maker 2000 only at the moment. If it works fine, it will be implemented in RPG Maker 2003 as well and later released.

I have created a special RPG_RT.exe version for RPG Maker 2000 based on Version 1.61 which includes this bugfix. It is meant to be used for testing only and displays a nag window and an overlay to prevent production use. You can download the file here: - To test it, copy it into a project's folder and use it instead of the normal RPG_RT.exe.

Please test the following:
- Does the fix work you in general? I.e., are there no more errornous key releases detected using "Key Input Processing" when a key is kept held down for some time?
- Does the key input otherwise still work as usually?
- Can you feel any performance impact compared to the normal version 1.61? (You can test it in some performance-hungry v1.61-based game, for example.)

Thank you for your help!

[RM2K][RM2K3] IMPORTANT: To patch devs: A mistake can cause the RM to delete your harddisk!

Hallo, sorry for this kind of special thread here, but I had an experience I have to share with you:

When you mess something up in the RM2k(3) Editor so that something crashes while the main window is being loaded (e.g. because you messed something up when editing the TFORMLCFMAIN resource), the RPG Maker will start deleting all files on your harddisk! While doing so, it will appear to hang with 100% CPU in the splash screen.

To be exact, all files on the drive in which the current directory is located are being deleted. This happens because the developer made two oversights:
1) After an exception while loading the main window, the destructor is still called. There, the temp directory of the RM is being deleted, among other things, even if the variable for the temp directory hasn't been initialized yet.
2) The "DeleteDirTree" function doesn't handle the case of passing it an empty string in any special way. It just appends "\*" and starts deleting, which effectively tries to delete all the files on the drive.

So, be careful!

Before anybody panics here: This doesn't affect the game (RPG_RT.exe), but only the editor, and only if you mess with it*.
*: Well, theoretically it could also happen if something fails during loading because of a virus, a hardware fault, etc., but it's very unlikely.

Best regards,

EDIT: Ironically, somebody who wanted to translate RM2k3 into Russian sent me an email about a week ago that this happened to him, but I didn't have time to look at the issue yet. Now it caught me as well. :| Luckily, I was able to restore all the deleted files (which were tens of thousands after a few seconds!).

[RM2K][RM2K3] Small survey about patches - takes only a minute


you would do me a great favour if you could spare a minute to fill out this short survey about RM2k(3) patches:

One of the reasons I need it is to allow me to make more accurate statements in front of Degica/Enterbrain.

Thanks a lot!

The official English 2k3 version is out!

It actually happened! :D

Degica has now, by order of KADOKAWA GAMES/Enterbrain and in cooperation with me, finally released an official English version of RPG Maker 2003 on Steam.

At this point I would like to give a big thanks to Archeia who put a lot of sweat and blood into this translation as well.

Link on Steam:
Price: $19.99

It should also be available on rpgmakerweb directly. EDIT: There you go:

This finally officially allows creating commercial games with RPG Maker 2003 (after a registration). Fortunately, there is now also a license for patches.

There is also an official English RTP. Although it has the same content as the existing inofficial one, it has different filenames; but no worries, you can have both RTPs installed alongside each other.

This version is 1.10, which has been a bit tweaked and tuned by us:
* The fullscreen work properly, also on newer devices.
* The event editor was changed a lot:
** Its look and labels have been aligned with RMVXA - with colors and partly more information in the list than previously.
** It has a horizontal scrollbar, can copy events as text and loads large events faster.
** It's possible to copy event all commands between battle events and map/common events (although it will show a warning, because they still can't be modified while being in the "wrong" place).
* The help file now also works on Windows Vista/7/8.
* Maps can't get lost that easily anymore when a PC Cleaner is used.
* Multiple instances can be opened at the same time, and you can create direct shortcuts to projects in Windows Explorer.
* Battles go faster.
* You have 1000 pictures, 100 labels and 9999 switches/variables/etc.
* Picture commands also work while a message is displayed.
* The fonts are now directly integrated into the engine and don't need to be installed by the player.

A full changelog is available here:

Unfortunately the source code was lost over time. Therefore, it was a bit difficult to implement the real "killer features". Also, I originally planned to include all the bugfixes from DynRPG as well, and I wanted to integrate the CommonThisEventPatch, but there was not enough time. There will be updates, though.

Best wishes,

PS: Screenshot of the event editor:

EDIT: Version 1.12 is out with a huge picture revamp! Check out the changelog or this teaser poster

[RM2k][RM2K3] CommonThisEventPatch - Proper "This Event" in CEs

Hello, everybody!

I thought you might have a use for this. It's for RM2k v1.07 and RM2k3 v1.08

Normally, if you use "This Event" in a common event, the game will crash ("Erase Event" would do nothing), and if you wanted to move some logic involving "This Event" from a map event into a common event, you couldn't.

This patch will change the behavior so that "This Event" in a common event references the last map event on the call stack. "Erase Event" now works the same - it erases the last map event in the call stack.

Examples, with this patch:
Map Event A calls Common Event C, Common Event C moves "This Event" => Map Event A is moved.
Map Event A calls Common Event C, Common Event C calls "This Event", page 2 => Map Event A, page 2 is called.
Map Event A calls Common Event C, Common Event C uses "Erase Event" => Map Event A is erased.
Map Event A calls Map Event B, Map Event B calls Common Event C, Common Event C moves "This Event" => Map Event B is moved.
Map Event A calls Common Event C, Common Event C calls Common Event D, Common Event D moves "This Event" => Map Event A is moved.

This allows you to finally move all that redundant logic from map events into common events!

Just apply the IPS patch corresponding to your RPG_RT.exe version (using a tool like Lunar IPS) and enjoy. (Or put it in DynPatches if you have DynRPG 0.20.)


Note: If you want to call "This Event" from a common event, the RPG Maker won't let you select pages >1. Just create the "Call Event" line in a map event with enough pages and then copy it over to the common event.

EDIT: Added support for "Erase Event".
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