Alter Legend - Download Finally Available!

I think I found a bug; I was at a battle against Taketha and Dantis and I used a small mp potion but once I used it the animation went in a loop and I kept getting my mp restored. The thing is this loop also uses up all of the mp potions I had and wouldn't stop until it wasted all of it. 20 mp potions got used up in 1 turn, this is making this boss battle extremely hard as I can't conserve my items. This bug also occured with hp potions.

Dragon Questionnaire II

1) Yes for day and night but only if it's not too hard to implement.

2) I don't like that system to be honest but i'll get used to it eventually.

3) 17

4) Nope

5) Not really, I don't and do not plan on getting a 3DS.

6) Not at all since I use only two slots.

7) I do not know much if the rpgmaker program to help. I don't mind re-downloading the game for DLC's.

8) I would only do this if it had some sort of benefit.

9) I grind in almost every rpg so I have no problem with grinding to buy the mansion but the casino chance would be nice.

10) Yes for slime race.


That looks much better


Everything looks great except the battle screen; the face sets look odd with that battle layout screen and Lydia name can't fit. That sprite of the werewolf is great, is it custom made or ripped?

Custom Faces

great artwork

Version 2.0 Released - Download Now

I'd like to inform you that if you start a new game on v.2 Solo will start at Lvl 99, a bit too high compared to last version's level 1 :p

Dragon Questionnaire

1) yes
2) no
3) no
4) I beat DQ 6 and 7
5) for downloadable content I say yes to a certain extent, if it improves the game, extra quest, bugfixes, etc. but too much can be a bad thing.
6) no
7) only if the rewards are worth it.
8) I like battles to be somewhat challenging, that way battles don't get boring and your just mashing the attack/spacebar.
9) Orgodemir from DQ 7
10) slots
11) yes, I search everything plants, furniture, pots, even cracks on the floor.
12) yes
13) I like the 99 limit, i was never bothered by it in rpgs.
14) no
15) The middle age dialouge should only be done to a certain extent, have only some characters that speak that way such as a holy knight or something.
16) only if it beneifits you in someway.
17) sure, i personally think instead of nagging it should be comic relief character.
18) Midi
19) yes only if it doesn't delay the games release by too much
20) nope, i find myself starting over from previous save points.
21) sure, is there a point to it?
22) expansive, redesigned towns but do try to keep somewhat similar to the original.
23) magical doors
24) yes, that be cool
25) yes, that helpful to newer players.

Under World 2

how do you beat the wall demon at chapter 11? I keep failing this battle.

EDIT: Nevermind, finally beat him.


Is the mage and warrior the only classes you can evolve into or are their other classes you can become beyond those two? For example Normal Class > Warrior > and then a third class.

Blood Haze: Reborn

In the opening screen why is the the quit game option for Blood Haze missing; when you open the game there is only new game and continue to chose from. I had to exit the game using the start menu flag icon and shuting the program from the task menu. I do have the 1.01 patch installed as well.
I've never played in full screen, so I didn't realize that might become a problem.
The battle engine I use automatically removes this option.
Don't worry though, I will add it back in in Patch 1.02.

And I'm really sorry for all these patches, I actually didn't expect to have to do any when I released this.
Thank you for the fix. The patches are fine as long as they balance/makes your game better.