New Version 3.35

Who loves a quadruple post? ugh

New Version 3.35

New Version 3.35

New Version 3.35

Wow. I'm amazed you're still making updates to this game after all these years! Just want to say thanks for all your work and for all the hours of entertainment it has provided!

As long as there are still people playing, I want to address any reported bugs and make the game more fun, if it doesn't require too much work. That said, this update was half a year ago, and I don't foresee many more future changes. Even though DynRPG presented some tantalizing possibilities, I'm really over working with rm2k3 and its limitations. Hopefully at this point the game is in a reasonable playable state and can just enjoy being a fun RPG Maker relic.

Everlong 3D

Is it possible to get a video of this?

Sure thing! Here's a little tour I put together of this test map.

Everlong v3.34

Your work is still nothing short of amazing. I've played and enjoyed version 3.27 a few years ago, and I'm looking forward to revisiting Everlong sometime in the future for a probably significantly different second playthrough.

Thanks! Hopefully I didn't break anything with this update. I'm never totally confident in the new DynRPG plugins I've written without extensive testing. If the last version you played was 3.27, you're going to have a very different experience indeed!

Version 3.33 BETA

Really amazing to see another update to this, even if it's the last one.

I had big plans for plenty of other cool stuff I could do with DynRPG now that I understand the classes and game objects, but I don't see the reason to spend more time on this project or improving an obsolete engine.

Does that mean you have another RPG project you're going to be working on?

I did have a new game in development, but I haven't worked on the project in awhile. The market is totally saturated, the latest engine didn't quite live up to its promises, and it's hard to make a visually unique game in rpg maker these days, which is almost a requirement to not be immediately dismissed.

There will probably be more updates for Everlong, but they'll minor bug fixes or changes.

Beta Patch v3.30b

IMPORTANT: version 3.30a was faulty, any players who installed it need to overwrite with the current update.

Future Plans

Thanks, I'll add the new errors to the current bug list. On rare occasions the Dynrpg plugin for drawing text malfunctions, but usually doesn't crash the game unless you select restart, which may explain the Muldoon bug that doesn't replicate. Or I made a mistake coding the new shift preview function.

I was supposed to update the feature list and upload fresh screenshots and videos with the new version release, but never found the time. Player submissions would be a great help. I also thought about making a new teaser trailer, but that seems like too much effort for an old game.

Everlong v3.30 is Live

Awesome! congratulations on finishing this DJC! I will definitely be making a second post on my first impressions.

EDIT: wow, I played a couple hours and WOW, it totally feels like a new game!. the battles are faster and are now challenging from the very start; the readjusted gold gains make you plan out what you're going to buy; the new cutscenes are pretty cool, the magic stat now feels like it actually does something, hunting is now a fun alternative to buying items. All this and the other little touches like the seemingly improved attack animations have got me fanboying so hard over this new version!. I stopped at herbtown right now, and can't wait until the new items,accessories, and content/features come into play. it was always a great game, but this new version has truly cemented everlong as an absolutely must play rpgmaker game.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the updated version! The new battle speed algorithm really does make the play experience significantly more enjoyable, especially if you prefer fast paced fights. The four stats will only grow in importance later in the game, especially if you use auto-balance against bosses.

Thanks for the bug reports. You don't have to report all the spelling errors and cut off text, unless you feel the instances are especially egregious. There are innumerable of these errors, since due to time constraints I only bothered to address them if already editing the events they occurred within.

I've posted a round of fixes in the downloads section that address the bugs reported so far. Pixi's hut teleport was only active after the War of the Eclipse. Hunting gold chests were being divided twice by the new GP reduction factor. Chocobo Search had an extra blank event page inserted, probably from an errand click. The battle background in Borealis was a oversight from when I introduced the new winch puzzle and slightly altered the dungeon's design.
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