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"I don't care how good Nemoral is, that doesn't give you the right to belittle others for their concept ideas."
A cop investigates a cult connected to a case of missing children.



Villnoire is Complete!

barkley 2 died so villnoire could live

Villnoire is Complete!

haha holy shit I thought you were messing with me, but yeah congrats dude. Needs a hype trailer or something


the prophecy was true

Talk about RM Games! Mid-Year Misao Discussion Topic


It's almost half way through 2019 and you didn't play any RM games this year and you probably forgot that the nominate function exists.

Let's just spend some talking about RM games! Doesn't have to be super critical opinions or feedback, could just be a casual impression of what you played so far / game you want to play or a "What RM games are you thinking about" equivalent. Ultimately though it might also be a good chance to fill up your nominate lists (even if super relative) and talk about your personal favs, what might win overall, or even what you hope might get released in time. If you did a review of a recent game, feel free to share it! Post what you've been browsing and how you've been choosing which RM games to play lately.

Games I've Played:

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Given that it's been featured, this game needs little introduction. It's an epic Italian RPG Maker game recently translated and fully playable in English! I've been playing it off and on and it's really a treat, feels like a super pretty RM game you'd see posted in screenshot topics never to be released because of how polished it is. Only now it exists! I enjoy a lot of the visual details and how the animations all come together, there's some pretty cool stuff. I'll probably post more opinions when I get farther into the game, I've also been meaning to set this up to be played on my TV with a SNES controller because I'm one of those people.


A GAME where you fight SLIMES and... that's it, there's no literal title joke that's actually all you do. I think the low download count is a bit sad considering there's some really cool stuff worth appreciating here. It's set in a fictional country with a heavy religion thematic backstory involving a slime epidemic. The slimes start to develop a very continuous personality throughout the demo and I like a lot of the world building documents you get for clearing every floor. It's got a bleak outlook on JRPG tropes but I think it has its own voice regarding the dynamics of how society chooses to deal with an impending threat. I highly recommend it.

Steamed Hams, but it's RPGMAKER2003!

The meme game to cap off the decade of what we thought was a good idea to make youtube edits of. It's actually quite enjoyable playing this and being amazed that this is happening inside of an RPG_RT and almost checking to see that this isn't some elaborate mole box prank. As someone who's seen all that RM2K3 has to offer, it's cool to see the amount of detail that went into condensing all of this inside of rm2k3's rather limited (and "beloved") default battle system.

Games I've been meaning to play:

Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors

I'm not big on fan-games, but I think the fact that this is made by a very oldschool RMer has me interested (also what RM game isn't a fan game these days ohohoho gotem). I remember when RM2K3 had a bit of a phase where people were making 8bit games left and right (Dragon Fantasy, Hellion, Ocean Blue) and it makes me nostalgic for... games that were trying to be nostalgic. I also think the battle charset edits look pretty cute.

Crescent Prism - Chapter 1

So I'm getting to the demo/episodic category of games that I admittedly hold off on because there might be more content later. But given the recent shift in development maybe I should just sit down and play the first damn chapter. It looks like fun little romp that resembles a Nintendo-like RPG if mario didn't exist or something. I keep seeing good things about it and the creator's other games.

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

Saw this on everyone's recent greatest game of all time lists. It has a recent 60% update eligible for a demo award at least, so good time as ever to give this a shot. It also looks really good. I think I was out for most of the RMN 2013-2016ish period so I missed out on a lot of games.

2019 Likely Hypefuls (Games that aren't released yet (({but might be*})):
*: lol

I Want to Bring Her Back to Life but I Don't Know Where to Start

Not a joke game and not just able to nab the best title award if the author gets another demo out this year, but is actually quite an interesting anomaly for several reasons. It has a CBS, it has a very specific tone when it comes to dialogue, weird on rails exploration and just everything about its sensibilities perplexes me. It came to my attention a little too late last year but I hope it gains more notice this time around. Regardless of what timeline you're in, it'll be a rm2k3 DYNRPG killer app for all time.


"Wait people still make games like this?" Yeah man, yeah man, they do. Rocking the FSM chipsets and settling for nothing less than ambition. The game quietly made itself to 80% completion and while that might be some bs a teenager would put in their gamingW sig years ago... I choose to believe. Your so called rational mind will lack the glory of being right on the money when you see that bright green Completed status one day.

Edit: the prophecy came true

Psi Dogs: Suns of Antares

FMVs... the final frontier. Very rarely do I see someone putting their Blender skills to pre-rendered use while still taking advantage of the many VN-like qualities RPG Maker tends to have. This game reminds me of what 9 year old me thought Starcraft would be when I was blankly staring at the campaign menu interface and having no clue what an RTS was. There's a charm in this games look that I admire. Hopefully this goes where no one has gone before.

Alright now its your turn to talk about recent RM games, go on, jog your memory if you have to. (You don't have to be as elaborate or screenshot pasty as me btw).

The Sun Is A Star

Romancing Saga also has a bunch of characters, and although like 70% is ground you could spread them out horizontally (i believe this specific example is a formation) But I don't think anyone would mind a non single file line or something like this where characters gradually offset each other as they go down the line.

I guess also it would help if a character would step forward when their command input is on, I think there are def ways around your problem.

The Sun Is A Star

That's not what they taught me in school!

I like the use of prerender/photographs but the characters not standing on the ground in the battle backgrounds really bother me.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Going through some ps1 classics on my newly obtained vita (too lazy to hack it yet). Tried resuming BOF4 but I cannot handle the movement system. The weird isometric camera where you have to stop to rotate it 90 degrees just see where you're going, and only being able to move in 8 locked directions (as opposed to free range diagonal movement). It's an RPG so whatever, but there are some timed sections I absolutely cannot stand. Also how many times do I have to watch the mushroom confuse animation? I love it when I try to flee the battle and I get to watch 2 of them do these long drawn out sequences. It's a great bait and switch, art style looks phenomenal and some of the towns are quirky and neat. Just can't stand the actual rigidness of how the game plays.

I moved over to Wild Arms 1, a game series I've never played aside from Wild Arms 3 rentals. Fucking love that you can Initial D dash drift in this game. Some of the color choices remind me of Rudra a bit, there's an odd drab look to everything, but there's still some cool setpieces. Also really like that the houses simply fade the floors in vertically rather than taking you to separate rooms when going up the stairs (thought about doing that in rpgmaker one day). Kind of expected more guns tbh though.

Is there any reason Pixel Game Maker is not talked about here?

So we're back to square one with the "It'll be better later" promises. What an investment, what a steal, it's practically daylight robbery guys! Also I'm feeling a strong sense of this.

Is there any reason Pixel Game Maker is not talked about here?

What are you even talking about? Pixel Maker MV can't even export to any of the platforms GMS has addons for.

Is there any reason Pixel Game Maker is not talked about here?

i heard this one time, a kid got a wedgie for liking pixel game maker mv, true story