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"I don't care how good Nemoral is, that doesn't give you the right to belittle others for their concept ideas."
A cop investigates a cult connected to a case of missing children.



We Did It First screenshot thread

@Chartley: So far the grass looks very bright and unfitting for some reason.


I'm the youngest so far. I'm a 16 year old teen living in the east coast of Canada on an peninsula with the 2nd worst employment rates in the entire country (and one of the most highest crime rates). Right now I'm trying to get a summer job, maybe get a drivers licence. Looking at everyone's career I haven't got a clue on what I'm going to do in my later life.

I've been RMaking since the rm95 days, never really go into the community til about 2003-2004. Loved The Way, Blurred Line, some GGZ games, NigSek, and some others. Haven't been able to make even a demo due to my lack of motivation in trying to stick with one project.

We Did It First screenshot thread

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A screen of an Island Sky remake that I intend to make in the future after I finish my current project. The Sword of Mana tiles are temporary, I haven't made the chipsets yet.

Wow, I didn't get far in much because I didn't really like the messy graphics for some reason. But now I'm actually looking forward to the remake!

We Did It First screenshot thread

Shadows are nice, but you'd have to put shadows everywhere else right? And that takes effort, no one likes effort!

Your An NPC

I tend to give an NPC at least 6 things to say randomly instead of saying 1 thing over and over again. While it's only semi realistic, it's better then being repetitive.


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Are you sure it's RO and not Maple Story, WIP? 'Cause I'm very sure that they're coming out with a MS thing for the DS, but I haven't heard anything about a RO on- holy crap. That's crazy awesome. I wonder if it'll actually work like a MMO, instead of just a one-player game. That would be much love.

I didn't believe it til I searched on google, it's going to be online using WiFi it seems.


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RO is coming out for the DS.

I just shat bricks.

Shadows of the Empire

I really love the mapping you've done here, very decent. However the battle system has very mixed up graphics. Will try the demo later on.

Weird error when trying to submit a tutorial

I'm certain that I didn't insert any latin/weird characters in the document.

Newbie here :)

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And yeah, I should probably also try learning RM2K3 or RMXP, but I can't bother with it :).

Wiat wat.