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the machine that BREATHE...
A tunneling machine finds itself injected into a body resembling a human.



RMN v2

I'm wondering when you'll bring back the: sort by name, genre, rating etc. Perhaps even a search engine?

Master of the Wind

Do I need RMXP to play this? I got an error upon loading it.

Now a topic about character design.

I really enjoyed the cast in Half Life 2, especially Alyx. The facial expressions and amazing voice acting really put the characters in their place. In episode 1 and 2, Alyx would make remarks that really related to me and made me laugh. I think a good character in a video game is one who can relate and cooperate with you.

Another character I'd like to note would have to be Scatha from The Way. Her accent, background, theme song, and appearance made her different from alot of other characters. One good example of a uniqe character.

Probably the best enemy character I love was Psycho Mantis, he was a psychotic asshole who murdered so many innocent people. Yet after defeating him (most interesting boss fight ever), I felt bad for killing him because he could have been a better person if he lived.

Hard Parts of Game Making?

I sometimes lose motivation when I'm trying to make a map to fit my visions for a certain location, or when I can't find a worthy chipset to work with. Probably another problem for me is trying to be consistant with my game's story, whenever I read/watch/play a book/movie/videogame I start to get more ideas to add in to my game's story to the point where it's a completely different game.

As for making a story, animations, charsets, etc. Its pretty much a snap.

We Did It First screenshot thread

Not too sure if you notice but, those trees at the top look collided.

Generica - [RMVX..?]

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Until VX comes out! Wahahaha!

Or maybe it is dead. Oh well.

The japanese version is cracked and translated actually.

Top Ten Topic: Disney Movies

1. The Sword in the Stone (I remember watching this a million times as a kid, a really fantastic film)
2. Peter Pan (the animated one not the real one)
3. Aladdin (so many memorable scenes in this one)
4. Fox and the Hound
5. Snow White (The dwarves' song is currently stuck in your head as you read this)
6. Little Mermaid (UNDAH THE SEA)
7. The Emperor's New Groove (Only recent film I liked)
8. Mulan
9. Pocahontas
10. James and the Giant Peach

Quintessence - The Blighted Venom

I've gotten to chapter 2 so far, and really, I lost the motivation to play the game because the story had me starving for some actual gameplay. I'm a sucker for stories, but when a game can't even get to the gameplay after a full chapter, theres something wrong.

Eventually I'll try to bring myself to continue on, but it's first impressions hasn't captured me.

Top Ten Topic: Books (Non-Fiction)

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Only thing I can think of.

Top Ten Topic: Robots, Droids, Cyborgs Oh my!

Do computer AIs count? If so, topic fails so far for not mentioning GLaDOS.

Topic is now win.