I like to dance.
And hike.

I smoke a lot.

I'm an Accountant.
I love making games. Let's make one together!

Portland, Oregon is my paradise.




Such a cool vibe!

Thank you! I didn't see this until just now. Starless Umbra was a big inspiration to me so I'm honored!

We're back, baby!

Oh, hello! Thank you. Nice to see another Rm2k dev inspired by Earthbound. :-D

Turning it in...

I say let Corf take a stab and then just release if it doesn't play out.

Turning it in...

It'll be just like when Wheel of Time was finished by another author by using the original's extensive notes.

Exactly what I was thinking.


Thanks so much! I just put out a demo update. I hope you enjoy!

Turning it in...

I went through the same thing with Beyond Eden and still trying to figure out where to go with it. Right now I'm just trying to do a Let's Play of it so that I don't forget it entirely. Giving the project to someone else seems like an interesting idea. Maybe a dead game project swap jam!


Former winners are given a better life on the condition they can never return home.

I am moving again, so no internet for the next week or so. Please don't kill the site or each other while I'm gone. I leave the cat in charge. Take care~<3

Moving is the worst. One move I planned so poorly that I literally had to power for a week in July in the Savannah.