I like to dance.
And hike.

I smoke a lot.

I'm an Accounting student.
I love making games. Let's make one together!

Portland, Oregon is my paradise.




Want! Is there a script for this?


Update: Implementing new scenes, removing place holders, fleshing out certain scenes... The first half of the game is tested, balanced and solid.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Oh man, Dragol. I want some of those character sets.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I don't think it looks bad at all. Especially with the boat shape from, ahem... "Dookie"'s screenshot.

The Here and Now of Yesterday

Since it is such an issue, maybe right before the video plays you could add an option of whether or not to play it. In anycase, windowed mode has worked for some in the past, just press f4 before the video loads. It shouldn't crash, at least. You could watch the video outside the game within it's folder, if you cared.


I just used this and was able to spell and grammar check 350,000 words included in my entire game (it took about an hour) and reimported it back into my game.
I must say, this worked brilliantly.
The last option is called "Dialog Patch" and I decided not to run it, even though I probably should. Does anyone know what this is for?


I do prefer Markus' text, but I think Feld's is great too. Not too small or blurry for me.

Slight delay, but looking for testers.

I'd love to test.

The Here and Now of Yesterday

Sometimes it's just not where your focus is. Yes, it takes a lot of time. Time away from the story you want to tell. Some people just want to play to their strengths and some people work better cooperatively. I think it could work out under the right circumstances because I love every aspect of rm2k3, but sometimes it's overwhelming trying to reign in all the small details. Having an area of focus could make for a better more cohesive game and most of all, makes it more likely to get completed.

The Here and Now of Yesterday

Thanks Demi. I may just take you up on your inbox. How would you feel about making a big jungle map, or helping me with a redesigned chrono trigger carnival map?

Hilarious! I am literally compiling a carnival chipset right now. It has some millennial fair stuff in it but it's mainly comprised of Lunar 2 carnival stuff. We can definitely try to come together on it.
As for the jungle, that is my favorite type of map to make. I already even have this overlay I made. (Anyone can use it)
Jungle Overlay
Here is a screenshot of the jungle that is in my game, but I think I could do better in yours (I made it many many years ago) It is a little cluttered and very mountainy, but let me know the dimensions and qualities that you'd like the map to have.