A post apocalyptic martial arts RPG.



Post your Music

I'm sorry for this :'(
But it will make your muscles bigger.


Any update on the game?
Are you still working on it?

Yes very soon I will be doing a big update, thank you for the interest!


Makes enemies reluctant to get close to you. simply put, raises evasion.
it's good to smell bad.


He's a replacement ranger. Yellow just had to go...


if anything this is more like a prequel from another universe. the events connect, but the settings are different.

Bathhouse Theme OST

i compose the music and graphics myself.

Always on top problem rmpx

thank you LockeZ, I got the issue worked out. It had to do with the anti lag script i was using, it somehow altered the priorities of events. but again thank you!

Always on top problem rmpx

So I have a problem with my events priorities.
For whatever reason my events are always on top even when the option is unchecked.
my player sprite is always beneath all my event's sprites. I don't know what the issue is or what i've done to make this happen. the only thing that has changed recently is that I added the Anti Lag script.

any help would be appreciated, thank you!


mainly just eventing within rpg maker. I try to keep things as simply as possible.


I truly appreciate the advice and input. Thing is I'm already balls deep in development. So I'm going to finish this one out, but my next project I will certainly be using a superior engine. thank you for all the concern tho!
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