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Thanks. Will try.

Sorry for asking, but is the game still on hiatus?

P6 Blog #23 Requesting testers, any volunteers?

If you are still looking for testers, I'll like to nominate myself :p

Act 1 Completed

Awesome. Can't wait to play it! :)

Seeking Beta-Testers for Mica: Apoptosis Chapter 3!

I will love to beta-test :)

0.17 Released

I've already explained to you why it does this.
Sorry. I thought this error wasn't related to that.

Please re-upload a .2xg file that precisely crashes your game engine when you examine the event, and that the event to examine is not invisible.
The previous file I uploaded is the one with the problem. Maybe it's just a problem on my end.
EDIT: http://rpgmaker.net/users/DragoonHP/locker/Test2.2xg

0.17 Released

Just add the Add Party event like this > https://i.imgur.com/63uCWvy.png
Run the game and try to interact with the tile. Demo

When you open the file through the right click like that, the working directory becomes the same directory as the target file and therefore is missing all the required engine files. It would have to do something like create an environment variable or registry entry that points to the engine folder so it can find the engine folder no matter the working directory. I'm not going to do that, you don't want me to do that, nobody sane wants to have unstable software edit the registry.

Okay. Can it be make to work so that it doesn't throw that error?

Also, another bug. When you open the editor using the right-click method, attempting to run the game would throw an error (Arraylist get out of bounds) and crash the engine.

0.17 Released

0.17 Released

- Opening through a .2xp file throws error "Could not find any engine files, check your installation of RPG 20XX". I redownloaded several times and this error still happens.

Can confirm. Just tried it (on Win 8.1), and the Editor throws this error.

EDIT: Using Add Party Event still crashes the Player

Temporal Variables

When you click on the menu like that, it's not possible for the editor to easily lift the mouse button in its state so when you go back and click it will think the mouse teleported there.

Thanks for the explanation.

Temporal Variables

You can hold SPACE and drag the map around if you want a shortcut for panning the map view
Didn't know that. Thanks.

There is no such thing in RPG20XX
Sorry I meant the Add Party Event/option.

Those aren't project specific, those are game specific. The folders there are saved game data.
Okay. What if I'm done with the project? Do the save files get deleted when the project can't be found or do they just stay up there until manual deletion.

I have these fatal errors in here so that you will understand why something isn't working.
Thanks, it makes sense.


Bug: http://i.imgur.com/ppKZqPO.gif
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