Starless Umbra

Hey dhm, any idea when you will be able to release the next chapter?

Starless Umbra

If you're not getting any exp, it means you're overpowered, congrats!

That was unexpected :-p

And, maybe raise the overpower bar a little because the monsters in the cave were still putting up a good fight when I fought them at Level 7.
(And level 8 is pretty easily reachable)

Thanks for the wonderful game.

Starless Umbra

--> Oatmeal is supposed to heal 15 HP but it heals you completely.

--> Sweet Buns are supposed to heal 20 HP, but they don't restore any HP.

--> You don't get any EXP for killing the monster (whose horn you are supposed to take to the king).

--> You don't get any EXP for killing the monster disguised as unconscious NPCs in the Church.

--> (Not sure about this one) You don't get any EXP for killing the monster in the Dream World.

--> Also, another map error (forgot to take a screenshot though): If you stand just beside the (main) gate of the castle and press the confirm key, you can climb up the wall.

Not sure if these are bugs or not:
--> The monsters in the area after the cart minigame die as soon as you touch them. Is it because I was Level 8?

--> The text colour of the recipes listed in Mini-Furnace changed from golden-yellow to silver.

--> Even if you stop playing the game in window mode, it will start in Fullscreen.

Feature; the amount of exp you get diminishes as you get stronger. To get more exp you need to go to harder dungeons. In other words, your exp is scaled to the difference in level between your party and the dungeon level (hidden value).

Makes sense but the monster on the world map stop giving me EXP after I reached Level 7. Maybe drop the EXP they give by 50% or hide the monster if they aren't going to give any EXP?

Can you save everyone in the church? Because no matter how much I tried, I was only able to save two (or maybe three) clergies.

Love and War: Act I

Any idea when you will start Act 2?

Starless Umbra


--> When you are facing the last thief in the knife throw challenge, Andoru sprite holding the knife vanishes after a millisecond. You can still throw the knife though.

--> Later in the cave, when Andoru and Clydan stand on the two triangles to open the path to the next area, the animation still plays even if one of the player has stepped away from the triangle.
(It isn't making much sense; let's try again)
After the blockage has been cleared by stepping on the two triangles, the animation of the blockage opening still plays when the player crosses the triangle.

--> A mapping (passability) error: http://i.imgur.com/JuzoGeE.png

--> Can't level up past Level 7 (EXP: 5623)

--> Andoru never completely heals after a level-up, ie, when the character level-up, their HP is restored to its max value. But in Andoru case, it's always two point less. (85/87 or something like that)

--> When you first enter the mountain, a cutscene plays in which a man falls into a river. If you try to talk to his other partner, he doesn't respond and if you enter the map again, he is no longer there. So maybe you forgot to hide / delete his sprite?

(Not a bug, but you can't talk to the chef after he teaches you cooking. It looked weird because he is the only NPC who goes silent.)

Anyway, I love what you are doing with the game, but on the other hand I hate it because I want to play the game till the very end. Decisions, decisions. I still remember finding the game on Kobras Realm and loving it, and hating the fact that the game was cancelled.

You don't get any prize after you do 20 squats.
He just tells you to come back after you've learned to cook and he would teach you a good post-workout recipe. And if you talk to him again, he will repeat the same thing about doing twenty pushups for a reward.
(You do get the recipe if you've learned cooking)

If that was intended, I feel cheated. :-p

Love and War: Act I

author=Admiral Styles
I really wish I knew, DragoonHP. :( As before, I'm still waiting for the remaining stuff to be sent my way before I can put it all in and declare the revamp complete. At least the long delay allows for more thorough beta testing, so that's something?

Yup, that's a pretty good thing.
Will be waiting for that blog post ^.^

Love and War: Act I

Still anxiously waiting for the revamp game.

Any ideas when it will be out?

Exile's Journey

For me, side-quests are more fun if they are long, challenging and not-repetitive. But they shouldn't affect the main story-line directly.
And you can have some area unaccessible without doing a side-quest or have them only accessible when doing a particular side-quest.

It will be fun if every side-quest has it's own storyline.

Beloved Rapture

@Blindmind: Aww, it's pretty sad but I understand; sometimes one have to move on.
But I hope that one day you will see the game to completion.

@benos: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

Grave Prosperity Vol.1

I'm glad that I downloaded it then.

And MMF2 is cool; I used to experiment with it.
Anyway, let me know when you make one, and please this time, give us multiple (200 or 100 ?MB) archives and maybe just zip files and not installers (?)

Thanks once again.
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