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Iason's curse

@shadow9800, I'll send you a PM in order to not spoil the game for the others.

Iason's curse

Puzzle time with scrambled letters! .. Maybe?
I suck at those puzzles. Breaktime .. or not. Random combination won!
Try other random combinations and you'll see the door will open many times...

This DOES NOT mean you won. ;-)

And the end-boss is again a huge jump.
It overall gets harder with more characters, since you need to juggle more input and the enemy hp increases (or so it seems), but you will need the slower speed for that one. On to redo it to get all three characters. Anything else seems a pain for me atm with how much hp he has.

We shall see~
Enemy HP depends on your party size, yes, but it has a constant ratio.

If your party has 1 hero, Enemy HP = Base HP * (1 or 2)
If your party has 2 heroes, Enemy HP = Base HP * (1 to 4)
If your party has 3 heroes, Enemy HP = Base HP * (1 to 6)
If your party has 4 heroes, Enemy HP = Base HP * (1 to 8)

Final boss has constant HP, regardless of party size. Finding the answers to those puzzles help fighting an easier version of the boss.

Iason's curse

Att - Def = Damage. Simple as that.
Lvl helps mainly with HP.

Iason's curse

On the other hand, you see how you can level fast. This ensures a single fight or two before levelling up... and this lessens the need for grinding.

Or, at least, that was the initial plan.

Iason's curse

I checked the stone tablet beforehand.

I got a smaller sum of money and bought some equipment.

I then killed the flower.

I then got 5k of money.

How does this money system work?

Unless you had an absurd amount of points on that single combat, I don't see how that could happen: the money is a function of how many points you have minus some function of money you already received.

Iason's curse

With a better weapon .. it just takes 300 hits as opposed to 30 for a normal monster. It is at least doable?
How much money are you supposed to get? What does money gain relate to? Your musical score? Level ups? Time that passed?

I don't really understand the need for equipment in the first place, but oh well...

Apparantly it's tied to musical score?, I just got 5000 gold for that flower I killed. The strongest weapon costs 2,5k.
The balance still seems way off.
You didn't get 5000 gold for killing a flower: your accumulated points so far became those 5000 gold. A single flower is hardly that valuable.
Considering there's a possibility of having a 4-hero party, the money becomes a issue if you wanna finish the game around levels 30-40. More than that (it's not really needed to level so myuch in a short game like this) will ensure a full-fitted party.
By the way, 2,5k is the strongest normal weapon... There are secret weapons too.

Just getting there .. the jump is really big. Really, really big. This should not be the case.
Let's say you took too long to buy your first pieace of equipment. That's the reason the jump was too big.

Iason's curse

Can you have this somewhere? like on the actual stone tablet? It doesn't interact at all when you first stand in front of it. Just indicating it does SOMETHING (under right circumstances) would help.
Most anything in this game is self-explanatory and left as it is. Statues, gameplay.
Getting money only by interacting with a stone and hoping for the best and getting some stuff sometimes is NOT common, nor self-explanatory.

Oh, I see! Now I understand!

Well, I may easily include a prompt saying "You are not worth yet." or something like that if there's no monay to be earned... Thanks a lot for the idea ("is NOT common, nor self-explanatory" was the best explanation for this, really -- bad design decision on my part to not include feedback at first).

Ok, this will be done on version 1.0b. I'll just wait a little before uploading a new version as you can find something else that needs improvement.

Do you mind if I credit you in the game as "bug finder"? ;-)

Dark SciFi Suggestions?

If you are willing to watch a good series, I recommend Babylon 5 or Battlestar Galactica (how dark each one is depends on what you expect).

Iason's curse

I don't have any money as of yet tho so no equipment is to be had.

Do you know the old guy in white? He hints at a way to earn money. Maybe you need to ask him again about the things he told you earlier...

Iason's curse

Welp, that ain't casual so far, haha.
I do like the rhythm combat system, altho it does get on my eyes after a lil while.
It reminded me with its calm "battle" theme of Rhapsody a Musical Adventure (which I really liked btw).

All music is from a single Brazilian band called Roupa Nova. It's one of my wife's favorites.

After you reach the second saving points enemy strength spikes up immensely.
Mainly, the encounter rate is too high given how long the fights are, and the fighting length spikes up really really quickly due to too high HP.
It is also very hard to keep track of your own health. Not sure if a frame around it would make it pop a lil more, but the focus is definitely devided, so a change in color (from white to green to red, for example), would likely help.
It would also be neat to see the enemies' somehow, but that can be messy. NVM you do have that. Hard to keep track of.

Well, I assure you that using the right equipment (you bought something before venturing so far, right?) and finding the secret characters helps a lot--yet I managed to finish the game (as a test) with only one character at level 31 (I just needed to do a little grinding on the last chamber before the boss and levelling thrice). My difficulty benchmark is my 10-year old daughter: if she struggles just a little, I know I'm on the right track.
Usually I don't care about my health during the game--since there's no way to heal or escape a fight, I just focus on hitting the right buttons.

I am playing on a keyboard where Z and Y are reversed, so it's a lil tricky, but still very much doable, but if I get a couple of 50 chains and nothing happens even with plenty of crits, well, I got half-way.
Where the "special encounter" before went down with one sequence of ~40 . I'll switch to American layout so I can reach Z more comfortably and will continue.

I can't imagine how hard it is to play with Z and Y reversed! As soon as the combats become faster it's inhuman to try to move the fingers so far away...

Anyway, this is a game that rewards practice: sooner or later you'll move your fingers quick enough to even beat the final boss on level 1 (in theory, since each hit will cause 1 point of damage and if you are hit you lose the fight). Never tried, never will. But the possibility is there.

My best score after finishing the game was a Final Rating of 12683. My previous attempt was 10567.
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