What are the most simple battle systems that still work well?

I'm not good enough at programming/eventing to create a really flashy combat system, so I'm exploring the concept of emergent complexity, and creating something very mechanically simple which still produces fun gameplay.

How do you produce emergent complexity in a battle system? What are some games which do this well?

Item addiction? (RMVX)

I want my game to have a healing item that restores an ally's health, but increases dependency so that an addicted character will suffer an overall reduction in HP if they don't use one of these items every once in a while. If the character doesn't take it for a long period of time, dependency should gradually reduce.

Is there a script for this? Any way to event it?

Is a character appearance customisation system possible in XP/VX?

I'm curious as to whether anybody has created a scripted system that allows the player, at the start of the game, to choose the appearance of their main character to a basic degree - hair style/colour, eye colour, skin colour, and maybe attire.

I'm assuming it's impossible or highly impractical, but it would be interesting to see such a system implemented into an RPG Maker game.

Would this annoy you?

In the story for my game, after introducing the player to the game world, mechanics and plot, I'm planning on sending the player out into the world without any specific quests or objectives.

In order to continue the main quest, they would have to poke around, talking to people, and asking questions which might not obviously lead them into the rest of the main quest (but would certainly hopefully lead them towards something interesting).

Would it irritate you, as the player, to be forced to explore the game world in order to make progress in the story, or do you prefer to be very clearly directed to where you need to go next?

How important is aesthetic character customisation?

How important is it for the player to be able to choose mundane things that don't really have any effect on gameplay, such as the character's name, gender and appearance?

Is it worth the effort to give players the opportunity to customise their character in this way?

Random New Stuff

I uploaded some stuff to DeviantART, and I figured I'd upload it here, too.

Japanese Learning Aid Wallpaper. It doesn't really show off my full Photoshop capabilities, given that I made it in about five minutes, but it's recent and useful, so whatever.
Mouth Sketch. Daniel Craig's.
Eye Sketch.

I'll show off some more art and maybe some pixels, soon, but if you don't respond, I might get depressed and not make anything. :(

What would you like to see in a player house?

I'm considering implementing a player house system into the RPG I'm designing right now.

What do you expect when it comes to player houses, and what would you like to see in a player house?

How'd you decide on a game title?

I just started a new game called "project1". I haven't really done anything with it yet, I've just poked around the database. The absence of any particular title is bugging me a little, but I haven't thought of a title yet, so I suppose that I'll just keep typing up on Notepad until I think I've got enough to decide on a title.

Why did you title your game as such, and at what point during development did you decide upon the title? What makes an effective title?

I hope that this topic title grabs your attention!

I was planning on devising some witty gimmick to steal your concentration away from more important or more interesting matters in the hopes that you would waste your time on some elaborate introduction as that I may, in a single topic, grasp a personal understanding of what sort of people I should expect to see on this forum, as well as get to know you all.

However, I couldn't think of anything interesting to say, so I simply started writing and now I'm coming out with this sort of nonsense.

Anyway... Hello, you may call me Gale, and if you've read this far, it would seem that I HAVE sufficiently garnered your attention so far, regardless of any kind of trick, so I would hope that your incredible powers of sufferance will continue to endure long enough for you to finish reading this sentence and then that you will be so kind as to offer me a welcome.

PS: I swear that I'm not normally such a wordy bastard, if I come across that way.
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