ONE PIECE - Triple Duels Compilation

It's a mistranslation. He meant card. In spanish card and letter are homonyms ;).

ONE PIECE - Triple Duels Compilation

how do i get franky shogun's letter?

Not sure where exactly. But 80% sure it was in a new world challenge.

ONE PIECE - Triple Duels Compilation

Moria card, spandam (rob lucci first fight)and rob lucci (second fight) are obtainable.

As far as I know BB, aokiji, marco, mihawk or jinbe don't drop cards. If you find out they do, let me know! =)

ONE PIECE - Triple Duels Compilation

but i need advice on the zoro vs kuzan fight

Don't we all? xDDD
There are almost 0 ice resistante cards available to zoro.

To me there are two strategies that could work:

Common ground: napoleon and evasion
Strategy 1: Zoro lvl 4 card.
Strategy 2: Burguess Enhanced card.

I don't even remember which one worked. They were both insanely hard anyway.

ONE PIECE - Triple Duels Compilation

You can't get Sabo in myth booster, only in Toc (as far as I know). It's in the light stairs. If you've beaten Toc already you should have no problem!

Sanji's suit is the reward you get on the same battle against kizaru. Sham card!

I'm not sure about rewards in coliseo. They are a new feature and I haven't been playing much lately. But myth boosters are counted, not like the others. If you are not happy after opening it, you should load the game and try again for better luck.

ONE PIECE - Triple Duels Compilation

Doffy: When I passed this battle smoker's ability could last few turns, but that's no longer possible I think. I recommend you to try to get the sabo card to receive half the damage from his slashing attacks. But he has somo thrust attack too I think.

Sanji: Germa suit upgraded. It should be fine with the rest of your cards

The chest opens after you collected all summoning beasts.

ONE PIECE - Triple Duels Compilation

Which cards are you using in each battle?

ONE PIECE - Triple Duels Compilation

Since it's a flame, maybe fire resistance cards? I haven't reached kaido fight though,LOL(

That's what I thought first, it is a fire attack, yes. But it has a "damage boost" property, so it does 2 attacks of 9999 hp each xD. I was betting on evasion but he only need to land one hit to end the fight xD

by the way, I have another question, I did the crystal thing and I already unlocked the power to use cards of all levels, however with Coby, Helmeppo and Tashigi I can only use up to level 3 cards, I have to reach admiral level so that can they unlock that possibility or just can't?

I'm not in admiral level, but I think they can't anyway. And smoker can't use 5 level cards either, only up to 4. They can use level 5 weapons though.

ONE PIECE - Triple Duels Compilation

I still have no clue about how to beat kaidou's flame dragon torch at the end of the battle xD

Suggestion: what about opening Impel Down so it can be raid again for leveling up for both SH and BB campaign?

ONE PIECE - Triple Duels Compilation

would you give me to beat luffy inverted?

Beat Kaidou first xDDDD

Or at least, steal the weapon of the second Kaidou. Zoro gets a huge power up when he equips blacksword+ame no habakiri+ enma. At that point you will also have benn flintlock for luffy and the strongest cards needed to reach that point. All of them are Haki element weapons. Don't even bother with inverted luffy or hades until then. You can try of course xD