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The Standard 4 RMN Zombie Games*

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**(lurked/in the scene elsewhere)

Follow the story of two survivors after an infection has spread across the USA.



Update Frequency: When is it too much or too little?

Oh, then I definitely think it's a great idea to just release things regularly if possible, no matter what it is. Any images, media etc is just helpful to keep people hooked. As for blogs, simple development blogs are always appreciated, just to see what you're up to. Just make sure they have some worthwhile, interesting content that could inspire discussion or even you getting in feedback on an early stage of an idea.

Update Frequency: When is it too much or too little?

I can't answer too much of your question, but my two cents which I think is worth considering too is that in a field like this, you don't want to make too many updates and small blocks of content. People also don't want peices added on weekly because it causes a number of people to just be like "I'll just wait for a bigger update or more content before I continue"
I feel that very few people would actually keep up with the content as you release it. Most will probably just wait until there's a significant amount. Which is why a lot of people do the "big gaps of content" That at least has been my experience and feeling towards games on this website.
As stated, I know it's not too helpful as a more definitive answer would because it basically boils down "there's a middle ground to be struck between long and short gaps"

edit: I guess though that at least releasing something semi regularly would let people know that you're actively moving forward. Which is never a bad thing. :)

How are we doing? A survey to help us improve RMN

Statuses are the best pointless social feature: they don't overstay their welcome, and people basically forget about them after a few days. If you want to keep arguing in one past a few days, you have to actively seek it out.

Also the title riffs are fun. A+

I think a lot of the nonsense that can be said/made of a topic page is best saved for statuses. I usually just go for the status these days then make a topic. Like you said, it can just be a fun (or even at times insightful/productive) but then it passes. And that's cool. Kinda the point in my opinion, right?

I want to LP lesser known but quality amateur games; any recs?

I say stay away from event games generally for LPs. There's a lot of games that need attention and for the developer that isn't a "make a game in a month" gimmick.

edit: That isn't to say if you see an event game that interests you that you shouldn't play it. Like I said, just generally.

I guess it also matters how much time you want to invest in a game.


^I'm no law student, but yeah. That sounds about right.

If anything it's going to be hard for anyone to gauge a game they may want to purchase if the demo available is in entirely different graphics.

post your picture

Tyler looks kinda like Russel Crow

What are you thinking about right now?

Happy Birthday, Mirak!

Who's that mirakmon?

IT'S MIRAK! mirakmirak!

I enjoy on occasion pooping in my own pants.

I know this is weird and rather taboo in some views but I like pooping with no pants at all.

Preferably naked

How are we doing? A survey to help us improve RMN

Basically any gravel-voiced badass, only instead of being badass they're reigning in nerds on a silly vidya gaems forum. :3

AHAHAHA I literally don't know what I like more. "gravel-voiced badass" or the latter part.



It is! She and Caladium (Ara Fell's artist) collaborated on this. Zed did the base and Caladium polished it up and added detail.

Oh, awesome! I noticed the style right away. Really talented people. :)