the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is

The Standard 4 RMN Zombie Games*

*source: member since 2009**


***(never made a gamepage)****

****(it's lost all meaning)

Follow the story of two survivors after an infection has spread across the USA.



I made Earthbound

What are you thinking about right now?

That looks badass! I would have spent many a sick day as a kid playing that

This guy are sick (ノ´Д`)ノ

Who's sick, buddy?

Waiting before/after submit my game

Yes, you have to wait for the gamepage to be approved. If your game page is approved and active then go to Submit Game at the top toolbar :)

Might be time to brush off some original [i]Suikoden[/i].

Summer Movie Wager

Insectiods was awesome!

[RMVX ACE] How to make full screen on start up?

Basically I'm looking to make it where when you start the game it is in fullscreen. I've been looking around and all I seem to find is things that make it fullscreen on start up without black borders. Am I missing something?

I'd rather the game start on fullscreen and if the player wants to alt+enter to make it windowed that's up to them.

Greatly appreciate any help! :D

Summer Movie Wager

I mainly just buy Lego City sets these days and there is a lot you can do with them creatively with the creator packs! But yes, I want more space legos and not so much licensed shit.


Yeah, I agree. That looks weird. If it wasn't cut off it would look better but as it stands...

Screenshot Survival 20XX

That's what I was getting at, except that they said it in a much better way lol