Character generator for VX Ace that does kids?

I did a google search for you and since im at work, the site is blocked by there filter. There is a website apparently called VX Character Generator


I don't know if it's what you need and again I didnt check it out because of my works internet filter, but I hope it helps you out.
That one is essesentially the same as the one in VX Ace but a little less detailed. (Meaning less stuff to pick from)
This isn't that good of an idea, but maybe you could replace your adult sprites with this sprite maker:
(Make sure to cut off the furthest left column)
and use the VX Ace generator for children. That's what I would do. VX ace does have some children sprites already.

Requesting downed sprite.

Here you go :)

good luck on your project!

May I ask on how you did that??

How about some Chuck Norris jokes.

Chuck norris has another fist under his chin.

[Poll] Which game engine do you prefer? (I fixed it)

I said XP was my favorite, scratch that. VX Ace is my new favorite.

[Poll] Which game engine do you prefer? (I fixed it)

Which game engine or toy do you prefer?

I like XP the best!


Nice, may i ask if you drew up that character on your own? Or did you use a face maker or something??

Post an insane lie about the person above you

(Accidentally double posted and didn't know how to delete it, sorry)

Post an insane lie about the person above you

LockeZ is secretly the commander for the highly trained group of monkeys on that error message you see somewhere on YouTube.

[Poll] Which game engine do you prefer? (I fixed it)

So I decided to make another poll about this anyway. Just to make things clear, I do like all of the engines based on what I've seen on YouTube and tutorials and all that. I've tried a trial version of one of them but I can't remember. I have RMXP now though.

Final Fantasy Discovery

The game is super great, by the way! :)
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