I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Ohai, Kloe here, I dunno what to put here...
Kloe X Harold! :D

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Also apparently I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident... I just hope that doesn't make me the Phantom of the Klopera!
Remie and Alana
Confessions of Love appear as a duo of Magical Girls save the world!



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Let's Write... Fanfiction!

I thought I'd reboot the thread since someone asked me to write Kloe x Luigi erotica in 15 minutes... Here we go!

It felt like an hour since the Green Plumber had left the room, and left her in suspense. Her loins burned with burning hot passion as she longed for the Moustached Hero to return.
A moment later she heard the click of a door handle, she couldn't see it though through her blindfold.
She also couldn't move. Her ankles were bound to bed, spreading her legs shamefully, leaving them wide open for use by the italian man. Her arms were likewise bound, leaving her spread eagle on the bed.

She started to tremble with anticipation as she heard the unmistakable sound of a fly being undone, pants hitting the floor and felt the heat of his body as he crept ever closer.
In an instant, she felt the pipe of the tall green-hat-ed hero fill her insides, without a single moment of warning. She moaned, unable to contain her pure pleasure. Kloe could feel his warm breathe on her neck, and as the italian started to thrust viciously, she couldn't contain herself, and was flooded with pleasure as she came so soon. Being left in suspense so long had obviously gotten her pretty worked up.
Luigi then removed his pipe from Kloe's nether regions, to the disappointment of the pink haired gal, so she protested:
"Hey, why'd you sto- MMMMPHHH!"
She was cut off but the sudden filling of her mouth by the huge pipe of the plumber. Her most intimate places also felt the warmth of his breathe across it, making her tickle. She got to work, doing what any good Kloe would do, suck at everything. Soon enough, Luigi's breathing became deep, and soon enough he pulled put his pipe, only to explode upon the horny girl's face. She felt it drip down her face, and tried to lick some up with her tongue, but Luigi, disapproving of this, wacked her face with his pipe.
The girl again, couldn't resist an explosion of her own, but that led to the italian plumber's immediate reply:
"Tut tut tut girl, you did it a-twice! It's a me, Luigi, I did not tell you to, so byebye!"
And with that, she was left in suspense, again...

Happy 4th of July, RMN!

Do they have a 4th of July in Canada?
Though that was more Britain, so Kloe?

No we don't celebrate giving them independance really... ^_^;

Happy 4th of July, RMN!

Happy 4th July all you Americans!

Did not expect the GAYMak the Rainbow event.


I don't have a favourite pizza topping.

I realised pizza toppings don't go well on pasta!

I don't have a favourite pizza topping.

Stat-Man: Homecoming

I was just joking around and being silly, Kloe.

I know, just trying to boost my post count, Mr AlwaysSilent!

Stat-Man: Homecoming

Oooh, I'm coming close to NeSi, maybe I could surpass him... That'd be a feat considering he's never silent! :P
Only because you make a lot of short posts, and I often make long ones. If you really want to know if you've surpassed me, you'll have to count and compare the total number of words in both of our post histories. Let me know the result!

That'll take forever haha, but if someone knows how to compare that easily somehow, please tell me! And yeah, that's true, you do make much longer posts! :D

Stat-Man: Homecoming

He's got over 10000 more posts than Libby, officially making him King of Shitposts!