I've been playing with RM2K since 2000. Been working on my current project since 2006. My approach to game-making involves attempting to do things that I've never seen in other games, and incorporating all of the elements of film making (lighting, music, symbolism, deep structure, plot twists, panning, zooming, cuts, etc.) into game making. The RPG's I've spent the most time playing are FF1 and FF6, followed by Super Mario RPG, FF4, and FF5.
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Approaching Events

(I use RM2K)
An event can overlap another event if they're in different layers. But the thing is, if your "below hero" event is a tile from your chipset, and that tile is set to not passable, then it won't pass through. If you make a below hero event and pick any random charset as the graphic, I assure you that another event can walk over it. If you select a tile from your chipset that's passable and set it as "below hero" then another event can walk over it. So I imagine that you had an impassable tile selected.

World Maps

You might feel more comfortable with a "world map" that is actually just one very small continent, subcontinent, or island country (i.e. Australia, Madagascar, or England), and there's just no airship or boat to explore beyond its borders and see the rest of the world. That would satisfy your sense of scale better. Then if you were worried about the realism of speed of travel, meaning traveling that fast on foot is unrealistic but there's no airship access, then you can give your heroes horses to ride on. Or you could just assume that their planet is much smaller than ours.

I personally grew-up with world maps and can't really imagine making a game that doesn't have one. Walking from one location to the next appeases me a lot more than the seamless transition. It feels more real to me. and this is a role-playing game. You play the role of this character, you're theoretically supposed to be commanding their body and living their experiences, and in real life I don't just teleport from one place to the next without being aware of the travel process.

RM2K(3) charsets that match monstersets

Okay, I might end-up with the generic random encounter graphics. Here's what I made just now:

You've got like regular monsters, and then the second one for bosses and/or elite monsters that you might hunt for power-leveling purposes. It's meant to resemble the symbol that elite creatures in WoW have, since I'm not super creative.

In-Game Death/Battles

Well that's called an ABS. I could try to explain how I would make one, but I'm sure it's much safer to just look for an ABS tutorial.

RM2K(3) charsets that match monstersets

I guess I should also ask: do you think people occasionally do what I'm trying to do in community projects? Meaning a charset for every monster. Or does everybody just get around it? I don't think I've ever seen it done in community games, but I've probably only played like 10-15 games, and I'm also confident that there are more ambitious games out there than what I've sampled.

RM2K(3) charsets that match monstersets

@Happy Awesome, thank you. I guess if I used any of the charsets you posted, I would need to recolor the others that I already have, which are in color. I do have the color versions of some of these, so maybe that's a start. If I could get the originals of any of these, I would probably be most interested in that thing the very top right that looks like a brontosaurus with 9 heads. Like a... brontosaurus hydra or w/e. I have that monster set already and had it picked-out as one that I wanted to use.

Thanks for the help. I did consider the generic one art to represent all monsters. I kind of wanted the player to be able to distinguish between... I guess you could call it regular monsters and elite monsters. Meaning much stronger monsters that offer much more experience, so that you have the option of speeding your grind up. Theoretically I could always fix that by just making a generic regular monster charset and an elite monster charset.

RM2K(3) charsets that match monstersets


Wow is an understatement. Because, although you weren't helpful, I just realized that you live one town over from me. So that's pretty neat.

RM2K(3) charsets that match monstersets

Hello, my game has touch encounters, therefore I've decided that for every enemy type in my game, I'm going to need matching charsets and monstersets. They don't have to be so very identical, but for example, if I have an ogre monsterset, I can't use it unless I find a corresponding ogre charset. I'm not looking for ogres in particular, in fact, I have a match for that, but my question is...

I have hundreds, maybe thousands of monstersets on my hard drive, but very few charsets of said monsters. I have looked through the resources of many websites, but the monster charset selection seems pretty poor. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe you know of a website that has a good selection of RM2K(3) charsets that look good and are of monsters.

Stat customization - How do you think it should be done?

I should have said before, but I thought it was obvious, stat boosters that you can buy an unlimited amount of in stores, and have a reasonable price tag, are pretty overpowered. For anyone who's played Don's Adventures, the RM2K sample game by Don Miguel, it included stat boosters for 200 GP, and after you bought the first few, your power level began to spiral out of control. If that game was epic, instead of just a demo, it would get easy as hell after the first hour of gameplay. Even if the price was jacked-up to... 300 times the price of a potion, I still think they behave in an exponential manner -- after the first few you purchase, they begin to get easier and easier to farm and the whole thing spirals out of control.

So anyways, no matter what, I don't think you should offer them as an unlimited commodity with a fixed price. If the price rises each time you buy one, or if there's a limited supply, then it's more acceptable. Or if, instead of an item, you just handle it like Super Mario RPG, where you can pick which stat(s) gets a boost on level-up, then that would be another solution.

Also, slightly less on-topic, you can also have stat customization when characters first join the party, like D&D.

Button Mash - Forcing the player to use different skills

It definitely reminds me a lot more of my second to last suggestion. Mid-read I thought "well this interrupt seems like it might be the right play every time, how are you going to stop it from just always being the correct play?" and then the cooldown made me feel better about it. Pretty good design.