I've been playing with RM2K since 2000. Been working on my current project since 2006, and never finished a game. My approach to game-making involves attempting to do things that I've never seen in other games, and incorporating all of the elements of film making (lighting, music, symbolism, deep structure, plot twists, panning, zooming, cuts, etc.) into game making. The RPG's I've spent the most time playing are FF1 and FF6, followed by Super Mario RPG, FF4, and FF5.



(Solved) My Avatar Gone

Oh, okay, I get it. I didn't know my avatar was still linking to an external website. I thought it was uploaded and hosted on rmn.

(Solved) My Avatar Gone

For the past 10 years or so, I've had a picture of "The Most Interesting Man In The World" as my forum avatar. It was probably more relevant and resonant back then than it would be now. Either way, to the extent that I have any sort of recognition or brand on this site (I mostly don't), that avatar may be associated with it.

Well anyways, my avatar is now blank. Did some moderator delete it due to some reason? I could reupload it if it just got lost for no reason. If it got deleted with reasons, then no one sent me a message of their reasoning; so I mean... lesson not learned and I'll just do it again.

The Sun Is A Star

Looks interesting, I shall have to check this out. ^_^

Thank you :-)

The Sun Is A Star

This looks interestning, nice to see a rm2000 game. How long playtime is it? Hard to say exactly of`course but 5, 10-15...? Gonna try this in any case. Maybe the first RM2000 with a party of six, i`ve seen.


I'm guessing it would take an uninitiated player about 15-25 hours. I wanted to balance the game so that it takes 0 grinding outside of fighting on the direct route. There are no random encounters, so you can try to juke your way around all of the normal mobs.

Brainstorming new game!! Possibly...

For the paragraph about a protagonist having no offense during the first war:
You could make a field medic where the early gameplay involves casting healing magic on wounded soldiers as they enter your medical tent, and occasionally using the one offensive ability on any riff raff who infiltrate. But as time marches on, your field medic should be inquiring nearby people like guards or wounded soldiers to teach more offensive skills, since it's becoming increasingly obvious that your safety will be in peril if you don't learn new offense.

Post Download of Incomplete Game?

Thank you for the input. I did the ol' reupload, and the installer appears to be associated with the game now.

As to the question about the installer size, it is 32 MB.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

Post Download of Incomplete Game?

I'm pretty sure I included a game installer with my game upload. My game has been approved, but the installer is not included. My game is currently incomplete, but about 85% done. At first, I thought "it's okay that the download is missing, this gives me time to enhance the game before anyone starts playing it. I can add the installer later." At any rate, as time goes by, my game will shift further down the list of "New Games," and lose visibility before anyone plays it.

I'd like feedback of whether it's preferred to post a game download while the game is in progress so people can try out the incomplete version, or if I should wait until it's complete. Do people mind playing incomplete games?

The current amount of quality gameplay is probably 12-20 hours before the towns and dungeons start getting janky / incomplete in what would be the final 2-5 hours of gameplay.

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but the characters not standing on the ground in the battle backgrounds really bother me.

I'm not super happy about it, but I basically needed to take-up all of the vertical real estate (the screen is only 15 tiles tall, and it takes 12 tiles just to display HP and initiative meters). So options include dealing with it, or using a battle background that is 100% ground. I can try to go looking for panoramas that look good and have more ground, but like... finding panoramas that even look good to begin with can be hard, and finding ones that are tailored to exactly my game is basically not going to happen. I could try putting the character, initiative meter, and HP all on one tile, but that would be more crowded than I'm accustomed to seeing in RPG's. However... here's an alternative layout sample of what else it could look like.

The Sun Is A Star

I don't mess with the older makers any more, but how did you get those fonts so crispy and pixely? :wow:

Some of my systems are influenced by how the systems were done in an RM2K game called "Final Fantasy: Crystal Wings." So there's a few things going on...
-A lot of the font you see in the menu systems are actually pictures, not "Show Message" type stuff. I'm making them in IDraw using the "Tahoma,8,1,0" font. The letters have a shading of one black pixel to the right of the white pixels. I used to draw the black shading in manually, until I realized a faster way -- now I select black font color, drag the black text into the picture, and then select white font color, and drag that on top of the black font, but one pixel to further to the left (so sometimes white pixels will be on top of black pixels).
-Sometimes, I also use chipsets to display text. In particular, there's a chipset that is all blue menu looking graphics and also contains some text like "Owned Items," "Equipped Items," "GP," "Attack," "Speed," and so on.
-I also sometimes use Charsets to display text. Specifically, I have charsets for the numbers 0-99 and 00. So, in order to display stat numbers, I set an event to be a numerical charset and tell it to face a particular way to display a particular number, and split it up every two digits.
-For the "Show Message" font in dialogue (has a green background), which I don't think you're asking about, I used the RM2K Font Patch. https://www.indiedb.com/games/the-sewers/downloads/rpg-maker-2000-font-patch


Please check new game description and screenshots. I've spoiled so many things. So many.