I've been playing with RM2K since 2000. Been working on my current project since 2006. My approach to game-making involves attempting to do things that I've never seen in other games, and incorporating all of the elements of film making (lighting, music, symbolism, deep structure, plot twists, panning, zooming, cuts, etc.) into game making. The RPG's I've spent the most time playing are FF1 and FF6, followed by Super Mario RPG, FF4, and FF5.
The Sun Is A Star
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Keyboard Problem

I had this problem last night, and found another thread on this forum through google regarding this problem.

What the RM2K troubleshooting guide says: "It's time for you to get a new keyboard."

What the other thread said: The member replaced his keyboard and the problem went away.

If your friend (or anyone else having this problem) doesn't want to get a new keyboard, here's what I have to say: I shut down my computer last night, turned it back-on today, and in limited testing, it's begun to work again. I don't know if it's a matter of time before I get the same problem, or if it's permanently gone away.