I love writing and developing games with the Ren'Py visual novel engine. I've been learning about the engine, seeing a little improvement with each of my games. I joined RMN due to my interest in online audiences and freeware games (such as Misao, Mad Father, Cave Story, Mokego Castle, Desert Nightmare and Mermaid Swamp).

Cavia porcellus
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Interested in being the first to play/test an experimental visual novel?

I'm not sure if this is the correct section to post this forum, my apologies in advance. Here, I'm reaching out to the excellent RMN community to seek feedback on my short 'experimental' visual novel (which is complete, save for art).

Please note me if you're interested in testing!
I'm looking for people who have the time to leave constructive feedback.

Cavia porcellus (meaning guinea pig) is an experimental visual novel with a unique plot and mildly 'unsettling' content. You are placed in the role of an Ethical Administration Intern with an enigmatic research company called GP Ltd.. With each passing week, 'something' in your work changes, and tasks that may have started out innocent quickly seem to be turning into something strange or even sinister.

Cavia porcellus is a psychological exploration that asks - "does every choice matter?"

- original story by Leigh
- backgrounds drawn by L. Dickinson
- soundtrack/music by megupets
- 2 endings with a play-time of ~15 minutes


Zombie Daughter game sketch

Update: Thank you all for the constructive comments and good advice :) In retrospect it might not be the best time right now for me to be thinking about making games and learning rpgmaker, since I've started a pretty busy new semester @ the University of Calgary. Ideally, I'd test out the "game" genre with making something simple and short when I have more time, like on ren'py. This plot is just a bit ambitious for right now. So you probably won't see much from me (for now) but one day, I'll probably get started with a visual novel. Until that day I'll remain here learning, lurking around and playing or reviewing the games of unsuspecting developers (!)


A woman finds herself in the bedroom of an abandoned Gothic mansion that looks like something out of a B-horror movie. Worse, she can't remember a thing about her past or how she got here. All she knows is she has to get out!
The house is filled with zombie monsters that want to eat human flesh!

Some years ago . . . A woman named Kanon had a daughter. This child was very weak and sickly. Kanon was a doctor who would do anything to save her daughter, and began developing a "forever formula" that would bring anyone who died back to life. Kanon's daughter died one night and Kanon secretly administered the forever formula to her daughter's lifeless body. Her daughter woke up, but as a vicious animal who had to be locked away for the safety of everyone.

"We built a facility underground
We kept our test subjects in the house above
I promised myself I would find the cure for death"

How did Canon lose her memories? Who put her in the zombie house?
A somehow familiar dead girl is following her . . . why?

The house is divided in to four main sections with a center section that is locked to the outside. Progressing in the game will involve finding a key in each wing of the house. Each wing has a boss fight to gain the key, some bosses I have in mind include "mother/daughter pair" "vain woman" "escaped prisoner" etc. There will be puzzles too, and objects to find such as in the style of Mad Father or the Witch's House

"Canon/Kanon" protagonist, a woman in her early thirties who was once a doctor, her last name is Dureve, French for "of dreams"
Really, I can't decide between Canon or Kanon . . .

I dreamed last night a terrible nightmare. In this nightmare I was alone, and trapped inside a house filled with monsters. Except, these monsters seemed all too human. And the "nightmare" was all to real

"Nome" antagonist, a young ambitious man who used to work with Canon, he locked her in this house for reasons currently unknown . . .

Most of what you've seen in this house tonight has been a creation of your own mind. Imaginary. Like a child talking to a stuffed animal fully believing it to be real

"Melody" Canon's daughter who died of an illness five years ago

"Mommy . . . don't you . . . love me?"
"Mommy . . . I really . . . love you"
"Did you . . . forget . . . me?"


Revemort (death of dreams) is a novella-type story I have on FictionPress under Leigh Aldridge "In a morally ambiguous future where euthanasia is legal, a young doctor named Sol Kuromeru is tasked with the challenge of creating a suicide drug that will result in the perfect way to die. Death by dreaming. Revemort. Dream Death. A bit of human experimentation and a bizarre story of pure and obsessive love!"

Darling Ai my favourite "The year is 2050 and humanity is in decline. Nuclear wars and pollution are killing off the human race, making room for a new breed of human, created in a laboratory. Life for an artificial human however, as Darling and Kagami find, is far from ideal"

Finally Lemon CO & Excess Days rated M "A warped take on the speculative dystopian genre. In a corrupt Liberal dictatorship, 21 year old Kohl E Simon works in distributing the illegal sour drug "Lemon CO" in New America 2020"

You can always follow me @ALA0430 or YouTube me at MeAndMyIPOD17
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