The site owner spouts white supremacist garbage and the mods react to my concerns by laughing at me. I'm not going to put up with a toxic community like this anymore.



RMN BossRush ---CLOSED---

RMN BossRush ---CLOSED---

Make me a a loli spellcaster with a staff who has either green or pink hair.

@Unity: It's common for a fully armored person to not have any visible gender traits.


Go ahead and pull a Somalian Suicide.


Can I be the new admin?

You'll have to beat Kentona in a cage match to gain admin rights.

EDIT: I'd like not to give admin rights to LockeZ. His playstyle is way too unpredictable. If he ran the forums, he'd just ban and warn posters at random until shitposting stopped.

LightningLord2's Character Bin

I'm already deep into characters written for my game and I need an outlet to keep myself from pushing more characters into it. So, here you can ask me for any help regarding to characters - I'll write some basic character info for starting off, help with scenes developing characters you already have or maybe even do some sample dialogues.

I may not have a game out yet, but you can count on me spending lots of time on this forum, so you won't have to wait too long for a response. So, come in and ask away~

PS: If traffic gets low, I might drop in some character ideas, either basic concepts, written out templates or elaborately described ones, ready to be put/retrofitted into your game(s).


Oh, is yuno wearing those Devout Shoulders? Okay...

I'll run in first and gather up the eggs. We'll focus on blasting them with AOE. I'll scatter them first with Intimidating Shout so we don't fight too many at once. When it wears off, I'll need fearful to drop his shout as well, so we can still keep some of them off of us. Then LockeZ should do the same thing to keep them at bay. One of our casters needs Divine Intervention so they can AE, they'll be coming at us really fast. Think we can take them down quick enough? I feel this plan could work. What do you think, Liberty? Can I get a number crunch on this?

THROWDOWN! Fight to the finish! Who will survive!?

Jesus can revive 3 days after getting killed, but since it takes God to do so, it will not be factored in.

As a Jedi, we'll assume that he'll hold a lightsaber, which grants him an edge in close combat. Force powers are also pretty nice, but they barely give him any abilities he doesn't already have. Moses will be able to hold him off on range due to his water control powers; all Jesus can do against it is turn it into wine, which won't help. The Zenkai won't really be factor in this battle, as in on the chance Jesus will land a strong enough hit, Moses will be done for. On physical strength, Jesus struggled with carrying his cross to Golgatha, Moses survived in the desert for three days without water and also climbed a mountain to carry done stone tablets twice. He definitely has the edge, especially since he'll turn into a great ape during full moon, which is just too big for Jesus to cut into pieces - though there is the chance he'll hit the tail with the lightsaber, which force powers might be able to.

I would say Moses has the edge, but it depends on how well Jesus can use the lightsaber.

Ben Brode (lead Designer for Hearthstone) vs. Mark Rosewater (lead Designer for Magic the Gathering)


I want the hate forums so I have an outlet to make angry people even more pissed off. Also, the best choice for new admins would be an infinite amount of monkeys with laptop PCs, since they'll eventually program a perfect RMN.

Baldur's Gate Siege of Dragonspear Controversy

I have no problem with Amber Scott pissing off fake gamer guys, as discouraging whiny manbabies from playing a game makes the community a better place.

Drastically changing a setting or character is always pretty bad for people who are familiar with it, so they usually won't like it even if the new version is much better.

Mizhena being transgender would probably not feel to outstanding if she wasn't the only transgender person in the game. In fact, I would support the ability to tell her that you were also wrongly identified as a boy/girl.

Race and Gender in Games

In response to the above, you can avoid a woman in your game to represent women in general by having more female characters in your game with different personalities and opinions, which also dampens the impact of a character having stereotypical traits. The same applies for skin color, religion, sexual attraction, gender identity and pretty much any other way you can make a character different.

Reviving this thread for another discussion round: As you may know, there's been some talk/critizism/whiny manbabies complaining/etc. about Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, primarily through the inclusion of a trans woman named Mizhena. I'm not really willing to discuss the character here, rather, I want to raise a few questions about trans people in games in general:

-How do you write trans characters?
-How can you convey a character being trans effectively without it feeling "forced"?
-How do you avoid your work being transphobic (or being percieved as such)?
-How do you write a character arc dealing with the trans character's gender identity?

I heavily encourage bringing in opinions from transgender folks you know - or bring your own if you are trans!