The site owner spouts white supremacist garbage and the mods react to my concerns by laughing at me. I'm not going to put up with a toxic community like this anymore.



What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

When am I gonna get off my lazy butt and start actually making a game...doesn't matter if its a demo or full fledged game....when?!

You should do it first chance you get. Here's a few things you might wanna do for a training project:

-Create an item for a fetch quest
-Map out a single dungeon
-Give loot in a treasure chest
-Write a cutscene with some dialogue, probably involving your main character
-Event a boss fight with a custom pattern and/or skill(s)

If you're willing to do even more, use a graphic you sprited/drew yourself and a song you composed somewhere. It'll help you figure which parts you're good at and which ones you want to focus on. Just note that there's no way around eventing.

Making Grinding Fun

Yes, I also think the problem that grinding is considered boring is just a side effect of a greater issue, which is that battles in general are boring.

This is a problem I cannot understand - my test project in RPG Maker has a boss with weakness changing, a telegraphed power attack and consistent threat of being silenced - I spent a total of about 30 minutes working on that boss, from design to actual implementation. Why do people have such a hard time thinking of anything at all?

Making Grinding Fun

Super Mario RPG has a few Starman power ups on the overworld. Pick one up and you can instantly beat the on-map encounters by running them over. After the carnage, you get all exp for these battles at once.

I don't remember which game it was but I do remember one where you could call up a monster group and challenge yourself by adding more monsters or higher level versions - this way you could increase the amount of experience output you got by grinding on a bigger group of monsters. It also let you see how hard the battle was going to be before you began, so you could create a custom battle quickly by adding area enemies and increasing levels to meet your own.

Sounds like Knights of Pen & Paper to me.

[RMVX ACE] Demo or no demo?

Demos don't make sense for a commercial project since most players who play them to begin with are ones who are out to buy the game. It's more likely for them to turn off interested players than entice others to buy a game they otherwise wouldn't have.

Conker Is Back In Young Conker For The Microsoft HoloLens - And People Are Pi*sed!!!

Sounds like a typical case of "We hate this game with a burning passion, but we'll buy it anyways".

[RMVX] How do I make a world map item with X abd Y cords

1. Advertising games on the forum is forbidden
2. This kind of question belongs to "Help Me!", not here.

So, they dropped the first Ghostbusters trailer.

Though I'm not into Ghostbusters very much (the title song being the only thing I care about), I feel that this movie should still be supported. If it were to flop, it could mean that Hollywood thinks women as main characters don't sell.

[RMMV] [SOLVED] "Doom" type status effect

The plugin already displays for how many turns a state lasts, this isn't necessary. Also, it makes it easier to implement effects that resist/cure Doom.

[RMMV] [SOLVED] "Doom" type status effect

1. Get Yanfly's Buffs&States Core.

2. Make the status effect to last however many rounds you want it to take for the KO to take effect.

3. Put this in the Doom State notetag:

<Custom Leave Effect>
</Custom Leave Effect>

Assuming State number 1 is your Death state.

This way, once the Doom state expires, the afflicted target will die. It will not occur if the Doom state is removed beforehand.

What are the most simple battle systems that still work well?

Monster Girl Quest is actually a very good example - the battle system is a very basic turn-based one with only 1v1 fights (with groups being considered one enemy still). What makes it deep and interesting is that you need to read exactly what the opponent is doing and which skills work in your current situation. For instance, one of the skills you get is a divebombing attack which you can only use in places where you can climb on something. It helps that the game is fairly linear and every encounter is pre-designed rather than random.