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Character development with a large cast

There's a borderline case in Inazuma Eleven - most of the players in the game don't have any story relevance and use a generic set of lines during matches, but they all have a unique name, sprite, bio, stat spread and (default) skill set. As of now, there's over 2000 such characters, being pretty much proof that there's no such thing as too many characters.

[RMMV] Damage not working

I actually like logarithmic scaling, as it works well with a linear stat growth. In a logarithmic system, the difference between 10 and 20 is of the same magnitude as the one between 1010 and 1020.

Adventure and Mystery games. What we like and don't like.

Why not make an adventure/mystery game with more RPG-ish content? You could have items to help out in certain situations or have staple functions (gathering evidence, using devices etc.) to make the player think about where to use them. Also, some skills like Detect Lies, Hide, Disguise etc. that can be used for overworld navigation/interaction would be pretty cool as well.

Battles would work if they have a similar deductive and puzzle-like approach, which means that fixed battles would be favourable over random ones.

Designing a Boss Monster (Giruveganus)

I'd probably take out the lightning head first due to having dangerous control abilities with Stop and Death, then the fire head because of how powerful its attacks become when it's the only head left. The ice head seems to be the least dangerous of the three. Though if you counted the HP damage, you could weaken the fire head before taking out the ice head, since it doesn't heal up after the others are down.

Character development with a large cast

There is something important that needs to be said - it is said that increasing the roster also makes developing harder, but an important aspect is that having other characters helps the one you want to develop stand out, especially in dialogues/events where you see them do things the others do not. With the same amount of lines, I could probably develop four characters better than one individual, simply by means of dialogue and such.

@PentagonBuddy: Touhou's idea of having open-ended characters is actually a double-edged sword - while it does leave a lot of room for creative interpretations and fan material, the canon becomes less interesting if it doesn't have anything of note for the character. Also, Touhou is an example of a large cast gone wrong because the author seems to be unable to keep up with the size of the roster (the recent game had a plot about an invasion on the moon, which is guarded by two characters deemed too overpowered for the canon. Obviously, these two aren't even mentioned in that game).

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

35 bosses in a row is too much?
Never stopped Bravely Default.
these bosses in my game are literally called asterisk bearers

(coming up with Squaresoft characters to represent the Oracle and Mediator jobs in these boss fights is pretty horrible)

I suggest playing through an entry with plenty NPCs and pick some random extra nobody cares about.

LockeZ designs boss battles for you

I think this is repeated every page on this thread (and the one at Game Design), but as long as LockeZ is still active on RMN, you can expect him to post in this thread sooner or later.

RMMV: Taunts?

As much as I like this effect, it's technically not what you're looking for. What Taunt does is that you can make enemies unable to use physical/magical/certain-hit attacks on targets without Taunt. That script also offers means to attack past taunt (with states or specific skills) and to make a target's Taunt effect ineffective.

Do you include character customizations?

I find it ironic that advanced 3D graphics are easier in terms of making characters customizable than games using 2D sprites.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

I've got another conundrum. In Steel Spirit SaGa, people can only equip one type of weapon, however in SaGa Frontier 2, the game blatantly ripping off inspired by. Any character could equip any weapon. So I was wondering if I should give the player more freedom to give the characters more equipment, or stick to what I have already?

You'll need to make alternate builds of characters viable for this to be meaningful, since most games that restrict equipment have specialized characters that couldn't use other weapons as effectively. It also depends on how much difference each weapon type makes - significant differences make free weapon usage more viable.