The site owner spouts white supremacist garbage and the mods react to my concerns by laughing at me. I'm not going to put up with a toxic community like this anymore.



What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

I've got a pretty dumb idea about a way to totally screw up normal RPG combat, and I'm pretty sure it will be an unplayable disaster. The Game Swap Event seems like a perfect opportunity to try it out while avoiding responsibility for my actions.

I'm interested - now the question is if you make someone suffer through your garbage game design and have them keep going with it or if you throw a wrench into someone's perfectly good project by completely ruining it with your idea.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Alright, once you get to Iliasport in Monster Girl Quest, the game actually challenges to a reasonable degree. Also, the game really loves throwing overpowered characters at you way before you're able to beat them.

Using Chance well in games

Here I got an article in favor of and one mostly against randomness in RPGs.

Using Chance well in games

I can think of a few places where I believe randomness fulfills a purpose:

-Enemy Setups
Pretty simple in thought. A group with of five brigands with melee weapons is simplistic, but if one also has a shield and two use bows instead, the encounter would play out differently. Maybe they can also have charge skills, fire bombs or healing potions. Just varying the types of enemies and their skills can trip up the player and require different tactics.

-Secondary Effects
Hit chances are pretty much just annoying to me. However, secondary effects make the hit/miss thing not a binary where your attack is either fully effective or does nothing at all. Having this chance mechanic in your combat will completely abolish losses because the party's attacks missed too often.

A good amount of randomness keeps your AI from being completely predictable. While there should be patterns and tendencies, some situations and enemies should have random actions to leave uncertainty.

How do you go about creating a game?

I generally try to keep building things in order to get the project to move forward - probably not a well-organized way, but it's reliable in getting you to progress.

A mixture of zelda and FF ?

I'm not sure what game design you wanna take from there, but the interface looks terrible.


The Unequals

Person that should be buried != dead

[RMVX ACE] Control Variables & Parallel Processing

Actually, I wouldn't use a common event for that milestone - for each plant event, I'd count up the variable once, then check the variable if it's 500, and if so, gain 1k EXP.

Collaborator(s) for Important, Emotional, Narrative-driven RPG Needed

Basically, contacting people who know about those Troubled Teen facilities is your best bet in this. Alternatively, look around in literature about stories and documentaries related to the topic. I wish I had any recommendations, but my literary knowledge is mostly on the whimsical side.

EDIT: By the way, not knowing much about mechanics design ain't much of a problem - games like Gone Home and The Stanley Parable are almost devoid of any gameplay elements, yet they're still critically acclaimed. Still, it is quite a challenge to convey a story through a game, since most other media lack interactivity.