The site owner spouts white supremacist garbage and the mods react to my concerns by laughing at me. I'm not going to put up with a toxic community like this anymore.



Ideas that YOU want in the Remake of Zero Gear Fighters

My requested feature would be to have the game have a game page on RMN instead of being advertised on the forums.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

The exclude unneeded files thing can't tell when a file is being used by a script.

Make unused battle animations that use sound effects and graphics only featured in scripts so that the file stripper doesn't touch them. Music files can be saved this way by using them in inaccessible maps. That's at least one way I can think of to keep the stripper from making mistakes.

[RMMV] Rough Skin-like properties

This plugin lets you make your enemy use a fire damage skill with burn chance whenever attacked. It doesn't require any JavaScript to do, even, unless you want the skill damage to scale based on the damage taken.

Discrimination within the narrative

make the people racist to robot people.

problem solved! i think?

"You humans are afraid of a little robot competition. You would never let a robot on the field."
"What are you talking about? I see plenty of robots out there."
"Yeah, doing crap work. Robots are only working as bat boys, ball polishers and sprinkler systems. But how many robot managers are there?"
-Throws a bottle on the ground; a robot cleans it up-
"And look who's cleaning up the crap! A human child? I wish!"

Discrimination within the narrative

Agreed 100%.

As for my own favourite example of a discrimination-focused narrative would be the civil war in Skyrim:

The main conflict there is between the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks. The Legion is currently the force in power, seeking to have a unified empire to stand against the Dominion (and also get rid of the Thalmor, which everybody hates). However, they're strongly authoritary, forbidding the worship of Talos (punishable by death) and generally being very hostile towards anyone who might be affliated with Ulfric. The stormcloaks fight against this injustice, as they believe that Skyrim should be the home of the Nords. Ulfric Stormcloak isn't exactly a saint, either - he incited the whole war by murdering High King Torygg to gain the power to do so (it is implied that Torygg would have possibly sympathized with the Stormcloaks), and it is likely that he won't be any fairer if he were to rule Skyrim over Tullius.

[RMMV] Rough Skin-like properties

Just replace the calculations for damage with a static value (In Rough Skin's case, it'd be {Math.ceil(target.mhp/6)}).

Discrimination within the narrative

@Rine RE the x-men thing:

Non-powered mutants were targeted too - whose only 'powers' were looking different or having a sense that was a bit better than average. You know, having green skin or being able to see in the dark or having a good sense of smell and stuff like that. Those people were also thrown into slave camps, tortured, killed and generally treated like the scum of the earth along with the other mutants who did have powers that might have rocked the heavens a bit.

The thing is, it wasn't like those people just came out of nowhere - they were born normal people whose powers awoke in their teens. So basically the mobs started chasing after kids and killing/enslaving/torturing them. Frankly it's no wonder there were mutants who lashed back, which caused even bigger issues because then people would use that as a reason to kill/enslave/torture even more.

I mean, when you wake up one day and suddenly have your body turning into slime on you, the last thing that's going to help you out is suddenly being labelled as a freak, monster and less-than-human by a group of assholes who want to kill/hurt/use you. There's a lot more slime kids than there are super-powered mutants around

Hell, the populace of the world have no fucking problem with super hero groups at all! It's not about the powers because there are a ton of super powered beings who are accepted by society completely! It's about being a mutant. Fantastic 4, Avengers, Force Works, Earth Force, Captain Britain, Defenders - just a few teams of super-powered heroes who do not have mutants among them but are considered heroes by the normal populace. Hell, there are event some teams that have mutants on them but still thought of as heroes, but when those characters are by themselves they are still descriminated against because, get this, they are mutants!

:shock gasp:

Eh, I think it works.

From what I've got, the general conflict in the X-Men goes three ways - The mutant hunters of mankind consider all people with the X Gene a threat that needs to be eliminated (as the powers are often very hard to control). Professor X of the university, although often regarded as the most powerful mutant, tries to help them control themselves so they can live normal lives with humans. Magneto, head of the Brotherhood, isn't having any of that - he sees mutants as the superior species who should rule above the normal civilians (pretty ironic considering he's a jew who escaped from a concentration camp).

What does RMN even STAND FOR?

Robot Manufacturing Network

[RMVX ACE] Need Feedback

If you brainstorm game ideas, you can take it to the "What are you thinking about (game development edition)?" topic.

[RMVX ACE] Looking for Team to join

How am I supposed to believe you could finish this project if you already failed 5 times? That's not a person I would want to collaborate with.