Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Well, I'm an old guy, 71(crap,there goes another year:( who loves RPGs, especially Action, Adven., ever since my older brother got me hooked on The Legend of Zelda.
Would LOVE to create a game of my own. Even purchased the ACE program, but got frustrated when I could not even make a decent town river :(
But that's ok, I still love these independent games..


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Under the Tree
Christmas RPG? Something like that.
Lost Land: Ruin VX Episo...
Remake of the RPG Maker 2003 game, Lost Land Ruin.
Obelisk: Devilkiller
A battle-packed contest entry for the RMVX Ace Nugget Crash Course
Final Fantasy 1 meets Megaman for Robot Stomping Fun
Turnabout Steampunk
An Ace Attorney fan-game in a steampunk AU
Almost Heroic
Ludum Dare 33, August 21st-24th, 2015, Theme: "You are the Monster"
Eternal Paradise
In a misguided attempt to protect all that he's ever loved, one man is willing to purge the lives of millions to attain his eternal paradise.
An entry for McBacon Jam #2 . That's all. You can stop reading this now.
Live To Tell the Tale
Prepare your town for a monster invasion!
Forever's End
After being labeled a traitor, ex-Captain Epoch Lander must decide whether to accept his fate or fight his former allies for what he believes to be the greater good: even if it means fighting alone.
Seraphic Blue (English)
The sophisticated tale of a seraphic entity with a powerful message behind it...
Pokémon Dawn
Zombies all over the world
Arum, the RM Universe
Arum is meant to be a unified setting, a game world where various developers can work in their projects, sharing the same background.