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Screenshot Survival 20XX

the rtp has a wider variety of settings than reusing nothing but rudras and suikoden chipsets for six years (and not even having played the games, which is the real travesty). gamingworld more like creative bankruptcy world

you're a sad strange little man!!
- buzz aldrin ^^


MD is just giving you shit for something that doesn't matter
I have to agree here! Plagiarism is not important, if it is a big deal then why is Zynga such a popular company?

The Visitor o_o

Design & Beauty: A Look At Art Direction

Some people might benefit a bit more from understanding the why of art design before addressing the how.

I wouldn't call it rambling though, because the article is structured nicely and has a thesis which is supported through evidence and a logical conclusion. Perhaps ghost-kun will create another entry in the series to address the theory now that the design groundwork has been laid.

or maybe he won't and is all design, no theory (sumimasen!!!)

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Are you saying you've made everything on that screen from scratch? I have my doubts as it looks nothing short of professional

I can understand this sentiment because most people in this community do not have a desire to take their craft beyond a hobby.

I am certain it is real because no existing game has been made with those graphics ^^

Trillogy of FF Fangames. Staff needed.

I don't know how to put this in a way that won't sound mean!! gomen!!

You are not going to get any takers for this and if you do they will not really be the types you can depend on. Building a team and listing yourself as only a writer will not generate the "rapport" you need to bring your dreams to the screen!

Please re-think what you want to do and first set some realistic goals for yourself.

ganbatte kudasai ^^

vacant sky's failure and the trends of selling rtp to stupid humans

If you want you can learn to do the art yourself, but OH GOD THAT TAKES MONTHS OF WORK according to you that's basically a waste of time amirite?

This all depends on your aspirations!!! Okay!

Do you want to broaden your skills, impress others and yourself, and learn all parts of the design process? Do you want to enrich your mind and creative ability in the long-run? Go for self-help..

Do you just want to write a story, build an interactive world, and be more of a businessperson? Utilize maximum cash money.......

whichever path the children of the earth choose to take, have a ganbatte kudasai ^^

vacant sky's failure and the trends of selling rtp to stupid humans

*sigh* Nobody cares about art anymore.

Stupid; this whole world...

vacant sky's failure and the trends of selling rtp to stupid humans

you guys are unable to envision the final collapse of capitalism? incredible!
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