23 year-old female gamer from the UK.
I like kittens and shiny things.



RMNverse Adventure Time!

>Let's get that chest first!

Let's Play Hero's Realm! Episode 5 has arrived!

I forgot about this actually. >:

Now I want to know how Weiner is holding up against dem monsters.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Updated version of this one. I wanted to get away from plain blue and go with more of a slate.

There's still a lot to change, like the cursor, the character graphics, and that annoying comma that doesn't want to show up in the EXP value but is okay with TNL...

Also the way the 'Exp.' text is all squished together, and I'm not even sure I like the icons any more...

At any rate, I've been mostly working on the story (hence the new name) recently. It's going to be a long time until I'm anywhere near happy with it.

I need to start shouting at myself whenever I put things off because they take too long. It shouldn't need to take anyone two days to arrange ripped sprites into an animation image. OTL

The Screenshot Topic Returns

There's a mysterious carrot in the corner.

I think that's the cursor.

author=Feldschlacht IV

i dont understand

You really, really don't want to, but if you must...

Austin and the Desert Heart Trio

Critical hit to the nads!

RMNverse Adventure Time!

>Don the bucket as a helmet, and the mop as a sword

Had to be done.

RMNverse Adventure Time!

>Take sandwich and say thank you, then give your mum a hug.

RMNverse Adventure Time!

You get into your clothes, push the potion into your pocket (who knows, it could come in handy!) and mentally prepare for the day ahead. That annoying voice is still shouting up at you to wake up.

> Go downstairs and investigate.
> Shout "shut up!"
> Ignore the voice and check out your bookshelf.
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