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Misaos 2012

I am all for the less anti-demo Misaos. (You could have always separated them - best story in a demo, best story in a full game, but EVERYTHING YOU DO IS WRONG RMN IS A CESSPOOL THE MAYANS ARE COMING I AM FULL OF NAPALM AND BULLSHIT etc.)

Time to blanket-vote for Star-Stealing Prince.

This x255.

Star Stealing Prince Finale (Full V.1.1)

Gosh, this is every bit as amazingly beautiful as the demo had me thinking it would be. I've been playing it for hours and I just... don't know where the time went.

I'm finding the battles without Snowe a little difficult, but I'm guessing I just need to check over my equipment and possibly train up a bit more.

Erio: Since I've touched {Snowe's} blood...
Relenia: Do I want to know what he means by blood?

Oh gosh, even more erotica. As if Snowe/Hiante wasn't bad enough!

I couldn't help but laugh when I heard Kefka's laugh coming from that little angel.

Amazing job. Words just can not express psodjfreoinvl;res'foperfr.

Pre-Production Is Over

Ooh, ooh, cameo!

I'm glad you posted that link; it's amazing to see how far this game has come. I can almost taste that sought-after demo now...

Oh and just so you know, I have read your PM and I'm excited to see how well the plot's executed! Keep up the good work.

If your game has these words in its title, it's a big red flag

Any title of nobility

...But SSP is amazing. Sadface.

Stonesearch Review

Great review! Funny and informative with a gentle touch. Just the way I like it.

I wouldn't worry about hitting a maximum length. I seem to remember reading reviews much longer than this :P

Thank you! I'll be sure to ramble on for longer next time then, haha.

Oh, Lyric wrote a review! Pretty good one at that! You should review more often I enjoyed reading this one.

Thank you, I thought it was about time I contributed something!

Stonesearch Review

You're welcome, aha. I'm hoping you don't see me as a bitch because of this, because though it's difficult to express in pixellated text, I do actually like this game so far.

It's not a piece of junk; the thought you've put into the world and characters is clear and particularly well done, all things considered. It was simply a case of it could have been executed better, which, hopefully, my review helped you with!

Do you have any idea what's wrong? Are the files in your version of the game, but not copying over into the download, or...?

With people disappearing and appearing anywhere, I mean kind of the same thing as with dialogue: Ralph just vanishes once his dialogue is over, as do quite a few people; after defeating the first Treant, Abraxas walks north instead of south and somehow winds up back home; when Jade and Rose are talking to Abraxas and Savyon, before the fight, they're nowhere to be seen even though they're taking part in the conversation; the same happens again with Storm and Justin in the Earth Stone's chamber.

Also I know I should have completed the puzzle to remove the spikes in the Midsel mountain, but I didn't, so the platform was the only way for me to move on and, of course, I couldn't! I didn't even think of the spikes, actually... taking them out of the picture would've been much easier than scripting an alternative. Damnit.

Regardless, I'll download the final final demo now and play through it when I get home. Thanks for reading the review and hearing me out, you're a star!

What are you thinking about right now?

"...did I seriously just write a 2,000 word review?"


What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Debating the use of Kaduki battlers as fillers until I can actually be bothered to sit on my ass long enough to sprite.

Considering stripping the battle system down altogether for now so I can concentrate on the stuff that's actually important. Maybe if I didn't want it to look so pretty I'd be working more on databasing.

...Also trying to convince myself to stop watching YouTube videos long enough to sit down and work on some serious plottage.

Ye Olde Ancient Screenshots Topique

It would be difficult for that game to be any stupider. I swear I'm going to release it some day.

Please do.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Not bad. I like the design, it's simple but effective. The menu section looks a bit empty though, Why don't you try and push the options a bit to the right? So the cursor is around the place where the icons are now. - I like the background personally. It's very appropriate if you game is set in a modern city, but it would be best if it where a drawing instead of a photo. ...As for the character portraits, the kinda look from different drawing styles, specially the last one. I suggest you change them, but I can force you to do so. =P
It is all still going to be shuffled around, and I'll be sure to take your comments into account, so thank you for them! The image itself is more of a filler for now, until I can find a more appropriate one. Worry not, the character images themselves will be changed as well - at the moment they're just renders of characters from different animes! Purely to get an idea of how I wanted them to look in the menu.