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Commercial Game Downloads

I think what you're describing is fine as long as I can:
1- click the link
2- A download starts of a game with free playable content

This, pretty much. Objects in the "Download" tab are strictly for free downloads, and downloads with paywalls are disallowed. I think what you can do to for a paid download is link to the store page (or whatever) in the game description.

There has been some talk of having a "buy now" link for commercial game downloads, but, I don't know where that is, priority-wise, in regards to other possible changes to RMN's codebase.

Is 1-5% a good HP range for a limit break skill? [RM2K3]

Does this work anything like Desperation moves in FF6, where characters choose the "Attack" action, and the Desperation occurs (randomly?) instead? I don't recall the exact percentage-of-health players need for Desperation moves to even trigger, but, I'm pretty sure it's low (can only activate at critical health?), and thus a high-risk action.

*Edit: I have no idea how good Desperation moves were in FF6. I've never triggered one, and if I had a party member that was at critical health, my thought was to heal that character, not to have them "Attack"!

What do you hate most about game design

Making maps. I have such a hard time imagining what a place might look like. I don't really consider myself having an eye for detail for such things. Though, it's also true that I mostly don't care for details either?

*Edit: What is this "marketing" of which you speak?

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Been playing some Persona 5. I'm up to I think mid-May in that game, with maybe two weeks before Matarame's exhibit ends? I really like how it displays time left, and the active event that advances the plot. Fast travel is beautiful. I love the screen transitions in this game in general, though. The one worry in my head is the difficulty curve in this game. I'm the kind of horrible that used cheat codes in Persona 4 for unlimited money items, and max social stats to reduce the amount of grinding necessary and to generally have more time for social links.

[Poll] Moogles vs Chocobos

I dunno. Moogle gai pan is pretty good, but, sometimes, Kentucky Fried Chocobo is the way to go. It's a matter of taste, I suppose.

Content creation (artistic)

The assumption on my "crazy idea" is that the sibling that can be romanced will have their NAME UNKNOWN, PHONE UNKNOWN and ENCOUNTERS OFF until the point that their route opens. When it does open, ENCOUNTERS ON, maybe NAME KNOWN, and a future event with the sibling will would make PHONE KNOWN, and appear on the phone list. The no-romance sibling may use OTHER tachie slots (but use a non-numbered ID when having speaking lines) as desired.

STORY 1 might be a little awkward, as it would be an INTRODUCE story, but, probably not actually involve said character.

*Edit: The one advantage of doing the two character method is that both characters would be able to appear on the screen, and have different tachie. The single-character method largely assumes only one character would ever appear on the screen. You can use an OTHER slot to relay both characters on the screen (Emiko kinda does this with one scene, and Uchioniko has this nigh-infamous scene), but, if scenes are complex enough that both characters need to have multiple poses, going with the two-character method might be best. Like I said, it's all in how you want to implement it.

Content creation (artistic)

I think Yoshinori is the other male character mentioned in the built-in content? It's been ages, so, I could be wrong.

What I'm thinking of doing is adding a male character that could be interacted with in the same way as one of the girls, except you can't get endings with him or anything like that.

So why would you want to interact with him in the first place? I plan on giving him a romanceable sibling of some kind. The player wouldn't be able to date or even meet the sibling until after they are close enough friends with her brother.

The sibling that cannot be romanced might be the tricky part of this idea, but, I think it's possible? It depends on how you want to implement it. Like, it can be a two-character pack, but, making sure that players can't get an ending with the character that's not supposed to have an ending might take some doing. Such as LOCKing that character's affinity, probably when the check for the sibling that can be romanced route opens. That method is not necessarily fool-proof, but, it's an option. Another thought is to set ENCOUNTERS = OFF (maybe the LOCK idea as well?) with the no-romance sibling when the other siblings route starts, and maybe have the no-romance character show up in scripted STORY events after that.

The crazy/terrible idea in my head would be to do it in one character, and allow the sibling that can be romanced to keep track of when that route opens through a check of their own affinity value. There would be scripted STORY events with what amounts to an NPC that represents the no-romance sibling. We'd have to switch context to the sibling that can be romanced when doing an AFFINITY UP or AFFINITY DOWN.

In either case, the idea is that the sibling that can be romanced isn't available at the offset, and would need ENCOUNTERS to be OFF in the profile.

Who's That Nicknamed RMN Member?!

Ten thousand years Ages ago, my two brothers and I had a Commodore 64, and Might and Magic I - Secret of the Inner Sanctum. At the time, we didn't have extra floppies to go around, so, we only really ever had one disk to save our characters on. There was also a maximum character roster limit of 15, or so. I could be wrong on the roster limit, but, we eventually agreed to each have a party of 5. My eldest brother initially named his party members after people he knew in real life, but renamed them at some point later.

Suffice it to say, the character that was formerly named after me was renamed to "Marrend".

Can we roleplay?

Well, I'm pretty sure this thread is considered a role-playing game. Same here and here.