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Marrend plays Suikoden!

The Imperial Forces are in shambles. Either from news of Teo's defeat, or our absorption of both Milich's and Kwanda's turf/men into ours. Whatever the reason, this is as good a time as any to attack the fortress of Lorimar. However, we find the fort empty. We even have Kasumi scout it out for us, and she doesn't find a soul. I can't help but to notice that the grayeyard was all dug up during my own investigation. I don't understand what's going on at all, but, we should be careful.

I make a brief retreat to the castle to take care of a little business concerning my current party, then back to Lorimar to find/recruit Kirke. Speaking of, let's see who's all available this section!

(auto): Fukien, Hix, Tengaar
(not-auto): Kirke, Marco, Moose, Morgan, Zen, Hugo, Window, Quincy, Rubi, Eikei

A bit south of Lormar, I find the Warriors' Village...

...and two individuals that we will be very well acquainted with by the end of this ordeal.

We overhear their conversation. Something about a bloodsucker and a castle. A man comes out of a house, and scolds Tengaar, mentioning the name of Neclord. This gets Viktor's undivided attention. However, before I hear whatever Zorak and the Original Way-Outs have to say about Neclord, there's a small bit of recruiting to do here. We've met Marco before, in Rockland if I recall, and he still plays the same game. I bring the other blacksmiths (Maas, Meese, and Mose) to Moose, and he joins me.

Zorak's speech is more about how the Warriors' Village came to be than about Neclord. We bear his rambling until the sun sets, and decide to stay the night. Viktor keeps his story short. His hometown was desecrated by Neclord, and he's been looking for him since. We also learn from Viktor that Neclord misused a Rune to become a vampire. He doesn't say which Rune, but, that might be later. For now, we rest.

We greet the next morning with an attack on the Warriors' Village by Neclord. Zorak refuses to hand over his daughter, but, him and his men gets knocked out when they go to attack the vampire. Viktor more or less follows suit, and we're not far behind. As Neclord approaches Tengaar, Hix gets in his way. Tengaar, however, asks him to stand aside, and makes Neclord promise not to harm the villagers if she goes with him. I dunno if we can really trust Neclord, but, Hix makes his own promise to rescue Tengaar.

After recovering, Viktor admits that we can't beat him with normal weapons. We'll need something special. Zorak tells of the temple, Qlon, and that it holds a secret. Not much to go on, but, we don't have the time to listen to another long-winded story, and it's our best lead.

Before talking to Fukien, I recruit Zen and Morgan. Fukien opens the way to the Cave of the Past. Which is a really, really good place to level. I can get characters up to level 40, give or take, here. I spend a bit of time doing just that before delving into the dungeon proper.

There's a few interesting treasures in here. A war scroll we'll want to give to Hugo, and a Window Crystal that we'll want to give to Window. At the very end is a sword...

...that talks!? The curse it speaks us whisks us away to god-knows-where...

...though, it doesn't look particularly dangerous. In fact, it looks like a town. Nobody's out and about, though. Except for one kid that we chase down. Asks us if we're here for the treasure. No clue what he's talking about. He then gets called over. The voice called him "Ted". He did kinda reminded me of Ted, but, he's way too young. Unless...

Well, at any rate, the town becomes a bit livelier after this. There isn't much to do, and the townsfolk are on edge. Speaking to the elder doesn't get us very far. All we can glean is that they are expecting some woman that they'd rather not deal with. I try talking to the elder again to try and figure this out, but, the aforementioned woman drops by with Neclord. The woman in question is none other than Windy, and she's looking for a certain Rune that the village has. Of course, she's talking about Soul Eater. The village Elder uses the Rune, and we make our escape into the elder's hut.

Inside a secret room in his hut, the elder transfers Soul Eater onto Ted, and tells him never to unleash the power of that Rune. He opens a path that leads to the outskirts of the town, and will act as a decoy for our escape. Sounds somewhat familiar, doesn't it? At any rate, it's pretty clear that we've been taken to the past. I mean, we literally just saw Soul Eater pass to a boy called "Ted", so, it's likely that this is the self-same Ted that we know, and was passed Soul Eater from. Because of this, we decide to leave him behind. It may be a cruel fate to place on one so young to be alone, but, bringing him with us might cause trouble. I'm not even talking about time paradoxes. Though, that's bad onto itself. I'm talking about two exact copies of a True Rune existing at the same time. That's technically happening right now, but, I get the weird impression that extended periods of time would probably mean bad business.

Upon touching the light at the alter, we seem to have been brought back to the present. We talk again to the Star Dragon Sword and it allows Viktor to draw it to use against Neclord. Now, we have a fighting chance! Sure took the long way around, though!

Back in the Warriors' Village, I note that Zorak has gathered some men, probably to storm Neclord's castle. We already know that's not gonna work. In fact, Neclord sets up a barrier that allows only those that have been invited in. Of course, I, being leader of the Liberation Army, is a most honored guest. Zorak, and his men, however, are not invited. Great. Juuuuuuust great.

Despite not being a full-fledged warrior, and generally the kind of guy that prefers to not fight, Hix shows some guts, and pleads to come with us. He made a promise to Tengaar that he would save her with his own hands, after all. Zorak is pleased with him, and recognizes him as a warrior, and allows him to name his sword. It's a long-held tradition that a warrior names his sword after the thing that is most important to him (subnote: women cannot be warriors in their tradition, hence the use of the male pronoun here). The thing that he vows protect with his life if need be. For Flik, he named his sword "Odessa", after the woman he loved. That's why he was so damn pissed to hear that Odessa died. For Hix, it will be "Tengaar", for similar reasons.

Before going to free Tengaar, there's some business to attend to. Not just making sure Hix is up to snuff, but, the remaining non-auto characters. Quincy was at Garan, and we just needed enough recruits before she joined. Rubi was in Kobold Village, but, Kirkis needed to be at (or above) level 40 before he joined. Eikei, at Teien, is somewhat similar in that regard, and wanted to see Tir at (or above) level 40. From here on out, it's all auto-stars. Which means, we're storming Neclord's castle. Which has some really nice music, by the way... well as having a few tricks up it's sleeve. For instance, there was a phrase one of the villagers said...

...that comes in handy. It's a hint to a combination door that I must open to proceed. At any rate, we climb his castle, and find Neclord playing a twisted version of the wedding march on his organ. The guy's pretty smug, but then again, he's not expecting to loose here. Except he does, thanks to Hix, Viktor, and the Star Dragon Sword. It's at this point that we learn that the Star Dragon Sword is a transformation of one of the 27 True Runes, the Night Rune. It has power over undead, and creatures of the night, such as vampires. Of course, being a Runic vampire, Neclord is not as affected by sunlight as a traditional vampire (as we saw earlier), but, the point stands that the sword is effective against him.

When we leave the castle, I allow Viktor to return to his hometown, Northwind (subnote: It's retconned to North Window later in the series next game). It may be more a matter of sentimentality than anything else, but, letting him do this, and closing that chapter in his life, is important to him. Everybody else returns to Toran Castle. Hix might not be happy Tengaar wants to join the fight too, but, he promises to protect her all the same. He did name his sword after her!

As a side-note, I remembered to check the Tablet of Destiny, and Viktor did not appear on it, despite the fact that we've recruited him, and he's certainly not dead either. Gremio's name appears there, but, it's a little hard to make out when the cursor is not over his name, as it's grey-on-grey.

Marrend plays Suikoden!

As mentioned last session, there's some people I can recruit before advancing the plot. Let's have a look-see at who all is available for this section, though.

(auto): Kasumi, Kun To, Mose, Ronnie Bell, Alen, Grenseal
(not-auto): Ivanov, Kasios, Qlon, Esmeralda, Georges, Sarah, Lester, Blackman, Kessler, Ledon, Kage, Melodye

Both Ivanov and Kasios are in Scarletta Castle, with Kasios wanting Milich in the party. Qlon and Esmeralda are in Antei, with Esmeralda wanting to see an Opal. The rest will have to come later.

I take a bit of time to get some of my not-yet-used characters to level 30-ish (Soniere is pretty good for this) as well as getting them the best equipment I can, and sharpen their weapons before going to the plot lock-down war room to meet Kasumi.

Her news is most unwelcome. The hidden village of Rokkaku has been sacked by none other than Teo McDohl, and now he's coming our way. We don't stand a chance against his armored cavalry, and we make a hasty retreat. Pahn stays behind to hold them off. I don't know if that's such a good idea, but, I wish him luck all the same.

A duel commences between Pahn and Teo, with Pahn coming out on top. Teo withdraws, while Pahn wonders if he merely showed mercy, or if he legitimately beat him. Regardless, the best thing we can do is sleep. Maybe, by morning, we'll have some kind of plan to counteract the armored cavalry.

Leknaat visits me during the night. She talks a little bit about her sister, Windy, and how they are both from the Clan of the Gate. She also tells me that Windy also bears one of the 27 True Runes, the Gate Rune. Now, the Gate Rune, by itself, is terribly powerful, to be sure. However, she still wants Soul Eater for her own personal gain. It'd be a craptastrophe just waiting to happen.

Leknaat leaves out some pretty important details. Like the fact that a person can only bear one True Rune at any given time. Also, Windy has only half of the Gate Rune, while Leknaat has the other half. At this time, we don't know how Windy will carry Soul Eater. However, I largely assume it would be very similar to how Green Bishop does it in Suikoden 3.

At any rate, the next morning comes, and Flik has an idea. The Fire Spears might be able to get us out of this mess. However, when the Imperial Army attacked the camp at Lenankamp, they attacked other hideouts as well. There's no way to know if the secret lab still stands, let alone the plans for the Fire Spears. I guess the only way to really find out for sure is to go and see. Gen and Kamandol have build another boat that they want us to test-drive. Sounds good to me.

We go north, right past a whirlpool, and into Kirov...

...where we can recruit Georges, Sarah, and Lester. Georges is another gambler, and we have to beat his record to recruit him. Sarah involves a chain of fetch-quests, and ends up already having the thing she initially asked for anyway. With Lester, I have to taste some stews of his. With them out of the way, I proceed north to the ghost town of Kalekka, and recruit Blackman, and pick up the Sound Crystal that Melodyne was looking for. We'll hand that off in a bit. For now, we venture further north to the secret factory, where we see some familiar faces.

Yeah, let's not piss off Ronnie Bell any more than she already is!

After Ronnie Bell goes inside, we talk to the pair of bandits, and they join our cause. Inside we find, aside from Ronnie Bell, Kage (which costs us 20,000 bits to recruit), and Mose. Mose can make the Fire Spears, but, we need a way to transport them. Tai Ho knows of a guy called Kun To in Kirov that might be able to help us. That's where I was going for Melodyne, so...

Not only does Kun To let us borrow some of his boats, he joins us. Ronnie Bell loads them with the spears, and we're off to Toran Castle! Once more, we face against the armies of Teo McDohl, and his armored cavalry. The Fire Spears utterly decimate Teo's forces, and we ask him to surrender. Rather than do that, he challenges me to a duel, to which I accept.

Talk about one-sided, poor Teo falls from a defense against his desperate blow. Even as he dies, he's proud of what I've done, and asks his retainers, Alan and Grenseal, to join the Liberation Army in his stead.

He dies happy, knowing that his son has surpassed him. Soul Eater reacts to his death, granting me it's third-level spell, Hell. I didn't mean to skip over it before, but, Germio's death also triggered Soul Eater, and granted us it's second-level spell, Deadly Fingertips.

Content creation (artistic)

The thing about calling her "flower" is that the tone of her voice would probably sound more sarcastic/condescending than what that term might normally relay, and would give credence to her true feelings on the matter. However, relaying that tone via text might be a tad tricky. I suppose we could use a Kazuhiko thought-bubble in that regard?

*Edit: Though, I think I'd be okay with "floozie", if that is of any assistance.

Marrend plays Suikoden!

It's been three months since we beat Kwanda Roseman at Pannu Yakuta. Flik is getting a little impatient. Where the heck is Oddessa? Surely, she should have come back by now? Without consulting anybody, Mathiu drops the truth that she's dead, then asks if it's all right to tell the whole truth. I suppose Mathiu must think that, as remnants of the old movement, they have the right to know. I agree with that assessment. I just wish we could have talked about this a tad more before dropping the bomb on them.

Humphery seems okay, for the most part? I dunno. It's hard to tell with him. Sanchez was surprised, but mostly keeps his head. Flik, on the other hand, storms ouuta there like a 10-year old with a tantrum. We're going to need his help, so Viktor and I are gonna go talk to him.

Thankfully, the guy has cooled off a bit, but still refuses to recognize me as the leader of the Liberation Army. However, we can still work together. Flik suggests that our next target is the fortress at Goran, and use that as our staging ground to attack Milich Oppenheimer. We take Goran with some casualties, and Pahn wants us to keep going. Mathiu believes this is a bad idea, and that we should send a reconnaissance team to scout out what the enemy is doing. Flik, however agrees with Pahn, and has us march straight to Scarletta Castle.

We are ill prepared for his poison gas flower. Well, then. I guess we need to send that recon team after all! However, rather than do that, we have an opportunity to get a few recruits. Let's have a look at the list, shall we?

(auto): Humphery, <Sanchez>, Flik, Gen, Kamandol, Kimberly, Tesla, Liukan
(not-auto): Hellion, Mina, Chapman, Jeane, Jabba, Lotte, Anji, Leonardo, Kanak, Milich

The towns of note here are, well, technically speaking their names are Lac Virginite, Bier Blanche, and Premier L'Amour. However, for our purposes, we'll use their pre-Milich names of Tiein, Antei, and Rikon.

Theme for Teien/Rikon.

Theme for Antei.

In Teien, we have Hellion, who has the Blinking Mirror of this game. Very important! Antei has Mina, Chandler, and the ever-lovely Jeane.

Jabba and Lotte are at Rikon. Jabba wants to see a "Nameless Urn" while Lotte wants us to help her find her cat. The Nameless Urn isn't too much of a problem for me, as I'm the kind of terrible that hacked one into my inventory. As for Lotte's cat, it was wandering in Kaku. How it got there is beyond me, but, whatever. Good thing I've got a Blinkin' Mirror, yeah?

I can get to Anji, Leonardo, and Kanak via boat from Teien. We need to beat their faces in before they join us. That's all of the recruits for now.

So, we need a way to counteract the pollen of that flower at Scarletta. There's supposed to be a pharmacist by the name of Liukan in Rikon. He's since moved out of town, naturally. However, we can only go so far on the river, as there's rapids in the way. To cross the rapids, we'll need a different boat. That's where Gen and Kamandol comes in. Kamandol has built an engine that runs on oil. It should give us enough oomph to get past the rapids, and Gen'll make a ship that can carry/use it.

The pair work through the night. The next morning, we're ready to set sail. We make it through the rapids with no trouble at all, and make it to Luikan's hermitage. The man's not exactly willing to help us, but, that's not my biggest issue here. My biggest issue is Milich himself coming here via dragon, and taking Luikan away to Soniere Prison! While me might not be able to fly, we can teleport with Viki. However, the suggestion by Gremio to ask Mathiu for advise isn't bad.

As an aside, it happened sometime early in this session, but, our castle did get an upgrade with it's music.

Anyway, Mathiu's plan is to go to Antei, speak with Kimberly (a counterfeiter) and Tesla (a scrivener), and get them to join our cause. Telsa's not a big deal, but, Flik gets cornered into having tea with Kimberly. The guy gets all the unwanted attention, I tell you. When I return to Toran Castle, they've forged both an imperial order, and Milich's signature. With this, I should be able to enter the prison to save the good doctor. Well, then, let's get to it!

The fake orders work like a charm. We find Luikan at the very bottom of the prison, though we do end up fighting a few guards on the way. Easy peasy.

...Is what I'd like to say, but, we have some trouble getting out of there. Not so much in respect to encounters. It's Milich, giving us a headache and a heartache.

He breaks open a vial containing man-eating spores, and runs out of the room, but not before trapping us in said room. One door opens via a lever, which Gremio operates, and we all go through. I waver a bit, and he pushes me to the other side, operates the lever again, re-sealing the room.

He absolutely does not open that door, regardless of what I say. Mathiu comes by who knows how long afterwards with the troops, but, by then, it's way, way too late for Gremio. I say a humble farewell to my friend, and caretaker.

I do my best to sleep it off. The next morning comes, and I walk over to Mathiu. Lukian has worked up an antidote for the poison gas. Thus, Mathiu suggests we attack Scarletta castle. I agree. Stopping Milich is the best way to honor Gremio's death right now. After we beat Milich's army, it's high-time to take out those bloody roses of his!

We get to the roof of Scarletta without too many issues, but, of course, Milich is there to stop us from burning his flowers. However, he stops himself before attacking us again. It appears he was also bearing a black Rune, and he got it from Windy. Hrm. Interesting. That might mean he was under Windy's control the entire time. Which means he's not necessarily at fault for Gremio's death. He's merely a pawn, like Kwanda was. Neither Viktor nor Pahn understand my thinking, but, I let him live, and even let him join the Liberation Army. Stallion zips in to let us know about the impending Imperial army, which makes us rush back to Toran Castle. There's a few characters I can obtain before advancing the plot, but, that can be another time.

Content creation (artistic)

I'd personally stay away from profanity like that, but, that doesn't necessarily mean it has no place in the game. Though, if there was an F-bomb, I'd say "yeah, you might want to reword that", unequivocally.

Befuddle Quest 6: The Next Generation Review

I assume he's talking about the one Jeroen_Sol started (but never went anywhere?), Stupefaction Search.

Seasons of RMN

In the rules, it says that a game page has to be accepted by June 1st, but my game isn't finished yet. Am I allowed to create a game page for a game that is still under construction?

Of course! We welcome/accept games in various states of completion, whither they are just starting out, have a playable demo, or complete!

SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

I've a question for this thread. So, back in 2012, I was a tester for a game called Memories Neverlasting by sbester. It's a game made in TsuK3 and is a mix of RPG and Visual Novel elements. A download was never made public, but, a private download was provided to testers. I still have the demo from those 6 years ago.

I suppose my question amounts to what interest this thread (or the archive I sometimes read about here) might have in a game like that?

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For what it's worth, I was also able to subscribe to Rosary of the Reaper.

Maybe I could try myself, but is it illegal to create another account to subscribe to myself, even temporarily? XD

Your gut instinct is correct.

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