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Life is a story. Which is the one that defines you?

Matsumori Days
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What are you thinking about right now?

I've the funny feeling it's completely at random.

Content creation (artistic)

My cultural knowledge about how the Japanese handle formal dining, and appropriate attire, is exactly zero. As such, take what I say with a grain of salt, if that.

However, the particular impression I'm getting is that it might depend on the family, and how stooped they are in tradition.

Though, I suppose it also might have to do with how difficult you think it would be to insert hairpins into the associated tachie :P

Progress update?

Whew! Just finished the initial write-ups of the 36 Stars of Heaven. I think my next step, before progressing to the Stars of Earth, would be to see how what I have looks like in-game, and cut text as necessary.

It also occurs to me that I should look to see how to check against the encyclopedia database, as the whole idea is to link these character descriptions to the Detective. Like, the idea in my head is that the Detective would display the list of characters that have been recruited, with the ones players have already researched being grayed out.

Or, maybe, the list would be the entire 108, with characters that have not been recruited labeled as "Not yet recruited", or some-such? Characters that have been researched would still be grayed out.


It depends on one's approach to making video games. If one approaches it as a business, then, yes, there's a mess of stuff to worry about, which includes risk management. If one approaches it as a hobby, maybe not so much. Probably.


Ages ago, I tried making a game from scratch in Sphere. Outside of superbly crappy graphics, I think I had a character status screen, maybe even a level-up system? I stopped around the point of figuring out how combat works.

Suffice it to say, there is nothing left of that gammak attempt.

A RPG Maker Retro Import Event?

1998 - Simulation RPG Tsukuru 95
Simulation RPG Tsukuru 95 is a Role-Playing game, published by ASCII Entertainment, which was released in Japan in 1998.

(I never heard of this one besides the original RPG Maker 95)

Poor Dyhalto...

Spread the Love - Review Jam

It specifically says August 18th will be the first prize-drawing, and has nothing to do with when the event starts.

As an example, for each accepted review on RMN dated August 8th to August 14th, the author's name will be added to the pool of users from which I will randomly select TWO winners on August 18th.

[Poll] McBacon Jam 5?

@Misao nominations: Geeze, when was the last time I even played an RMN game that wasn't my own? Maybe I should change that?

The "Game Search" Thread

You know, I've a funny feeling you're talking about Othello, kory. Not 100% sure, though.

[RMMV] My game doesn't work for some of my players

Potentially dumb question: Would it make any difference if one got this download, rather than one you're linking to here?