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Might be Magic: Stolen Love

Attempting to update the CSS. Personally, the text color seemed a bit dark.

*Edit: Though, let's give a big thanks to Kloe for the initial CSSing! YAAAAAY!

So, how's this color working for everybody? More readable?

*Edit2: This is also, literally, the first time I've messed with CSS.

After some years, I am back

Unban Magi. Unban Stragelove.

I thought the name "Felipe_9595" sounded familiar! I was still very much a newbie back then, though.

Welcome back!

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

More Might be Magic progress/notes from me:

I've got a (very basic) fast travel system, and we might not need to mess with transfer events and vehicles! Though, I'm not exactly happy with the screen going black when the menu for fast travel comes up. Not sure what's up with that yet, since it's almost an exact copy of the processing in Okiku. I probably shouldn't be too worried about this, though.

Also, I'm noticing some weird formatting with the dialog for the shopkeeper. We're using modern algebra's paragraph formatting script, and, as far as I can tell, it's unmodified. Yet, the text was aligned to the right (as opposed to the left), and putting all the text on one line did not provide automatic word-wrapping like it's supposed to. I'm not sure what's going on there, either, but, it does seem fixable the via formatting codes that comes with the script.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Back in the recesses of my head, I'm recalling a thread where somebody was asking questions about vehicles and transfer events in VX Ace. I don't recall who posted this thread, or when it occurred. However, our McBacon3 game might need to transfer players between a vehicle on a world map, and the vehicle's bridge (or crew quarters).

For what it's worth, I've made an initial theory-testing project. The theory being that there's a parallel-process event that checks to see if the player has pressed the B button, and riding the vehicle. At which point, variables would store the party's location, the party would disembark, and a transfer event would occur. All of that worked, except for the whole "disembark" part!

To say nothing about the processing that takes the place when players go back to the world map! One headache at a time, thank you very much!

Problem with item drop

Which engine is this for? I'm seeing a "make_drop_items" function in the Game_Enemy class in VX Ace, but, the formatting "makeDropItems()" makes me think it's for MV.

What are you thinking about right now?

Yoshi's Archipe-howeveryouspellit has ended.

Archi-pel-a-go a-go a-go!

I didn't get my inbox spammed. :,( Guess I should call it quits then, eh?

I didn't get my inbox spammed. :,( Guess I should call it quits then, eh?

I think there was a post by kentona that said that 50 people were PMed by rpgstudios before that account was banned? I'm not sure who all got them (outside of myself, Rose_Guardian, and... Snow_Owl?), but, yeah, there is a mess of folks that didn't get it.

Ooooh, who wants a Hug of Car-ing? Ba-da-boom ba-da-boom ba-da-boom!

The RMN Trading Card collection

I don't think Real Mafia Network should be red at all. I feel it should be about manipulating information. What is known. What is not known. So, maybe more like "Scry 3, then clash with an opponent. If you win the clash, draw two cards." or something? I'll give it a bit more of a think.

Though, no "Creature - Lizard Wizard Horse Fish Imp God Shapeshifter" for me. The input stops at "Fish". Not that I had many ideas of what else that card would be/do, other than have a bunch of creature types and absolutely refuse to have Changeling.

What are you thinking about right now?

@Kloe: Eh, give it a month or so, and you'll have a released game. It might even be magic! ;)