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I woke up at 4:30 this morning feeling a little sick. I'm feeling a bit better now, but, to be on the safe side, I'll take it easy today. Maybe tomorrow too.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

@Xoe: Calling Jon "him" seems fair enough to me, but, I'm certainly no expert in such matters.

@emelian: I'm not particularly familiar with the Kingdom Hearts series, but, my suggestion for you might be something like...

Set between the events of Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts DDD, Kingdom Hearts: Choice puts players in the familiar shoes of Sora, Riku and Kairi.

Light and Darkness are supposed to be in balance, and this story shows what may happen if one side gains too much strength. The task the three heroes are given is to search out those that have been hurt by a madman affected by this imbalance a decade after the fact.

  • Side-view battles

  • Challenge at every corner

  • Quests with relevant rewards

  • ...AND MORE!

...this? I must admit to not really knowing what you mean by "...and becomes an AU from that point onward", but, I'm trying not to dwell on that too much.

[Game Over] Cheesecake Mafia

I almost thought this started. I only had 40 notices, though. It's really been that long since I've been in one of these.

[Poll] Which type of Mafia do you prefer?

There was a thread, maybe two (or three?) if you go back far enough, that kept track of what mafia games people wanted to run. I think the most recent one was a thread started by... Zezuizo? I forget the exact user-name.

[Game Over] Cheesecake Mafia

That's 12 already!? Is my inbox ready for this? Does it even matter?

[Game Over] Cheesecake Mafia

I assume the Pancake PMs Kloe with whatever (it doesn't even have to be mafia-related!) during Night-Phase, then she relays whatever message she receives the next Day-Phase?

[Game Over] Cheesecake Mafia

I was under the impression that the Bad Chief was so bad, that he/she/it/they/whatever had to give the same person poison three times in a row in order to get a kill? However, if it's a regular kill-action that's limited by number of uses, that's another thing.

Grain - A game which needs YOUR help

I kinda doubt the rule about needing at least 500 characters is going to change. I could be proven wrong.

However, as the rules stand, in Matt's case, if he insists on using an image that contains the game's description, at least have that image posted as an image. The rest of the info/images can be presented as external links, maybe to be replaced to links to media pages later on?

I dunno. My head's starting to hurt.

Grain - A game which needs YOUR help

I think the bottom line in regards to an image-description boils down to the need to have at least 500 characters in the description. How you handled it was to put in links to a bunch of external images, because the images say what you want to say. Maybe better than if you tried to do it with just words. Plus, if I read your frame of mind correctly, there was, literally, no other way to reach that 500-character threshold other than to spam the page with links.

The potential problem I'm seeing with this approach is that nobody's going to open those links. The information should be there, on the gamepage, itself. However, as you surmise, attempting to have the images load as images could mean that, for some potential players, the gamepage would take some time to load.

Thus, my suggestion of doing the description as text, and to set up your images as media, stands. As for the suggestion I made in regards to the text of your description, I'm sorry if you were confused by it. Which point were you most confused by?

[Game Over] Cheesecake Mafia

Wouldn't it be, "Marrend, Who Also Serves Angel Food Cake"?

*Edit: Eh, "Marrend, Celestial Connoisseur" could work too.