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[RMMV] Changing/removing parameters?

I thought you could just check a box in the database, and TP would never be displayed? Maybe that's just in VX Ace?

Getting MP to never be displayed might need a little tweaking in both the battle menu, and regular menu. I'd love to be more specific, but, not having a copy of MV, one can only do so much.

[RMMV] Skills in battle command window?

It would probably be different under MV, but, VX Ace has a Window_ActorCommand class (that's the default command set you're talking about), and it kinda sounds like you want to call up an instance of Window_BattleSkill instead. A cross-reference to Scene_Battle might also be in order.

I'm sorry I could not be of more help!

Marrend Plays Suikoden 3!

A young man by the name of Thomas approaches a well-worn castle. As he does so, he is approached by a young lady dressed in armor by the name of Cecile. She has been informed that the castle is getting a new master, and has orders not to let anybody suspicious in. Thomas wonders if he really looks that suspicious, and the guard answers that it's not really her say. However, Thomas points out that he is the new master, at which point, Cecile apologizes, and brings him to see the castle's butler, Sebastian.

We go into the manor house to meet with Sebastian. The butler has his own doubts about Thomas being the new master, but, he's got proof enough. Thomas is in for a bit of surprise on his own part when he finds out that the seven or so people in the room are the only residents of the castle!

The next morning, we meet Sebastian in the main hall of the manor house. Thomas is a little confused about what it means to be a master of a castle. Settling differences is certainly one aspect, but, Sebastian made a comment about the castle's domain. Hrm. Anyway, he suggested we go about the place, and introduce ourselves. Didn't we just do that? Oh well.

We head upstairs to meet with the librarian. He's not particularly talkative. We then head downstairs and into the basement to talk to the guy in charge of the warehouse. He talks a bit about how the chief has left, and that Sebastian has taken to cooking. Back up the stairs, then go outside to talk to the lottery vendor. Her business hasn't been that great since the last master left three years ago. There's a fortune teller in a tent not far from the lottery that we visit. We ask if fortune-telling is a kind of magic, and the old guy just laughs. We go over to Cecile's position at the main gate and speak with her.

There's a bit of a flashback here in regards to Thomas, and how he got here. His mother gave him a letter to present to... well, the textbox says "Council Member", so it's somebody on the Zexen Council. Anyway, the guy wants nothing to do with Thomas, and gets him out of the way by making him the master of Budehuc Castle. Great guy, eh?

With the cut-scene out of the way, we go down the hill to meet with the trainer. He's a particularly lazy person that doesn't seem to care too much about the new master of Budehuc Castle. Then again, since the original master left three years ago, there's been three masters, and none of them lasted more than a month. That's about everybody as far as we can recall, so, we report back to Sebastian. We find out that the good butler has forgotten to write a letter to Zexen confirming our appointment. We take it upon ourselves to deliver the message to Brass Castle. We take Cecile with us on the journey, and thus comes our first decent opportunity to apply Stat Stones.

As nobody else in the castle seems willing to join us on this venture, we go to Brass Castle. This is the first time Cecile's been here, and does not know who is to receive this letter. However, as we try to enter the central area of Brass Castle, we have a little run-in with Leo. He's never heard of Budehuc Castle, but, figures we should see Salome. Inside, we meet Roland, who tells us Salome's upstairs, but might be too busy to see us with preparations for the war against Grasslands. News of a surprise attack by the Lizard Clan makes Cecile give a comment, but we must move on. Once upstairs, we watch as Lady Chris walk by with Louis, then continue on our way, but not before both Thomas and Cecile fawn over Chris in their own way.

Finally, we get the event with Salome. Thomas is now in the clear, but Cecile is another matter. She took the position of commander of the guard after her father passed away, but, she was never officially recognized as such. Thomas asks if he couldn't appoint her, as master of the castle. Salome considers aloud: Under normal circumstances, a commander of the guard must be appointed by the Zexen Council, but, under extreme circumstances, the castle's master may make that appointment. Salome's going to work his end for us on this issue, and we are very appreciative of this.

There's a bit more business to take care of here, but, after that, we return to Budehuc Castle. Cecile is ready to go back to work, but young Thomas does not share her energy, and wishes to rest. He looks for Sebastian in the main hall, but he is nowhere to be found. He wakes the next morning, and notes that he still hasn't seen Sebastian yet. We find him in the courtyard just outside the manor house, speaking to a woman. Her child has went missing, and wants us to find him.

While we cannot send out a proper search party, we will do what we can. Both Cecile, and Piccolo, the Namek fortune-teller come with Thomas in an effort to find the missing child. We search with no success, but, Juan seems to think he's somewhere in the vicinity of Mt. Hei-Tou. It's the best lead we've got, and Juan seems willing enough to go with us.

Of course, we conduct a bit of business at Brass Castle and Vinay Del Zexay before we shove off to Mt. Hei-Tou. I thought we should aim for the treasure boss, but, the party ran away in a cut-scene. There was a dead end I found as Geddoe earlier, and sure enough, I found the missing child there as well as a boar I had to fight. With the child saved, we return to Budehuc Castle to get a heartwarming scene.

Fast forward to a week later. Thomas is looking for Sebastian again. Nobody I ask has any ideas, but, I find him when I get back inside the manor house. The poor butler's been working the books, and doing his best to make ends meet, but, there's only so much he can do, and suggests laying off some of the staff to cut the expenses. Thomas doesn't like that idea, so, he wants everybody to gather together in the courtyard to figure out some way to get some income to the castle. Cecile recalls a time when the castle was livelier, and there were all kinds of shops. Opening a store ourselves would require approval by the Zexen Council, though, and unless we can give them some incentive (ie: bribe them), the process would either take too long, or be outright refused. Thomas has an interesting idea, though.

Of course, Sebastian thinks we can't pull this off. The Council will never allow such a thing! Martha, however, thinks that we can ignore the Zexen Council, as we're not strictly held to Zexen law. She believes there's a record that states that this castle is shared between Zexen and Grasslands. Sebastian is not aware of such a document, so we're off to Thomas' room to search for that record. It takes a bit of doing, but, we find the record. Thomas decides to open Budehuc Castle as a free-trade zone that has nothing to do with either Zexen or Grasslands, and wants everyone to spread the word!

When we get to the overworld map, a bunch of locations open up. You know what this means? We're Suiko-screwed. On this chapter's list, we have Mel, Augustine, Twaikin, and Kenji. However, we can leave that for another session!

I'm bored, can we insult RMN's Sexy Demographics

[ARTIST FOR HIRE] President Trump
[RMMV] im having trouble with RMN's Sexy Demographics
Dot World Maker => RMN outdated

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

I know, I know. I suppose it would also be nice to know where Kasady stands on this issue. We're definitely going to need his help if we're going to pull this off!

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

So that's how it works. Hrm. Good to know.

*Edit: Am I seriously the only person uncomfortable with this idea of stealing that Brigadier?

Would you rather be a sadman or a fatman?

@unity: Correct response is correct.


At the risk of sounding like an idiot, is there still a line to insert into the INI file before it can run without installing the RTP? I think the line looks something like "FullPackageFlag = 1", but, I could be wrong.

Marrend Plays Suikoden 3!

On the way to Alma Kinan, we come across Yuber. That's the guy in black that was with Sarah and Green Bishop, and has been a thorn in our side in both Suikoden and Suikoden 2. Apparently, he knows there's a seal for the True Water Rune somewhere around here. We stop him from doing what he wants. At least for now.

Alma Kinan is filled with mysterious people... more ways than one. However, the people we can recruit here (Estella and Rody) aren't quite here yet. I visit the shops then go to Yuiri's house. There, they speak of an incident that occurred 50 years ago where the power of the True Fire Rune went out of control, and made a great blaze that killed numerous warriors on both sides of that war. The flame lasted for days on end. The force that Yuber is with seeks to destroy a True Rune.

Think about that for a bit. If this tale from 50 years ago occurred via a True Rune going out of control, the catastrophe that would occur if a True Rune is destroyed would be unimaginable.

As such, Chris can't believe that the intent is to destroy a True Rune. What possible gain can their be in such massive destruction? She must think on this on her own for a bit. Thankfully, there's a little clearing in the back of the town that looks like a perfect place for the next plot event thinking things over. Nash comes up while Chris is in thought, and they have an exchange. Nash reveals that he's a spy for Harmonia, trying to figure out if the movements of the Harmonian army are being manipulated, as well as the movements of Grasslands and Zexen. The "destructive force" that includes Yuber may have some involvement in it, he believes. Chris' intention of coming here wasn't to involve herself in such matters, though. Her sole intention is to find out about her father.

As if on cue, Yun comes by, and tells her that her father is still alive. The scene cuts to Geddoe's prologue, with Regor speaking to his two close friends. The flashback doesn't give out any names other than Regor's, but, we already know that Geddoe was one of those close friends. After the flashback, the game reveals the identity of other close friend of Regor: Chris' father, Wyatt Lightfellow.

That night, Chris awakens to find a contingent of villagers. She questions Yuiri what all the fuss is about, and she answers that they are preparing for the ritual of soul-sending. When she mentions that they sacrifice a person, her mind thinks back to when she first met Yun, and what she said about her second-to-last task. Chris puts the pieces together, then goes to ask why they're doing such a thing. Yuiri counters with a question of her own: Do you not make sacrifices for Zexen? Chris' answer?

Yun comes by, and requests to speak with Chris alone. Their exchange is heartfelt: Yun considers herself lucky to die with having her purpose fulfilled, while Chris speaks about how the title of "hero" was placed on her, and how she loathes the expectations placed upon her from that title. However, the time of the ritual is nigh. There is nothing Chris can say or do to sway the Alma Kinan. However, Yuber crashes the party (as it were), and brings Sarah and Green Bishop with him. A fight ensues!

We manage to defeat the trio, and prevent the True Water Rune from falling into their hands. They speak of one more seal, and they can "manage" if they can get to it, then leave. Next morning, Chris is approached by Rico. We go back to the ritual space to find Nash. We go up to the entrance of the village, where Yuiri gives us a map to the Flame Champion's Hideaway. Chris apologizes for her lack of respect for their ritual earlier, and Yuiri offers to give her a blessing for her journey ahead. Surprisingly, Chris accepts.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Chris' expressions in this game?

While the events of Alma Kinan are done, my business there is not. Estella and Rody still need to be recruited! After I do so, I take a stop at Chisha Village to swap party members, then go off to the Flame Champion's Hideaway.

When we enter, Fred and Nash make a bit of commentary about the place. We push forward and find a depressed circle in the ground. Chris investigates it, and is whisked off to a tunnel. Despite not knowing where she is, Chris can only move forward, and finds Sana at the end of the tunnel.

Sana welcomes Chris, not as chief of Chisha Village, but as the wife of the Flame Champion. Of course, Chris asks if he's here, and Sana says that she'll show her the way. Yes, Sana shows Chris to Regor, but something's not quite right here. The game fades to black as the chapter closes.