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Werewolf Review

Those duel mechanics sound oddly like Suikoden's? Not that such is a bad thing, but I do find it interesting that the player character can be targeted with the nightkill, and that it's resolved in that way.


Download updated!

Mission 3 should now be included, and should be accessible in Toshie's simulation list after beating it. If this is not the case, please let me know.

I cannot approximate how long the next update will take, or if there will even be one. The one idea I have for a "final mission" would essentially be a boss fight against all three of the Valkyrie. With how work is slamming me, that might take a few weeks, maybe more? I dunno. It's hard to approximate.

Thinking about punny game titles.

A few off the top of my head:

High Noon Quest
Questward Ho!
Go Quest, Young Adventurer

*Edit: Sorry, I may have been caught on the western theme.

Doing The Thing

Welcome to RMN! Share your creativity with us!

The LEGO Statman Movie

Didn't think I was posting that much!

Wrapping up Chapter 1 and Talking about Communication!

I'm of the mind that stat-tags that include percentile-based increases/decreases are only useful if players know, or can find out, what the base value that's being increased. As far as weapons are concerned, one has to be equipped at all times. So, a base value for STR just isn't going to happen without a reverse formula. Some players may do that, but, I would think most wouldn't bother, and just look at the change in numbers.

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

(Srry for being so damn abesnt lately, been sooo busy with work.)

So much this, it's not even funny.

At this time, my interest is more about selling off that iron and getting us some jewelry. To Palius Traders Unlimited!

Hello (and one question)

Android is the OS.



I've managed a bit of testing in regards to items in general. GTBS did, in fact, throw an error when I tried to use an item, but, I think I've rectified it.

As for Redelpoy as an item, yes, it brings a fallen unit back on the battlefield. However, a fallen unit's graphics are either set to have 0% opacity, or straight-up set to having no graphic. This setting does not change after a unit is resurrected, and I have no idea where to start how to set up restoring the graphic.

I suppose I can ditch the idea behind "Redeploy" altogether? Sending a unit out alone is still very much a risky move, but, if you can't just bring them back...