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Writing Stories: How to even go about it?

I usually start with characters: who they are, and what they do. Maybe define a personality quirk that can come to the surface when interacting with them. Physical characteristics are generally not terribly important to me, but, that could be a Your Mileage May Vary situation.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if there is nothing out of the ordinary happening, there is no story to tell. Something extraordinary is happening. What that "something" is will highly vary, but, it can be anywhere between "the world's gone to hell, and only the Chosen One can save it" to "this is the event/moment where I met my betrothed". Or, whatever, really.

Today I met a fellow RMNer for the first time!!!

Huh. I didn't even know there was a user named "Chell"!

That day, when I joined

Oracle of Askigaga

I've been on a Heroes of Might and Magic kick lately. A semi-relevant-to-this-game story approaches!

One thought that occurred to me was to make a Heroes 3 scenario based on the war that preceded this game's events. The partial pun is that I'm kicking myself in the shins for basing this game's world map on a Heroes 3 map that was never saved as a Heroes 3 map-file.

What I did do was take numerous in-editor screenshots to Frankenstein together a PNG and PSD version of the map, which was then used to make the world map of this game. However, the fact that I only have PNG/PSD versions of the map is something of a dismaying factor.

There is also a sense that going through the motions of re-making the map as a Heroes 3 scenario would be a waste of time and effort. Like, who the hell would play this scenario, other than myself? It's not like an RPG Maker game that just about anybody can pick up get the RTP and play!

Finally got the tilesets and such ready for Volonte. Most scripts too. Would anyone like to be an Beta tester?

Well, there's this thread that lists individuals that have expressed interest in tasks that involve giving feedback of some kind. Another potential source of playtesters is if you had a gamepage. You could either write a comment, or make a blog, about seeking playteresters. Those who are subscribed to your gamepage would get notified either way, and could volunteer their services.

Let's game together

As far as multiplayer games on Steam are concerned, I have Portal 2 and Team Fortress 2. Though, to be fair, I've never played (or even as so much installed) Team Fortress 2.

Radiant Questions: Is there a right way to do them?

To be honest, there is a sense that you're writing a form letter when it comes to procedurally generated quest descriptions. Like, here's a small ditty from Myriad Cypher:

num = rand(2)
case num
  when 0
    @line[1] = boss + " seeks proficient pilots for"
    @line[2] = "flight restriction enforcement against " + enemy
    @line[3] = "at " + target + ". Pays "+ payout + " credits."
  when 1
    @line[1] = "Ace pilots needed to clear shipping lanes of"
    @line[2] = enemy + ". Proceed to " + target + "."
    @line[3] = boss + " will reward " + payout + " credits."
  when 2
    @line[1] = boss + " needs " + enemy
    @line[2] = "eliminated from " + target + ". Paying"
    @line[3] = payout +" credits for thorough work."

I'm glad my gamepage submission got denied!

I think I've had one review denied, and... that might be it? I dunno. It was a looooong time ago! Though, speaking of, I'm absolutely more worried about reviews being denied than gamepages. The big questions I ask myself with reviews are "Does my reasoning make sense" and, in the case of rated reviews, "Does this score actually reflect my stated opinions about this game?"

Radiant Questions: Is there a right way to do them?

I feel Wing Commander - Pirvateer did procedurally generated quests right. The game's a space-trading game, so, they will always complete the general game-goal of "make money". Hell, there are times I look at the mission computer to figure out what my next cargo run will look like! For instance, seeing multiple 10K+ credit missions that essentially say "send this cargo to New Detroit" is usually an indication to me that it's more than worth my time to do those missions! Though, probably, the best feature of Privateer's quests is that when players finish the job, there is no need to backtrack to the quest-giver.

Might be Magic: Stolen Love

Not one, but two downloads added! There's only a few miscellaneous fixes from Kloe's update, but, I don't think it's right to update the download associated with McBacon Jam 3 anymore. Maybe that's me being obsessive-compulsive, though?

Anywho, please note that the "main" download points to a version of the game that should have all necessary run-time package resources. The other download is for those that already have such files.